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RUSH: Former Secretary of State, failed presidential candidate, John Kerry (who, by the way, also served in Vietnam), is going to war.

On CBS’s “Slay the Nation” last weekend, Kerry came out with a declaration of war against those who oppose the left on climate change. He says he’s going to create a movement in America that he believes will spread around the world. What, we don’t have that movement already?

Kerry calls his new movement: World War Zero. The goal of Kerry’s war, the mission, is to create a zero-carbon economy by the year 2050, when most of you will be dead.

Commander-in-Chief Kerry is going to run the war from his headquarters: WorldWarZero.com. A website where you can click to enlist. And from there, he’ll bring together powerful influencers and will unite unlikely allies. Commander Kerry says he’ll lead this war to “win the future we all deserve, and triumph over today’s axis of oppression.” The “axis of oppression” consists of everybody who doesn’t believe in this climate-change B.S.

The whole thing is just pathetic. John Kerry, so desperate to be in the spotlight again, to be relevant, to be seen as a hero, that he actually went public with this harebrained scheme. Somebody, give the guy some real medals. Give him a Swift Boat. Let him retake Boston Harbor. Let him do something. It’s a cry for help.

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