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RUSH: I tell you, folks, another reason why I’m speculating about really dialing back reaction to all of this is ’cause it’s gonna be happening every month from now to the election. There’s gonna be a new one of these every month. That only stands to reason. If the original Trump-Russia collusion blew up in their face and there was no evidence for it — and Mueller concluded there was no collusion and there wasn’t any obstruction — and yet they’re still doing this? They’re not gonna stop doing this.

As Al Green said yesterday, “If we don’t impeach Donald Trump, he’s gonna get reelected.” Now, just stop and think about that. If he gets reelected, he’s pretty popular out there. (translated) “So if we don’t impeach him, we can’t beat him.” I’ll tell you something else about this reprobate Adam Schiff. If you’re a prosecutor and you go before a jury and you have to start making up what you think the defendant said — when you can’t actually quote the defendant in your effort to smear him — then you’ve lost!

You’ve lost when you have to start making it up. Now, granted, this was not a court of law with a judge and jury. So he’s probably got a bit more latitude here. But the very fact that he’s making it up means they don’t have it! The very fact that he’s making it up about what Trump said to the Ukrainian president means Trump didn’t say it! They don’t have anything here. Okay, let’s get started on the phones. This is Brad in Columbia, South Carolina. It’s great to have you with us on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: (garbled cell) Hi, Rush. I seem to recall during the Mueller investigation that there was a suggestion that Trump remove Mueller as a special prosecutor, and he didn’t do that. But what you’ve actually got, you’ve got a vice president who actually had somebody removed from another country, from a prosecutor in a criminal case, actual criminal case with legitimate allegations, and Trump did not remove somebody in a civil process for a bogus investigation. The second point is —

RUSH: Wait, wait, whoa, whoa, whoa, wait. What is your point there?

CALLER: Well, the point is, you know, Trump actually stayed away from interfering, you know, and it would have been legal for him to remove it. But think —

RUSH: Now, wait. Wait, wait, wait. See, you’re talking reality.

CALLER: (chuckling)

RUSH: But that’s not what was reported. The media said that Trump wanted to fire Mueller, and he almost did except he was held back by other responsible people.

CALLER: (chuckling)

RUSH: So, as far as the media is concerned, Trump did fire Mueller. It’s just that nobody let him do it.

CALLER: Well, yeah, I guess they gotta impeach him to find out what he did. But, you know, secondly, Rush, you know, if Trump had called the Ukrainian whistleblower hotline and made exactly the report he made to their head of state, how would that be any different from the American anonymous whistleblower who made a complaint thinking it was wrongdoing by his president? I mean, Trump is basically a Ukrainian whistleblower. He ought to be celebrated as a hero for pointing out criminal activity in their own country.

RUSH: Well, you’re illustrating something here. Obviously, you’re right. But, see, the frustrating thing here for a lot of people is that you’re citing another couple of cases of blatant hypocrisy. Hypocrisy does not attach itself to Democrats, and the reason it doesn’t is because the media never throws it at them. If you’ve got a sack of manure, and in that sack of manure is also hypocrisy, you’ve gotta throw it at somebody for it to stick, and the media doesn’t throw it. So we have to rely on the Democrats to step on it, on that sack of manure.

We have to put those sacks of manure where they’re gonna walk, where they’re gonna be, and hope they step in it — and that’s what we hope they’re doing right now with the American people. Which I think is happening. I talked to a guy who has been making speeches, public appearances before different business groups. He recently spoke to an audience of major bankers and oil executives. He told me he was shocked. They had 110% support for Trump.

They are fed up with what they’re seeing. I think this is being replicated all over the country from different groups of people to different groups. As I said last week, I think millions of people are seething with rage over this. Trump was not guilty. Trump-Russia? He didn’t do anything. Now they keep coming with this? People don’t forget what they were lambasted with for two years! So I think we’re watching abject, pure panic and desperation on the Democrat side, still hoping that something they throw at Trump is gonna stick to him.


RUSH: Now, as always, the next day or two are gonna be critical in getting the story out — and once again, it’s gonna fall to us. Ratcliffe today was great. Devin Nunes was great today. There are some Republicans who are working hard to rebut this stuff, but not nearly enough. You know, tweets and Fox News appearances are not gonna get it done.


RUSH: Now, just to reiterate something here because I have this theory that as the Democrats do this dance that never ends, that Trump is a cheat, that Trump is a fraud, that Trump meddles with elections, I think that it is creating an increasing number and amount of people who are seething enraged, who are not fooled by it, who know full well. They just follow their instincts.

Even if you’re paying half attention, the first two years of Trump-Russia collusion, the Democrats and the media made you think that Trump did it. It’s just a matter of time. All those stories every day for two years, then the Mueller investigation, then the Mueller report, everybody thought he did it, casual news consumers.

And then the Mueller report came out, and the bottom fell out. No collusion! And there were, “What?” So they, “Okay. No collusion.” And it’s over. As far as most people are concerned, it’s over. They don’t keep following it. They don’t stay in the nuance of it as the Democrats try to turn not guilty into guilty.

But then the Democrats make the mistake of creating another brand-new scandal based on the same premise, that Trump is meddling in elections or that Trump is this or that. And I think we’ve gotten to the point with a lot of people — I don’t think all by any stretch, so don’t misunderstand – I think there are a lot of people naturally skeptical now. “Wait a minute. You told me for two years that he did this, and he didn’t, and now you’re saying he’s doing the same thing with Ukraine?”

I think they’re creating a bunch of, if not flat-out people who doubt it, there are people who are now questioning it rather than just accepting it in a blanket fashion. We’re gonna find out at some point.

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