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RUSH: We’re gonna go to Kent in Chicago. Great to have you, sir. Welcome.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. Mega dittos. I’ve been with you since the interception of your show and thank you for steering us through some mighty dark times. I wanted to ask, do you feel, with the — you know, I kind of think that Obama and Trump both expanded the executive branch of government. Do you think that if — you know, not Trump, if he gets reelected, let’s say he gets reelected and then a leftist like Elizabeth Warren were to get elected, do you feel that our democracy can handle that?

RUSH: That’s a multipart answer. Let me explain what I mean. Well, okay. No. So as you don’t think that I am evading, let’s just get worse case. The Democrats win the White House, keep the House and win the Senate, can the country withstand that? Well, yeah, we’re all gonna remain alive. We’ll continue to get up and go to work and so forth. But I think it’s gonna be a wake-up call for a lot of people who have not yet come to grips with just who leftists are.

Folks, there’s a lot of ignorance out there. I’m not talking about stupidity. There’s a lot of people that simply do not know how radical the modern-day Democrat Party is. They don’t pay enough attention to the media, and when they do, they believe it. And they think the problem is Republicans and Trump.

I think in that scenario and if they follow through on that radical agenda, if they literally go down and try to erase the border and let anybody in who wants in and if they promise free health care and deliver to illegals while raising middle class taxes to pay for it, if they then make a move on the Second Amendment, if they start making moves toward all of these things that they are all promising in this primary then I think people in this country are gonna have a wake-up call like they haven’t had in a long time.

And I think there would be so much massive opposition to it. Now, a lot of Democrats are in favor of that stuff. To a lot of Americans it’d be what they want. It’s how perverse the Democrat Party has become. But I think there’s a lot of people — I don’t think, I know. I know there are people that don’t see things ideologically. They see Democrats and Republicans. They see Washington. They see themselves. They don’t follow things beyond party label differences, getting down in the weeds of the ideological differences.

I saw something yesterday, and I’m gonna have to paraphrase this. I didn’t print it. I just read the headline or the link, and I might not be remembering it correctly. It was a survey of some subset of Americans. And what it was was two-thirds of them cannot even name their own member of Congress. Now, that’s 67%. If 67% of people can’t even name their own congressman, much less the senator, then what else do they not know?

So it would not be a country you or I would want to live in ’cause we’re gonna become the enemy. We’re gonna become the targets: conservatives, free marketeers. If they start with their climate change agenda, if they really try to get rid of fossil fuels, they’re gonna destroy the economy, they’re gonna destroy life as we know it, and they are running in the Democrat primary promising to do all of this.

If they ever got somebody elected and ran all three branches, would they actually try all of this, or is this simply a mechanism by which they shore up their base? I think it’s more than that. I think they’re scared to death of their base. The New York Times is scared to death of it. You know, one moderate, down-the-middle, harmless headline caused a massive number of complaints to the New York Times, the threats to cancel a subscription because the headline did not attempt to rip into Trump.

You had a very clever wording: Can our democracy withstand it? Will we remain a democracy or representative republic? It’s not worthy of even being an experiment. I’m not one of these people that believes, “Rush, stand aside, man, let ’em win, let ’em sow their oats and let ’em see how bad it’s gonna be. That’s how we’re ultimately gonna defeat –” I’ve been hearing this since 1992. “Rush, let Clinton win. Let the Democrats win, let him start raising taxes. Let everybody see who they really are.”

No. That’s losing. And I don’t think you win by losing. I’ve never seen that. But it would be a challenge. I think if Hillary had won, for example, in 2016, then we would be well on our way into the third term of Obama, and a lot of what these people are talking about would be well on the way to being implemented. But here’s the thing about it, folks. The thing about it is that what they believe doesn’t work. Socialism doesn’t work.

I mean, you listen to these people, it’s insane, the spending levels that they are attaching to their proposals. Four trillion for this program, 16 trillion for that ’cause it’s a 10-year program. It’s obscene and absurd. None of what they are proposing will work.

Now, they think it will. They think it will work because it just hasn’t been tried by the right people and it hasn’t been tried with enough money yet. But I don’t want to put it to risk. I don’t want to contemplate the left having free rein over the country just as a means of showing people how bad it is. I think people would be so damn surprised by some of it. The question is how many.

But I don’t think these people are gonna win. If they stay on this agenda, this madcap, screwball leftist agenda, which is rooted basically in one thing — hatred for Trump — if that’s all they end up having, they’re not going to win the White House. I think they reelect Donald Trump every day. Now, if Trump would just stop tweeting. Kidding, just kidding. Thought I’d catch you. Just kidding.


RUSH: So now we got a classic example. Here we have runaway illegal immigration on the border, there’s legislation on everybody’s desks waiting to be voted on to get this signed and get it fixed, there’s all kinds of things that need to be done with the budget, with health care and so forth. What are the Democrats doing?

The Democrats are interrogating Corey Lewandowski of the Trump campaign still pursuing Russian collusion! Bob Mueller already said there wasn’t any! They can’t let it go. This is more politics of personal destruction. Folks, I’m telling you, what they’re doing does not comprise a winning agenda.

But they’ve got to service this crazy base of theirs. They’re really admitting that they don’t think they can beat Trump at the ballot box. They’ve got to find some way to get rid of him, impeachment or what have you. That’s all they’ve got. It’s obvious.

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