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RUSH: Let me start in Kennesaw, Georgia. This is Bob. Great to have you with us today, sir. How are you doing?

CALLER: I’m doing great. I’m better than I deserve now. It’s an honor, sir.

RUSH: Well, thank you. I appreciate that, and I understand it. I understand exactly how you feel.

CALLER: Well, I’ll get to the point. Yesterday you played two clips, one from the governor of California who said that they were so wonderful and that they were experiencing record surpluses, yet the clip from the mayor of Los Angeles directly thereafter said, oh, he can’t end homelessness without federal help. Now, do these people not talk to each other?

RUSH: Oh, I’m sure that they do. You’re pointing out that their message didn’t seem to be coordinated?

CALLER: Their message is just the opposite. If the state of California’s taking money from their taxpayers, why is it not going to benefit the state of California? Why are they holding it? What’s the problem? Why do they need federal help if they’re extracting all this money from the state and they’re just sitting on it —

RUSH: Well, not only that, why do they need federal help when they’re out there actively advocating disobeying federal law when it comes to immigration? I mean, the governor is basically telling the United States, as long as Trump is president, leave us alone and go pound sand. We’re gonna have our own system of laws. We don’t care what the federal immigration laws are. We’re gonna have our own.


RUSH: Here’s Trump in California. This story, Washington Post: “Trump says the EPA will hit San Francisco with environmental violations over homelessness.” This is what I love about Trump. So you have this mayor, Garcetti, Eric Garcetti, he’s the son of former police head honcho out there Gil Garcetti, who was also a consultant on the TV show Major Crimes, which happened to be one of my all-time favorite TV shows. I’m very sad when they canceled it.

So here’s Eric Garcetti, he’s running around, and homelessness is sprouting like weeds in Los Angeles. And when you combine the homeless population with illegal immigrants there are diseases popping up that we’ve already cured in America that are popping up and they are festering in Los Angeles. Go up to San Francisco, we’ve got homelessness, it’s spreading like weeds. You know the drill about piles and piles of human feces, so many that there are maps now for tourists to know where not to go so as to avoid them.

So here come these guys, the governor and the mayor. They’re better than everybody, Trump’s an idiot, Trump’s a buffoon, we’re not gonna obey Trump’s laws, screw Trump. And then Garcetti comes around, “It’s not our job to fix homelessness. We need federal money to fix homeless.” Too bad. Homelessness is your problem. If you’re a Democrat, homelessness is your problem.

You close down mental disease centers. You turn these people loose claiming nobody has a right to deny them freedom of movement, so you set ’em loose. They’ve got mental problems galore. They’re out on the streets. They can’t take care of themselves. They can’t provide for themselves. They don’t know what they’re doing, they get sick, they spread the diseases they get and somehow this a Republican problem. Why is it going nuts in the utopian state of California in both of the major metro areas, LA and San Francisco?

So they’re out badgering Trump about what a mean guy he is, how incompetent he is, how mean-spirited, how he doesn’t care. They’re not gonna pay attention to federal immigration laws and the Los Angeles mayor’s demanding federal money to deal with homelessness. So Trump ramped up his recent attacks against California cities late yesterday by announcing that the Environmental Protection Agency — now, folks, this is a

double whammy, ’cause the left loves the EPA. The EPA is their church.

I’ve got a story in the Stack, environmentalist wackos are praying to plants. They’re going out and finding plants, green-leafed plants, weeds and stuff, and they’re praying to them and they’re begging the plants to forgive us. These are religious people. This is not a joke. I thought this was a parody site, a satire site. It isn’t. It’s for real. These people losing their minds.

So they’re out there praying to the god of the environment and the EPA is their church. That’s where they get to enact all this climate change stuff without having had to go through Congress. This is where they’re able to write regulations, punitive regulations on the kind of car you drive, the kind of food you eat, what farmers can and can’t grow, all of that. And Trump using the EPA to drop the whammy on these people is sweet justice.

“President Trump announced the EPA will hit San Francisco with violations over its homeless population. ‘It’s a terrible situation — that’s in Los Angeles and in San Francisco,’ Trump told reporters aboard Air Force One. ‘We’re going to be giving San Francisco, they’re in total violation, we’re going to be giving them a notice very soon.’

“Trump said the EPA would issue a notice in less than a week. It is unclear what laws San Francisco is accused of violating, but the president cited ‘tremendous pollution’ entering the ocean through storm sewers, specifically expressing a concern about used needles.”

Now, the left, you ought to see my tech bloggers. They’re beside themselves because they think that corporate America is depositing all of its trash in the oceans and all of its plastic and killing the turtles and killing the sharks and killing the whales. Corporate America is evil. Republicans are evil. So here comes Trump and he’s blaming filthy oceans on the homeless and their drug problem.

It’s hilarious because it’s a direct jab at the nonsense these other people are — The real problem here is so much homelessness in California, all these dirty needles and the paraphernalia ending in our beautiful oceans. It’s classic Trump. It’s brilliant. Blame Democrat homelessness for the filth and pollution of waterways and oceans in California.

He said, “They have to clean it up. We can’t have our cities going to hell.” There’s not a Republican alive who would even contemplate – it wouldn’t even occur to any Republican politician alive to hit back at these people this way, much less do it if they had thought of it. Trump does it without thinking about it, knowing full well there’s gonna be a heap of abuse thrown on him again, but he doesn’t care.

This is the kind of stuff he loves. It’s the kind of stuff he has fun doing. They’re running around blaming you and blaming me, blaming American progress for polluting the oceans and Trump comes along, “No, no. There’s so much pollution, so much drug paraphernalia, so much disease in Los Angeles and California, that’s what’s ruining the oceans.”

And these people out there are left speechless. Now they have to defend the homeless. “No, no, no. Our homeless are clean and pure as the wind-driven snow. Our homeless would never pollute. Our homeless are Californians. They’re very sensitive of the environment.” Folks, appreciate it while you can. This kind of Republican politician is sadly one-of-a-kind.


RUSH: Michael in Yuma, Arizona. Great to have you with us on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Tremendous, great pleasure to talk with you.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: My main thing is — I have another thing, if you have time, about my son and my daughter and your name, which is extremely hilarious, but my concern is — or not concern, but my thought is, do you think Donald Trump, with the amount of time that he’s spending in California and the pressure he’s putting on the Californians that — (bad phone connection)

RUSH: Your phone is… (making garbling sounds) is what your phone sounds like. I’ve gotta ask Mr. Snerdley. (talking to Snerdley) Okay, he wants to know, the caller – (interruption) that’s how it sounded. His phone line was — that’s what a bad phone is. (doing bad phone impression) And then dead. No, we didn’t do it on purpose. It just happens out there.

He wants to know — what was he talking about with his son and daughter? Do you have any idea what that was? Okay. He wants to know do we have a chance in California since Trump went out there? No. But ladies and gentlemen, dare I ask this, who do you know that, in the past 45 days, was recommending a presidential trip to California? (interruption) You’re exactly right. It was your beloved host, me.

Why did I say he should do it? Not to win the state. ‘Cause we’re not gonna win the state presidential election this year, but simply not to give up on it, to go out and plant the flag! You know, California is a one party, one media state. Go out, do some fundraisers, have a couple of public appearances and tell the truth about America, the way things are going.

The state is not absent Republicans. There are some there. But just not enough of them to win elections to the legislature, to the assembly, mayoralties in most of the communities. But America is a great success story right now that needs to be told. And there’s no reason. The Democrats are trying to move in on Texas. The Democrats are trying to take over Texas county by county, precinct by precinct.

So I think it was a brilliant move to go out there and raise money, take some money out of California. It’s irritated the governor. It’s irritated the mayor of Los Angeles. They’re beside themselves that Trump had the audacity to show up. They’re out there openly promising to ignore federal immigration law. They can’t be allowed to get away with that, folks, for the sake of the union.

To hell with left versus right. If California one day says, “You know what, we’re not gonna pay any attention to federal immigration law, we’re gonna have the border open. Anybody that wants to come in, comes in. The federal government’s gonna pay for it.”

Okay. What if they next decide to start ignoring any other federal laws that they don’t like simply to try to goose Trump? Well, we’re gonna end up with anarchy and chaos. And we’re not gonna have a union if it’s that easy for states to simply say, “I’m not gonna obey that law. We’re not gonna enforce that law.”

What if the state of California said, “You know what? We’re not gonna have a TSA out here. We’re gonna end all of this rigmarole you have to go through to get on an airplane”? Now, some people might like that, but what do you think would happen? American Airlines mechanics would leave Miami and go to California, try to corrupt airline traffic.

But this is what these people are doing because they’re so poisoned with hatred for Trump that they think they’re making some big statement by bragging about the fact that they’re ignoring federal law. If that really started happening on a broad basis, state after state, then you can say good-bye to the union. It would be a version of what was going on prior to the Civil War, although on different issues, of course.

So Trump going out there I think was — and I did say that I don’t think he should go out there and make a speech on Skid Row and point at it and start blaming Democrats. That’s not the point. It’s already a problem for them. But what he did is even better. Claiming that the homeless problem in California is so bad that it’s creating diseases we’ve already cured, it’s poisoning the oceans, poisoning the waterways, and Trump is not gonna let it happen.

I think his trip out there has been brilliant. And I’ve talked to people who’ve been to Trump fundraisers. And they say that the Trump they saw was better than ever. These are private affairs, not broadcast. They’re not Trump rallies. But I think all in all, it was a brilliant move to go out there, set the stage for more appearances in California and to signal that we’re not giving up on it.

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