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RUSH: Here’s Lynn, Boise, Idaho. Great to have you with us. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Regarding this non-impeachment impeachment by Pelosi yesterday, it’s not just because they’re insanely obsessed with destroying our president, but I think the bigger part of it, or as big a part of it, it’s totally about fundraising for the Democrats.

Their nut base in Hollywood has been clamoring for impeach, impeach, impeach for months and months. And Pelosi hasn’t moved on it. Her left wing — the four have been clamoring for it, and now she does this — it’s not really an impeachment, remember, but she does it and now they’re gonna be able to fundraise off of it.

RUSH: Let me answer that.

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: Do you think that was the reason they did it more than actually trying to continue the quest to get rid of Trump?

CALLER: Absolutely, I do. I really do. I think they’re fundraising. If you look at the numbers, they’ve been way down compared to Trump and they have to do something.

RUSH: Well, it is my contention that everything they do is fundraising. I don’t think you can take a specific Democrat political strategery move and say they’re having to fundraise, this is all for fundraising. That’s standard operating procedure. I know what you’re saying. But if I were you, I would not not take what they’re doing to Trump seriously. Don’t think this is just a bunch of acting in order to raise money. They are dead serious about ruining this man at whatever cost to the country. They are dead serious.

Yeah, they need money, but they need money every day. They’re raising money every day. They’re going out in any number of different ways and doing it. The things that they’re doing to raise money are not incidental to the raising of money is my only point. (interruption) Blowback from who? Are they not afraid of blowback from who? At this stage I don’t think they’re worried about blowback because I think they’re delusional. I think they think everybody in the country hates Trump like they do!

Why is Trump at 50%, up to 53 now in Rasmussen? The blowback is happening! They just don’t see it! Their media’s not telling them about blowback. Their media isn’t reporting what people that disagree with them are saying or doing. They’re ignorant of it. No. They’re not worried about blowback. They don’t think the blowback is gonna be enough to hurt them if there is any. But that’s something they wouldn’t even consider anyway. They’re so obsessed, they are so focused, they are so driven. And it’s all psychological.

I’ve said this over and over again, and I’m gonna keep saying it because it matters. If you’re trying to understand these people, you have to understand the psychology. And pardon me, those of you who are gonna recognize this when I go into this little mini-riff. Part of what’s driving them is their failure to date in getting rid of Trump. They can’t believe that they haven’t been able to yet.

They can’t believe that he won. They can’t believe that Hillary lost. They can’t believe that Mueller didn’t find something. They can’t believe they couldn’t prove collusion. They can’t believe Kavanaugh got confirmed. They can’t believe the unemployment numbers are as good as they are. They can’t believe the economy is roaring the way it is. They can’t believe that everything they are proposing is bombing. They cannot believe they haven’t been able to take out Trump.

They can take out any Republican they want any day they choose to. But they haven’t been able to even dent Trump. Now, they’ve been able to put roadblocks in the way of his agenda, but he still gets up every day and he’s still tweeting and he’s still taking on the media and he’s not affected by what they’re doing. Most Republicans cower in fear and resign and beg to be ignored, promise to never do it again. Trump just keeps hitting back. They are literally stymied by their failure to get rid of the guy.

And so they keep intensifying the effort, and as they do their psychology becomes more and more corrupt, and in order to pull this off they have 16-year-old teenagers they put forth as experts on climate change. And what have they done? They have destroyed — the climate change thing is very interesting. They had succeeded in making people think that they had an ability to change the fate of the planet. This was one of the secrets of the Democrat success.

Remember the bit. The Democrats know that most people’s lives are meaningless. They want to matter. So what do you do? You tell people the planet is being destroyed. But there’s a fix. You have helped destroy it by driving your SUV, by eating beef, whatever this cockamamie thing is. Then they come along and they offer redemption and they tell you, “You can save the planet. Your life can have meaning.”

People jump all over it. Then they bring in this 16-year-old. And what does she do? She says, “To hell with all that. To hell with your straws, to hell with this. Governments have to do it, corporations have to do it.” She just succeeded in taking individual involvement out of it. They’ve blown the climate change movement by bringing this 16-year-old kid front and center. They’re in the process of undermining, in a strategic way, all the things they want to accomplish.

Now, it doesn’t look like that, folks, because the media doesn’t tell you anything that I’m telling you. So you’re gonna hear me say the Democrats are shooting themselves in the foot as they do these things day in and day out, and you’re gonna think I’m crazy because it looks on TV like the Democrats are winning every day and Trump’s got nowhere to go.

But this climate change thing is important in terms of the Democrats’ psychology in getting people involved and supporting the effort because they were personally involved, personally they were gonna save the planet. Now this babe comes up and destroys all that by telling you that what you’re doing is irrelevant, that corporations are polluting and that governments have to make the corporations stop.

Well, guess who she just took out of the solution equation? Individuals. She essentially said, you can do everything, you can stop driving your car, you can stop using plastic straws, but you’re not gonna matter. The corporations have to do it. This is one of the biggest tactical errors they have made in the climate change movement. And they’re making them all over the place in everything else they’re trying because they’re so consumed.

Hatred’s a poison, folks. It is a poison. Thinking about blowback? They’re not thinking about blowback. They’re not concerned about blowback. They don’t think anybody likes Trump. They think everybody is as frustrated as they are that Trump is still there. They think everybody hates Trump’s tweets. They think everybody hates the way Trump acts. Their psychology is so destroyed, so messed up that the normal — what does this have to do with fundraising? Well, what it has to do with fundraising is don’t make the mistake of thinking they don’t really believe all this stuff they’re doing and saying about getting rid of Trump, that all they’re doing is raising money.

They’re always raising money. I’m telling you, they want to get rid of Trump as much as anything now just to prove to themselves they can because they have failed. They’ve never been unable to take somebody out in two years. Two months max. When they really target somebody to take ’em out, two months. Give me a name that they’ve taken out and I’ll tell you how long it took ’em.

Donald Trump is somebody they’ve not encountered in practically every which way they do politics. They have yet to endeavor to understand who he is. They have yet to take the time to find out who his supporters are and why they are. They have yet to actually take the business steps necessary to learn how to beat him. They think they already have. They think that he cheated. They think he’s not legit and now they’ve got themselves actually believing this. Do not doubt me.

They really think Trump colluded. They’re out there saying so. They’re out now quoting the Mueller report, that Trump colluded with Russians. The Mueller report doesn’t say it. I think we’re dealing with people — now, not all of them, but I’m talking about the people you see on TV, the leaders that the media finds, some of these people are genuinely mentally affected by all of this.

I try analogize this in any number of ways. Imagine some outsider coming in and taking over your family. The Washington establishment is the elites of the elites. And everybody else is nothing but a speck of dust. Trump was a speck of dust. He was a joke. And now he’s come in and basically taken control, upset everything they built and is in the process of dismantling it, their world order foreign policy, their world order trade policy. He’s put a giant minefield in their effort to socialize the United States.

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