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RUSH: The Democrats are not doing themselves any favors because the Trump stuff is not happening in a vacuum. The Democrats are also running for president.

They’ve got these debates, and every one of the Democrats on the stage has to make sure everybody understands what they don’t like about this country. America as the problem is the theme, America as a gigantic grievance, America is the problem in the world, America is guilty, America is imperfect, America is racist, America is this, America is that. This is not how you win.

You do collect a large number of grievance-filled people, and you create a large number of victims, but it’s not how you build a majority movement. And you start running around about what’s wrong with America and there’s nothing good about it, everything’s wrong about it. And then you start telling people that you’re gonna start giving money away and you’re gonna give health care away to illegals, you’re gonna raise middle class taxes to pay for it, you’re gonna give this away, you’re gonna have this given away, your gonna forgive student loan debt.

You’re basically gonna give everything away. And you go beyond the point of being realistic about it. Some people will think you can up to a point, but you can’t give everybody everything, which is what they’ve ended up promising. Then, on top of that, you have Elizabeth Warren and Crazy Bernie coming out, and now they’re starting to attack corporate America.

Now, the Democrats always have had a certain percentage of their campaign agenda aimed at corporate America, but they’ve been winking at corporate America all the while because while they bash corporate America in their class envy routine, the Democrats’ number-one donor is corporate America, followed by gay Hollywood, followed by Hollywood, and followed by unions.

Wall Street, corporate America, don’t donate in mass to Republicans. The conventional wisdom has always been the Big Business men. Yeah, therefore Republicans. Big Business Republicans hate people. But Big Business, Wall Street, they have been cultural Democrats for I don’t know how long, cultural leftists, and they have been among the biggest donors. And the Democrats have gotten away with a little wink and nod to ’em, but ripping ’em to shreds every four years.

Corporate America knows the Democrats aren’t really gonna do anything to them, except now they have. Sarbanes-Oxley, consumer finance election — whatever the hell it was that’s gonna ride herd over finance companies and so forth. And now, now Elizabeth Warren and Crazy Bernie have got corporate America and Wall Street in their crosshairs, and they’re making no bones. There’s no wink and nod now.

Bernie and Elizabeth Warren are making it clear throughout these debates and in this campaign that corporate America is gonna be taken on and it’s gonna be cut down and they’re gonna pay their price finally. They’ve gone too far because now corporate America no longer is getting the wink and nod. Corporate America is now beginning to realize that Crazy Bernie and Elizabeth Warren literally mean it!

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