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RUSH: And how about this? Do you know what Tom Brady’s popularity is due to? A professor of kinesiology — Do you know what kinesiology is? Kinesiology is the study of the movements of the human body. And you can get a degree in it. Kinesiologists are highly consulted to help with recovery from injury.

A professor of kinesiology at the University of Rhode Island says that Tom Brady’s popular — he’s only the most popular quarterback in the NFL and probably the best ever in the NFL — his popularity is due to white supremacy in a post-Obama America. He only hangs out with other white guys. White guys have gravitated to Brady because he gives them something to hold on to as a white supremacist. Brady is the best quarterback, he’s white, and so all of Brady’s fans are glomming onto Brady because he is a symbol that whites are supreme and that whites are the best and that whites are the champions and that whites run the world.

And this guy at the University of Rhode Island is literally teaching this! They are nuts, folks! They are nuts, and I don’t care which Democrat you point to — elected, in the media, in academia, they are nuts! They have lost their collective minds! They can’t find a single crime committed by Donald Trump, the most investigated president in the history of presidents.

As such, we probably have the most scandal-free and the least corrupt president that we’ve had, or among them. It’s striking.

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