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RUSH: Columnist Walter Shapiro is warning the Democrat presidential candidates they’d better be honest, and they better stop playing to left-wing extremists. He says candidates like Elizabeth Warren and Crazy Bernie better admit that their big-spending plans are not really going to happen. They’re just aspirational, pie-in-the-sky ideas. They’re not really policy blueprints.

Mr. Shapiro, whose been around forever, by the way, says Democrat presidential wannabes have more plans than the Allies drew up for D-Day. And if these Democrats were to win the election, their campaign promises would come back to bite them in the butt. The fringe-kook base that these candidates are appealing to, the Twitterverse actually, will actually expect them to fulfill all of these multi-trillion-dollar promises. And that’s the rub.

If a progressive Democrat president actually tried to implement any of these plans, they’d end up losing the House and Senate by a landslide in the next midterms. A replay of what happened when Democrats forced Obamacare down the country’s throat.

So Mr. Shapiro wants his beloved Democrat candidates to play it safe. He wants them to set realistic expectations, so if one of them does make it to the White House, he or she won’t be saddled with big, empty socialist promises.

Mr. Shapiro: relax. At this rate, despite what the polls from your Drive-By-Media buddies say, the chances are pretty slim that any of these Democrats would win a national election. You don’t do that by telling everybody how much you hate the country.

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