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RUSH: Crazy Bernie has a brand new plan. He promises that when he becomes president, he’s going to wipe your medical debt clean. He’s gonna suck it right out of there.

Now, Americans owe $81 billion dollars in unpaid medical bills.  Crazy Bernie says the very concept of medical debt is immoral, shouldn’t exist. Families shouldn’t have to worry about going broke due to medical bills, especially when the healthcare industry made over a hundred billion dollars in profit last year. So, screw them. Big time.

You see, Crazy Bernie wants to “revise” the bankruptcy law. He will eliminate the means-testing requirement for those seeking protection from medical creditors. So even if you can afford to pay, you can have your bills wiped out. And if your account has gone to a collection agency, and you’re getting nasty calls demanding payment – Bernie’s got a plan for you. When President Bernie is in charge, the federal government will negotiate with your bill collectors, and will get them off your back.

Even better, according to Bernie: private for-profit credit-reporting agencies are going to be wiped out too. Eliminated. Gone from the face of the earth, like the dinosaurs.

Crazy? Absurd? Nuts? Yeah, but Crazy Bernie and today’s progressives genuinely believe they can “cancel” anyone’s business, take their profits, and get rid of any other aspect of American life they don’t like.

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