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RUSH: For those of you who are tired of hearing about this and you’re saying, “Rush, we got it, we got it,” there are people that still don’t got it yet. And I want to save as much grief as I can. I don’t want to have to deal with — well, not me, but I don’t want my staff to have to deal with, “What’s wrong with the app?” questions starting later this afternoon or tomorrow.

So one more time. In one hour, Apple is going to release their brand-new, 200 new features in it, iOS 13, the operating system, in about one hour. Now, some of you on your phones may have automatic install selected. If you have automatic install selected, it will not happen immediately. It won’t happen until overnight when you’re plugged in and charging and connected to Wi-Fi.

If you manually install it, which is what I do, whenever they issue a new one, I’m waiting before they release it. So, the moment it’s there, I install it. I don’t want to wait around, I trust ’em that it’s gonna be right, and, if it isn’t, there are ways to fix it. But, if you do install it today, starting one hour from now, please make sure that you go to the App Store and upgrade to the latest version of the Rush Limbaugh app. The latest version number is 4.4. It is the only version you can install now if you go to the App Store. This is iOS only.

This is not if you’re on Android. This is not relevant for you. iOS 13 changes the code. They make some refinements, some improvements. They change things. The way it affects our app is the audio player. If you do not upgrade the Rush Limbaugh app and you do upgrade to iOS 13, the audio player in the Rush Limbaugh app will not work. Well, it won’t work right. It will not work right enough that you’ll get mad. We don’t want you to get mad. We don’t want you to have an unpleasant experience with the Rush Limbaugh app.

So, the best thing you can do, if all of this, “Rush, it’s too much to remember.” No, it isn’t. Just go to the App Store and upgrade to the latest Rush Limbaugh app, and you’re gold. Whether you update to iOS 13 or not, you’re good to go. iOS 13 will come out in 55 minutes, 70 minutes from now, if they are doing this at a time they usually do, which is 1 p.m. Eastern.

If you add them all up, there are 200 new things in iOS 13. Dark mode’s a biggie. Massively new camera, editing I should say — yeah, there’s a camera editing app and photo app. And there’s also a cool new feature that you’ll never find unless somebody tells you about it. Silence unknown callers. Go to the phone app and just toggle that on. And any phone number that calls you that your phone doesn’t recognize, you’ll never hear the phone ring. It will take it straight to voice mail, and you’ll have to delete the call, but you will not be bothered by spam calls if you go to the settings, slash, phone and toggle on “silence unknown callers.”

Now, the way that works, you have an address book on your phone, you have people’s phone numbers. Any phone number in that address book is there probably because you know those people and you want them to call. Those calls will get through. But a spam caller will be blocked, essentially, with this one little toggle. It’s one of these cool little additions that they don’t make a big deal out of, but it is a big deal if you are harassed by spam.

It’s the little things like that that they do that really move the ball forward as far as I’m concerned. Okay. So that’s that. Just make sure you update the Rush Limbaugh app to the latest version. Do it today before you install iOS 13 if you’re going to. And, again, our latest version is 4.4.


RUSH: Mr. Snerdley, did it finally show up for you on your phone? Has…? (interruption) Ah. I didn’t blow up the update. It’s slow because gazillions of people are trying to download it. (interruption) Oh, you think thanks to me? (interruption) You think I’m to blame for this? (chuckles) You really think I’m to blame? It took ’em awhile for iOS 13 to show up on their phones, and when it did, the download speed is very slow, creeping along.

And they’re blaming me for alerting everybody to it so that now the speed has been affected by the fact that I’ve sent millions of people to the download server. (interruption) I guess it could be. I didn’t stop to think about that. Anyway, it won’t take long. It’s only two gigabytes. It’s gonna take longer to actually run the preparation and the install than it will your download, more than likely. Be patient with it. Just be patient.


RUSH: By the way, folks, I should remind you here, there is no iOS 13 for iPad today. This is iPhone only. iPad will be released on September 30th along with iOS 13.1 for your phone. Now, Apple has not said what’s releasing on September 30th for the iPad. Will it be 13.0 or 13.1? My guess is it’s gonna be 13.1. But it’s just for the iPhone today is the point.

Now, the iPad has its own operating system now, brand-new this year. It’s called iPad OS 13. And they’ve added a lot of things, like mouse support for the iPad with a keyboard. You can attach external drives to your iPad now, external hard drives, thumb drives. They’ve really moved the iPad along. They’re not trying to turn it into a laptop, but they’re enabling laptop type use with it.

They have expanded the ability to have more than one app open. You can have two Safari windows open side by side on your iPad now, once they release iPad OS 13. It has dark mode like the iPhone version does. But today it’s just iPhone iOS 13.

And then 10 days from now, which is about a month earlier than they usually do it, will be the first upgrade to 13.1. And it’s cool too. It adds a whole bunch of big, new things to it. So, an exciting couple of weeks here if you’re into this stuff.


RUSH: Apple has announced that they’re gonna release iOS 13.1 next Tuesday on the 24th, not the 30th. Now, the reason this is happening — and I’m gonna make this very, very brief — iOS 13 in toto was supposed to be released today. There were two big features that were having trouble during the beta process.

One was automated shortcuts. The other was Share ETA, which is a great, great, great feature in Maps, and they weren’t able to get those two done in time to release 13.0 today and they had to release 13.0 today because the new phones have to have it ’cause the new phone’s coming out tomorrow. So, 13.1 normally would not be released ’til the middle of October. But it’s ready. They’re running four betas on it. Those two features are working like a champ. And I’m sure they want to get it out as soon as they can. They would not have done it today because they have to get the new phones on it.

That’s a whole other thing. You ever imagine how they put an operating system on millions of phones that are in the box in the factory? You ever wondered how that happens? I mean, you have to do it over the air or connect to the computer, but they can’t do it, they’ve gotta do millions of phones at the same time. It’s a massive thing, it’s amazing how that’s done. That’s for another time.

The point is that 13.1, which is the complete version of 13.0, not the 30th, it’s coming next Tuesday. So, if you’re into this stuff, something to continue to look forward to. And the iPad, too, iPad OS 13.1, whatever they’re gonna call it, it’s coming next Tuesday as well.

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