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RUSH: The Trump campaign has known all along that this impeachment stuff was coming, but, again — and I know this is gonna be very hard for you to just take my word for it because you’re gonna hear the opposite in so many places, but what — in fact, grab sound bite number 11, will you? Have it standing by here.

What Nancy Pelosi has done here is not moved the impeachment ball down the road. She did what she did to placate this out-of-their minds base on the Democrat side and some of the out of-their minds members of her caucus in the House. It’s still nothing other than an inquiry. There are no articles of impeachment drawn up. They’re not about to be ready and be presented to the Senate. There is no trial scheduled, nothing has happened. Nothing any different than what was the situation before Pelosi made her announcement yesterday afternoon.

It was sleight of hand. Until there is a vote on the floor of the House on an official impeachment resolution, there is no official impeachment. What there is is an inquiry, which allows them to request documents and then charge obstruction. Again, all they’re doing is setting up circumstances where they can continue the ongoing, never-ending accusations. And they are totally made up! They’re lying through their teeth about the allegation. Doesn’t matter. Two and a half years of promising everybody Trump colluded with Russia. No evidence. There never was any. They’re just recycling it.

If you want to know what’s going on, simply think Steele dossier. Think of this transcript, what they say is in the transcript as a Steele dossier version 2. Or think of it as Christine Blasey Ford being dragged out of California to come forth in a last-ditch effort to get rid of Kavanaugh.

It’s the same play from the same playbook being run with different issues, with different allegations, with different outrageous Trump behaviors. But there is nothing new. The objective remains overturning the election results of 2016.

Last night during special coverage of Pelosi’s announcement of an impeachment inquiry, Bret Baier of Special Report with Bret Baier talked to Andy McCarthy, former federal prosecutor, said, “Andy, what are your thoughts on this as it’s developing here right before our eyes? What do you think?”

MCCARTHY: I think this may be actually a pretty sophisticated way for Speaker Pelosi to put the brakes on this thing. Just having an impeachment inquiry is kind of like a prosecutor convening a grand jury. It doesn’t require you to do anything. It doesn’t require you actually to return charges or return an indictment, but it is the appearance of progress in an investigation.

RUSH: Bingo. Bingo. There you go. It is the appearance. They want, and the media’s doing everything they can to assist, they want the country to think impeachment charges have been made. They want the country to think that Trump is now impeached. That is how outrageous this is. The situation today is no different than it was an hour before Pelosi made her announcement.

What Andy’s point is, the sleight of hand, while not advancing the ball at all, while not moving Congress further down the road toward impeachment, she has made everybody think she did that. So she’s bought some time. She placated the lunatic base. And it’s working, by the way.

I was pursuing some of my tech blogs. You can find some of the most insane liberalism on the tech blogs. They’re ecstatic. They’re ecstatic. They think this is it. This is the end of Trump. Pelosi is loved and adored. She finally pulled the trigger. Trump is under impeachment. He’s not. It’s still what Nadler’s been doing all along, doing his inquiry.


RUSH: Okay. What did I tell you? What did I tell you? I have here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers a story from Breitbart. “Democrats in Disarray After Pelosi Impeachment Announcement: Give us a [blank] damn message.” Let me give you a pull quote from the story. Ready?

“Moderate Democrats who came out in support of impeachment and put their careers on the line are now questioning what is new or different from before. Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D-MI), one of the House’s most vulnerable Democrats, came out with six other moderate colleagues on Monday evening to back an impeachment inquiry in an op-ed that was seen as a watershed moment in impeachment efforts.”

Pelosi went and got these moderates that won in Trump districts, but after the Democrat caucus meeting with Pelosi yesterday afternoon, Elissa Slotkin reportedly said to Democrat colleagues, “If you are asking us to stay on message, give us a g-ddamn message to stay on. We came out [in favor of an impeachment inquiry] because this is something different, this meeting did not give me confidence that this will be something different.”

Because it isn’t, folks. These moderate Democrats realize they have been taken! There isn’t anything different. There is no article of impeachment or articles. There has been no floor vote. There has been nothing official on impeachment. What has happened is Pelosi has taken control of the six committees. That’s what she did yesterday. She assembled control over the six committees that would be involved.

There is no impeachment. There’s not an inch worth of advance from before her announcement to after it. And the moderate Democrats know it. Andy McCarthy was right when he said on Fox last night that what she’s actually done is put the brakes on it. Oh, this is juicy stuff, folks. This is juicy, juicy stuff.


RUSH: Trump just unloaded on Pelosi at a joint presser with the Ukrainian president, said she lost her way, not interested in gun safety, not interested in drug pricing, taken over by the radical left of her party, all of which is true.

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