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RUSH: Dress codes in American schools have been part of the culture wars for a long time. The latest battlefield is Albert Einstein High School in the liberal bastion of Montgomery County, Maryland.

Last week, a new principal emailed the rules to students and parents: Skirts and dresses must not show private areas while the person wearing them is sitting, walking, going up stairs, or whatever girls or boys (or trannies) in dresses and skirts do. Backless tops, exposed midriffs, visible underwear? No longer permitted

In Realville, there’s nothing controversial here. But this is Liberalville, Maryland. Parents complained that the dress code was “sexist.” They argued the rules would be impossible to enforce.

Students said the new rules would cause “body-image issues” for girls. One female student complained that teachers would be “using their judgment about what’s appropriate and what’s inappropriate, and that in itself is kind of gross.” We can’t have adults judging kids!

So students deliberately wore outfits that violated the dress code, proving that once again, no matter what the rules are, certain kids are going to “do it anyway.” The kids are in charge — not the educators, not the parents.

Respect for authority? Nah, forget it. Respect for the rules? Nah, forget it. Respect for themselves? Well, if they had any of that, we wouldn’t be talking about any of this.

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