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RUSH: Okay. Stick with me here today, folks, because by the time the program is over, you’re gonna know everything you need to know about this latest faux scandal. This is as big a nothing burger as Trump-Russia collusion was. There is nothing here. This thing is manufactured like Christine Blasey Ford was manufactured. This is manufactured like the Steele dossier was manufactured.

This is all about the Democrats having something with their media brethren to never stop charging Trump with. It’s simply about the nature of the charge. It is not about evidence. There isn’t any evidence. It’s all about reversing the 2016 presidential results. They cannot get over it. And when I say “nothing burger,” I’m talking about substance. Politically, it’s not a nothing burger because it’s the ongoing effort of the Democrats to overturn the election results of 2016.

A couple of other things I want you to understand. What Nancy Pelosi has done here regarding impeachment is not move it farther along. She did not do anything but convene an inquiry. There has been no floor vote. There will not be a floor vote. There will not be any impeachment, not any real impeachment. Everything you’re seeing is deception.

Everything that you’re seeing and reading in the Drive-By Media is designed to deceive you. In fact, what Pelosi has done here is a very clever way to slow down the impeachment process, not speed it up. I will explain all this as the program unfolds before your very eyes and ears.

What we’re also learning is that Joe Biden may be the most corrupt politician in Washington bar none. And what I suspect is going on is something I mentioned yesterday. This effort going on here is actually a twofer. It is designed by the Democrats to take out both Trump and Biden and clear the way for anybody else, probably Elizabeth Warren.

So that is the overview. And honestly, folks, no matter how difficult it may be, do not doubt me on this. There’s nothing here. There is no violation of law. There is no violation of the Constitution. There is no violation of campaign finance laws. There is nothing here like there was nothing to Trump-Russia collusion. There’s nothing here like Christine Blasey Ford had nothing on Brett Kavanaugh.

It is simply the same effort, the same objective: overturn the election results of 2016 using different narratives or different stories or different scandals. But it is all the same thing. Even though I’m gonna tell you what’s in the transcript of the phone call between Trump and the Ukrainian president — and, by the way, you know, yesterday we had that sound bite from James Clapper, former Director of National Intelligence. He was openly trying to tell those Democrats be very careful here, I don’t know, that transcript, it may not be what we think it is.

And he then said that transcript could be doctored, the Trump people could make that all up like they make up places where hurricanes are gonna go in Alabama. He was very prescient. They launched this without knowing what was in that phone call. But, see, it doesn’t matter. It’s what they can say was in the phone call. It’s what they are saying that Trump did. It is the never ending allegation that the Drive-Bys originate, the Democrats parrot.

And, by the way, for those of you Republicans out there who are outraged by this, let me tell you something. Going on Fox News and tweeting ain’t gonna cut it. It’s not going to push back on this. Don’t think because you’ve sent out a tweet that nobody but your own followers are gonna read that you’ve pushed back.

And don’t think that doing an interview on Fox News is going to be seen by news consumers that are gonna be affected. It ain’t gonna work. Republicans need to do more than just tweet and go on Fox News. Besides that, who wants to sit next to Donna Brazile on Fox News? What the hell is that?

So let me get started here with some specifics. This is a massive, massive organizational job. I doubt there is a single human being in media today that could do this without bringing in a bunch of guests and without having a bunch of people on the phones to explain things. I’m gonna walk you through this taking all the complexity out of this, or as much of it as I can.

Let me tell you first off what I think Donald Trump was actually doing on that phone call to the Ukrainian president to congratulate him after a presidential victory. And let me interrupt myself here and remind you of something. It doesn’t really matter, as far as the scandal of this, it doesn’t matter what was said in that phone call. That phone call is just the latest hook for the Democrats to not stop the ongoing series of allegations.

The nature of the evidence is irrelevant. They are simply harping on the seriousness of the charge. And I think this is so outrageous, the elected Republican causcus in the House and in the Senate needs to come out in force yelling at the top of their lungs about this. This is pure harassment. This has done so much damage to the U.S. national security.

The one guy about this who first commented on it was right, Phil Mudd, former CIA guy, was on CNN and outraged when he found out that somebody in the intel community was listening in to a phone conversation. Well, guess what? The whistleblower wasn’t listening in. Do you know we now know, with the release of this transcript, we know more than the whistleblower knew.

So the whistleblower is effectively irrelevant today. It doesn’t matter what the whistleblower said. It doesn’t matter where he testifies, because with the release of the transcript, we know more than the whistleblower knew. In a legal sense, that is devastating. It just takes the whistleblower out of this. He’s irrelevant, whoever it is. The only interest in the whistleblower is for whom does he or she work? Hillary Clinton? Barack Obama? Joe Biden? Chuck Schumer? Nancy Pelosi?

We want to find out for whom this whistleblower was doing his job, dirty work. But Phil Mudd had it right. Now you’re president of the United States and you’re on a phone call, and there’s all kinds of people listening to these phone calls. When President Trump calls another foreign leader, you’re in the Situation Room and there’s all kinds of people monitoring this. This is serious stuff. There have to be witnesses. There’s a memorialization of the call, a transcript, of all of these. Presidents make these calls with all of the confidence in the world that nobody’s gonna leak it.

Well, look what happened. Somebody leaks a bunch of crap about what Donald Trump said on the phone call with the president of Ukraine. Let’s review. Let’s go back and look what the Drive-By Media told us about this phone call. They told us that the whistleblower had heard that the president was going to withhold funds from Ukraine. The president was gonna blackmail Ukraine. The president was gonna withhold money that we had pledged if they didn’t investigate Biden.

Guess what? That’s not in the transcript. Trump didn’t do it. Never stated. It’s not there. Then we were told by the Drive-By Media that Trump had said eight times in that phone call “the Bidens” and “the Biden investigation” and “pressure.” We were told that Trump mentioned it eight times to the president of Ukraine: Investigate Biden, find out what Biden did, find out what Biden’s son has done.

Zilch, zero, nada. There were not eight times. And there was no quid pro quo. The president was not suggesting that, “Hey, here’s a way you can get the money if you’ll do what I want.” The reporting on this has been a lie. Everything that was supposedly incendiary about this never happened. And yet the Democrats and Pelosi acted on it and created this phony impeachment scam.

Their base is among the biggest bunch of deceived people in the country today because there is no impeachment that has begun. It is an impeachment inquiry. It has not moved the ball down the road an iota. I’ll explain that in a minute when I get back to the chronology of this thing.

None of these incendiary things that we were told Trump had said, none of them are in the transcript. None of ’em. You have to think Trump was implying it. You have to think that Trump was speaking in code. You have to think that he and the Ukrainian president have some secret way of understanding their words if you want to draw these conclusions.

But, again, folks, it doesn’t matter. The call is simply the way the Democrats can continue this ongoing quest of theirs to try to position Donald Trump as corrupt and dishonest and a threat to national security and all of that. Let me tell you what I think Trump actually was doing on this call. Because, you know what? When I read the transcript, I was stunned. I came across a name in this transcript that blew me away!

Have you read the transcript, Mr. Snerdley? What did you do when you saw the word “CrowdStrike” in this transcript? I said, “Wait a second here. Trump is asking this guy and talking to this guy, the president of Ukraine, about CrowdStrike.” Let me tell you what Trump was doing and I’m gonna come back and tell you why I think it. I think Trump was asking the president of Ukraine to aid the Attorney General William Barr in his ongoing investigation of the origins of the investigation into Trump.

See, here’s the thing you have to know about Trump. Trump is a very proud man. Doing what he did in 2016 is almost unheard of. One guy from outside the political system taking on all the money of the political system and all of the political professionals, comes in and literally wipes the floor with 15 other Republicans, secures the Republican nomination with practically no money. Jeb Bush had a hundred million dollars invested in him and he got three delegates, for example. Trump comes in, he won this election, he won it fair and square, and in his mind, he won it with good, old-fashioned American values: hard work, stick-to-itiveness, competitive instincts, commitment, being the best he could be every day, setting goals and accomplishing them.

He worked harder than anybody in the 2016 campaign. Compared to Hillary Clinton, who was on vacation for most of it, Donald Trump worked his butt off. And the one thing that irritates him more than anything is this ongoing allegation that he cheated, that he didn’t win it legitimately. He seethes over this. Because it’s the exact opposite. He did win it on his own. He won it without the assistance of any of the Washington establishment.

He won it with Republicans and Democrats against him. He won it with the dreaded deep state against him. He won it with the European Union against him. He won it and he won it big, and he shocked and stunned them all. It was a magnificent achievement, and they have been, ever since, attempting to take it away from him. They’ve been trying to tell everybody the Russians cheated with him, that he colluded with the Russians, that he’s a Russian agent, maybe even a traitor, and he seethes over this.

And even the dud that Robert Mueller was and even the dud that the Mueller report was, people think, “Well, that should satisfy Trump.” No, it doesn’t because the Democrats are not stopping, folks. They’re trying to destroy Kavanaugh, again. They’ve never stopped trying to destroy Trump. They’re trying to overturn the presidential election results of 2016. They are trying every day to take this magnificent achievement away from him. And that’s why he’s not giving it up.

So I am convinced that he was asking the Ukrainian president for assistance. When he mentions CrowdStrike — and I think this is one of the reasons the Democrats today are so bent out of shape. CrowdStrike is who they hired when their servers got hacked in 2016. That’s one of the events that started all of this rolling. Remember the Democrat National Committee, Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz, would not let the FBI examine that server.

That server was hacked. The Democrats fear that some of the stuff on that server ended up in the Podesta emails that ended up on WikiLeaks, and they have tried to say from the get-go that the Russians hacked them. Instead of letting the FBI forensically examine their servers, they hired a company called CrowdStrike to come in and do it. They’re a private sector high-tech firm.

And literally when I saw the word CrowdStrike uttered by the president in the transcript of the call with the Ukrainian president, Trump asks Zelensky about CrowdStrike, and Zelensky indicated he’s gonna reopen the investigation of CrowdStrike because they’re linked to Ukraine.

Ukraine is all over the presidential campaign. In fact, you go back January 2016, right around Trump’s inauguration, three Democrat senators are asking Ukraine to investigate Trump. All of this that they’re accusing Trump of doing the Democrats have already done it. So I think what’s going on, I think Trump’s actually asking Zelensky for help. And, by the way, there’s some really juicy stuff. These guys both dump on Angela Merkel. They talk about how incompetent she is.

Zelensky, the new president of Ukraine, loves Trump, he’s talking about how he has followed Trump’s guidelines and almost been a mentor to him, wants to drain the swamp in Ukraine, actually used that phrase. He’s ecstatic to have Trump on the phone. Trump didn’t demand, didn’t ask, didn’t promise, didn’t blackmail, didn’t withhold.

He said (paraphrasing), “You oughta look into this CrowdStrike, you know, they’re deep into this and Biden and his son and so forth.” ‘Cause Trump is fed up, folks, with this charge that he didn’t win in 2016 legitimately and fairly, and he is not gonna stop until he beats this back. CrowdStrike is the security firm the DNC hired to look at its supposedly hacked servers.

It was CrowdStrike and only CrowdStrike that said it had moderate confidence the servers were hacked by the Russians. If that ever falls apart on the Democrats — the Democrats have more trouble. And Biden is in more trouble than he knows now. I don’t know if he’s figured this out yet.

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