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RUSH: I got an email, and this just shows the importance of repeating things. It’s a three-hour program. By the way, do you know this audience research? We know the average amount of time the average listener spends listening to this program, and it’s mind-boggling. Other radio programs and executives don’t believe it. The average time spent listening. It’s an actual category in audience research.

That time for average spent listening to this program is through the roof. But even at that there are some things that people miss because they’re not listening, in many cases some do, but not all listen to all three hours.

So I got an email. “Hey, Rush, I’m watching CNN, and all morning the experts on CNN were talking about how this whistleblower had nailed Trump and this was gonna be the death of Trump. Trump had been trying to demand selling influence and all this. And now, Rush, the experts are having to read between the lines because nothing that was reported for a week about this phone call turned out to be true.”

Now, I made mention of this in the first hour, but this is really worth reporting again and reminding everybody because, folks, this is fake news like Trump-Russia collusion was fake news, like Christine Blasey Ford and Kavanaugh was fake news. Take a look at the reporting on this story.

The first phase of reporting after the Washington Post revealed the existence of the whistleblower, the president had blackmailed and threatened the president of Ukraine. The whistleblower said, the media said, the Washington Post said that Trump told the president of Ukraine he wasn’t gonna get any American aid money unless Biden and his kid were investigated!

So the media’s running with it. They’re running with it for days! And it wasn’t true! The transcript revealed today that nothing of the sort was even discussed! So the Democrats are left now to accuse Trump of making it up, that the transcript is not real, the transcript is fake, that Trump is trying to cover up what he actually said. The problem with this is there were a lot of people monitoring the call. There always are.

Presidents just don’t get on the phone and call foreign leaders because of the great importance and the need for memorializing the contents of such calls. You have the NSA on the call, sometimes you’ll have the CIA, sometimes you’ll have State Department, vice president, any number of people and stenographers, and an audio recording of the call. ‘Cause this is important stuff. You can’t fake it.

You couldn’t put out a fake transcript. Somebody would know it’s fake and they would leak that, especially in this atmosphere. After the media had reported that the president was going to blackmail the president of Ukraine and withhold already promised American aid money unless they investigated Biden, the reporting was that Trump had mentioned eight times the Bidens and the Biden investigation and pressure.

The whistleblower led the media to believe that Trump was obsessed with Biden in the phone call and had mentioned his name eight times. Nowhere near eight times. The media reported that there was a quid pro quo, that the president had offered a payoff if the president of Ukraine would in fact investigate Biden and his kid. There is no quid pro quo in the transcript.

In other words, folks, none of what you saw on the media last night, this morning, yesterday, day before about what the whistleblower had heard, whistleblower had seen, whistleblower had reported, none of it was there. It’s all made up. It’s all fake news. And, in fact, there is something that was mentioned that to me and many others is bombshell that nobody in the media I’ve seen yet talk about, and that’s the mention by the president of CrowdStrike.

CrowdStrike, a private sector firm the Democrats hired to examine their hacked computer during 2015 and 2016. Remember this? The Democrats claim the Russians hacked their servers and that that information was leaked to Trump and that it ended up at WikiLeaks, and this is part of Trump-Russia collusion. Well, the FBI was refused the opportunity to examine the hacked DNC server.

Stop and think of that. DNC server is hacked, the FBI wants to look at it, and Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz told them no. So a private firm that hates Putin, heated by a guy that hates Vladimir Putin, claims the Russians did it. No evidence whatsoever, was just take it on the word of this particular private sector company CrowdStrike. We don’t know that the Democrat server actually was hacked. We don’t know if it was not an inside job to leak the data on that server to WikiLeaks or elsewhere. But everybody just assumes the Russians.

Now, Trump bringing up CrowdStrike tells me that what Trump is actually doing in this phone call with the president of Ukraine is asking his help on getting to the origins of the Mueller investigation, the FBI, the silent coup that Attorney General Barr is conducting right now. The effort to spy on Trump, when did it begin? That investigation is underway, it has been since the summer.

And I’m convinced that what this phone call really was about, among many other things, Trump was asking the newly elected president of Ukraine to help the attorney general find out where this effort to get Trump, to run this silent coup, when did that begin, where did it begin, who began it? The fact that he mentioned CrowdStrike in this phone call is all I needed to see to come to that conclusion.

In the meantime, this is a twofer operation. In addition to trying to nail Trump I am convinced that Joe Biden is the target. I don’t know if they’re gonna succeed in taking Biden out, but I know they’re trying to, the Democrats. I know they want to get rid of Biden, they want to clear the way for Elizabeth Warren. That’s the best conventional wisdom thinking now.

It has also been reported that Ukraine was the actual reason Biden not to run in 2015, 2016 race. He’s Obama’s VP. He’s gonna run for president. That’s the natural time to do it. You can run on the promise to continue the Obama administration. The problem was Hillary Clinton was running again and it was hers by default. Democrats had decided it was gonna be hers by default. Crazy Bernie was running around making noises, but he was never gonna get enough delegates.

The reason why Biden didn’t go and compete against Hillary is ’cause the Clinton machine had dug it up, the Clinton machine had dug up all of this dirt about Biden and his kid, he was afraid of it coming out. Now a deal’s been struck between him and the media to keep it secret.

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