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RUSH: We are thrilled to announce today that thanks to you and your support of the Stand Up for Betsy Ross campaign, we are able to make another $1 million donation. That’s an additional $1 million that will be donated now to the Tunnel to Towers Foundation. That’s the organization that helps the families of the severely injured or fallen first responders and military personnel, 9/11.

Thanks to you, over 18 mortgages will be paid off for these families or a fully equipped smart home will be built for them. We’re selling the Stand Up for Betsy Ross T-shirt now in white and blue. I’ve been asked, “Rush, is that still going?” It is going on. You are continuing to order by the thousands every day. Another gigantic truckload of stuff showed up yesterday. Stand by for another announcement on that.

But we are thrilled, folks. This started on July 8th, and here we are on September 25th, and we have today been able to announce, we are announcing another million dollars that you have made possible going to Tunnel to Towers. This is a grand total of $4 million the sale, the Stand Up for Betsy Ross T-shirts have generated, the proceeds, to send $4 million to the Tunnel to Towers Foundation. Thank you.


RUSH: Mr. Snerdley said, “Wait a minute, you snuck that in there. Is that really true?” It is true, $4 million. Another million dollars added to the total, a $27 item, Stand Up for Betsy Ross T-shirt, people pushing back against Nike and Kaepernick and all these anti-American leftists. And it is just continuing.

I can’t tell you how excited I am to be able to announce this additional million dollars today. This started out, folks, as a simple way to push back against people trashing the flag, a fundamental American institution. There’s nothing political about the flag. There’s nothing political about Betsy Ross. These people are now being trashed, the flag being trashed by people like Colin Kaepernick. No wonder he can’t get a job. Who wants somebody like that on their NFL team?

People needed a way to push back. Stand Up for Betsy Ross came into existence, and bammo, we started around the 4th of July. It has turned into an ongoing movement. The passion is still going strong out there. Shirts are still selling. You continue to send in simply amazing photos wearing the T-shirts. It’s hard to tell you how proud that we are.

So just to say, on behalf of Frank Siller, who started Tunnel to Towers in honor of his brother Stephen, a firefighter who ran back through the tunnel in New York and died trying to rescue others. I have to say thank you again from the bottom of our hearts, over $4 million plus and counting. We’re not through here. And stand by later in the program for a second announcement about this. And, no, it’s not by the end of the program we’re gonna have five million, it’s just a different announcement, but that five million is gonna get hit at some point. So there you go, folks, you should feel great. This is incredible. July 8th is actually when the T-shirts went on sale.


RUSH: If you’re just joining us, another million dollars has been raised for the Tunnel to Towers Foundation from the Stand Up for Betsy Ross program. Stand Up for Betsy Ross T-shirts available exclusively at RushLimbaugh.com at the EIB Store. The only place you can get them that the proceeds go to the charity.

There have been now over 300 fraudulent, fake knockoff websites attempting to sell Stand Up for Betsy Ross T-shirts. Our legal department’s been on ’em shutting them down almost as fast as they pop up. Some of them have been really ripping people off, charging their credit cards $1,300, $1,500.

But we announced today another million. This is a grand total of $4 million generated from the proceeds of the sales of Stand Up for Betsy Ross T-shirts to Tunnel to Towers Foundation and counting. It is ongoing.


RUSH: Now, we at the EIB Store at RushLimbaugh.com, we have a slogan. That slogan is called, “Go Big or Go Home.” Go Big or Don’t Do It, Go Big or Don’t Waste Your Time. It’s an active philosophy that we live by, we play by, we sleep by, we do everything by. Go Big or Go Home.

Now, a couple hours ago, an hour and a half ago I announced that, thanks to you, over $4 million and counting will be donated to the Tunnel to Towers Foundation from the Stand Up for Betsy Ross campaign. We were at three million. Today we announced the addition of another million dollars just on the basis of the sale of Stand Up for Betsy Ross T-shirts. We started off with a white T-shirt, and we added a royal blue variant to the lineup.

And today we’re gonna announce a couple of new variants, a couple of new additions. But before I show them to you, I want to give you some facts and figures about this because the way this has had to scale up has been a phenomenal thing to be part of and to watch.

This effort by itself, this effort alone, has created 100 jobs in America. Our vendor, who actually sources and then the prints T-shirts for us, for the most part has shelved all of his other business in order to meet the demand of the Stand Up for Betsy Ross campaign. Not totally shelved it all, but has had to bring on new people, new equipment, and is pretty much running around the clock in order to meet the fulfillment demand that we have. The T-shirts are all sourced, they are all printed and finished by this company in Pennsylvania.

They are then transported to Florida to be fulfilled personally by us. We don’t farm out the fulfillment. We have a direct relationship with every one of you who purchases anything at the EIB Store. They are sent on to you by members of our team going big and not going home.

So, what this is, is Americans helping Americans, and we could not be more proud. Now, we’ve had requests since this began. You wouldn’t believe. We get hate mail. “Hey, what about the caps? When you gonna put Betsy Ross on the caps? Hey, what about the key chain?” We’ve heard from the cotton guys. “You brag about these shirts. Well, we found out there’s no cotton in ’em. When are you gonna have a cotton shirt? You’re forgetting about us.” We have had all kinds — these are fun-loving complaints. Don’t misunderstand. They’re not hate mail.

We’ve heard from the people living up North, “Hey, you live in Florida so you don’t know, but the leaves are turning, it’s getting colder, we need long sleeves.” The point is that people have been requesting specifics, and it’s been great. It has been its own great version of market research. But the point of it all is that you’re all into this and the requests that we’re getting are all fun, folks.

It’s been one of the most rewarding things to have been involved in and knowing that a $27 item has become so popular that it has thrown off $4 million dollars. Stop and think of this, since July the 8th. And Tunnel to Towers, by the way, unless Kathryn called them today, they are hearing about this for the first time. We didn’t call Frank, Frank Siller, who founded it. We thought we would just surprise ‘em. We love surprising people.

So, we have put all of the requests and all of the demands into our gigantic hopper, and we have synthesized these and we’ve boiled down all these requests to two additions to the line of Stand Up for Betsy Ross. And I want to show you the first one here on the Dittocam. You’ll be able to see this at the store at RushLimbaugh.com. Just go there, click on the “Store” tab at RushLimbaugh.com and all of this will be explained.

Women have been demanding a V-neck T-shirt, demanding it. “What about us? You’re forgetting us.” We don’t forget anybody. Today, my friends, we have it. And it is a long-sleeve V-neck Stand Up for Betsy Ross T-shirt, and cotton. Okay? So here we go. Now look at this. Let me emphasize the V-neck here. I don’t know if you’re seeing it clearly, but it is a definite V-neck T-shirt. So that’s that. There’s one more, in royal blue.

For the people who said, “You live in Florida, but where we are the leaves are turning, it’s getting colder.” Take a look, feast your eyes on this sweatshirt. Long sleeve. Folks, I have to tell you, the fabric on this T-shirt, I have to brag about it again. This is unlike anything you’re gonna find at this price point anywhere. This is the Stand Up for Betsy Ross long-sleeved sweatshirt timed perfectly for the arrival of fall, which happened about four days ago. Let me hold it up here. There you go.

So, all of this you can see, and it’s available now. We’re not like Apple where we show it to you and then say you have to wait two weeks. It’s available now. We’ve been getting it all in stock. We’ve been doing the logistics. We’ve been categorizing it, cataloging it, getting it ready to go out. So, all you have to do is go to RushLimbaugh.com and click on the “Store” tab.

And, no, we’re not through adding things. Remember, when we do this, folks, we’ve gotta be able to meet the demand that we target and forecast here so that we’re not drowned out by inventory. And so far the logistics of this has been magical. It really has been one of the most rewarding things to be part of. And it just sort of spontaneously came to life on July 4th as an idea, and then it actually began to live on July 8th, four days later.

So, 100 new jobs have been created in the United States. We’ve had some people say, “Hey, Rush, these T-shirts, where are these things made, Rush?” Everything about these shirts, the things that matter about these shirts, is 100% American, folks. It would be nothing else. You don’t even have to concern yourself with that.

Bottom line, the Stand Up for Betsy Ross campaign is alive and well. Demand is showing no signs of ending and we are trying to match requests as best we can for style and size, color and so forth. So, these are the two additions. A V-neck long sleeve T-shirt for women and one of the greatest-looking sweatshirts, long sleeve, lightweight but warm as it can be sweatshirts that you have ever seen, and they’re both available now, RushLimbaugh.com and click on the “Store” tab.


RUSH: That’s right. So the cotton guys are happy, 100 percent cotton on the ladies’ V-neck long sleeve T-shirt. The sweatshirt, another worse for it is fleece, and it’s made by one of the greatest manufacturers of this type of apparel in the country, New Era. We use them for the official Rush Limbaugh Show caps. They make all of the official on field caps for Major League Baseball, the National Football League, New Era.

And this fleece is just — Snerdley came in and he looked, he wanted to touch it, he wanted to see how the thing felt and he’s just blown away by it. They both feature the Stand Up for Betsy Ross flag — well, the Betsy Ross design flag and Stand Up for Betsy Ross underneath it with the Rush Limbaugh logo.

And the only place, just to remind you, the only place to get a real one, to get the legit merchandise where your purchase proceeds go to the Tunnel to Towers Foundation is the Rush Limbaugh Show.com website. Only there. Don’t go anywhere else. Anything else is a knockoff. Just find the “Store” tab at RushLimbaugh.com. There are way too many fakes out there. So the cotton guys are happy and the long sleeve northern crowd is happy, a lot of people are happy. Tunnel to Towers is happy, $4 million.

Let me grab a quick call. Janet in Worthington, Ohio. Great to have you with us. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush.

RUSH: Hey!

CALLER: I just wanted to tell you you made my day. I called about an hour or so ago, I’ve been on the phone and I told Snerdley that my husband and I both have your T-shirts and we wanted long sleeve T-shirts, so thank you very much.

RUSH: Well, this is your day. See, Go Big or Go Home.

CALLER: Well, you are right. And we’re gonna go big. We’ll be ordering one of each or maybe more for Christmas presents as soon as we get home. Thank you very much.

RUSH: Well, you’re more than welcome. This is quite coincidental, by the way. This call was not preconfigured, was not preordered or preestablished. She is exactly representative of the kind of requests that we have been getting from people. And because it is getting chillier, it’s time to add the long sleeves and the fleece. So just stand by.

We’re just thrilled that people are still into this for all the reasons that they are. And I can tell you, folks, $4 million to Tunnel to Towers. I wonder if anybody’s sold Frank Siller yet. He’s had to have found out by now.


RUSH: I just got a brief heads up from the folks up at Rush Limbaugh online store at RushLimbaugh.com. Some people are apparently having trouble finding the fleece sweatshirt on the website. It’s under the “Apparel” heading, “Apparel” tab, ’cause — no, no, no, no. We’re not hiding it. It’s just it’s under the “Apparel” tab is where you’ll see it. I guess it’s segregated in a way. We’ve got the store subdivided by item type. So, if you’re looking for the fleece sweatshirt, brand-new introduced today, look under the “Apparel” tab.

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