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RUSH: Frank in Long Valley, New Jersey. Great to have you with us on Open Line Friday. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. Yesterday Donna Brazile was on Fox News — and you pointed that out in a very funny comment. But she made a comment that… Maybe I’m unaware, but I’m pretty into this. She said, “Why is Trump asking the Ukrainian president about the server and CrowdStrike?” She goes, “I was head of the DNC. We gave our server to CrowdStrike and we gave a copy of it to the FBI,” and I didn’t realize that a copy of the DNC server was given to the FBI.

RUSH: How do you give a copy of a server?

CALLER: She said it.

RUSH: I’ve never heard this anyway. You don’t give a copy of the server to the FBI! There is no copy of a server. There’s a backup, and you can’t put it on a thumb drive. For crying out loud! I’m gonna have to look into this. That’s the first I’ve heard of this. I think… Look, these people just lie through their teeth, Frank. They lie. Everything they are doing today is a lie. Everything they’re saying about Trump and collusion, everything they’re say about Trump and committing crimes by talking to the president of Ukraine, they’re lying through their teeth about it all.

CALLER: It’s more than a lie. It’s propaganda — that’s what it is — and that’s worse than a lie.

RUSH: Well —

CALLER: It’s purposeful propaganda.

RUSH: Have it, of course, your way. That’s fine, fine with me. All I’m telling you is that what they’re saying is not the truth.

CALLER: I agree.

RUSH: And if that…? Copy of the server? Does Donna know what a server is? Nobody says you give a copy of the server to anybody! I mean, CrowdStrike didn’t even get a copy of the server. They came in and examined it! The bottom line is the FBI was refused when they asked to examine it, and they said, “Okay. No big deal.” Has the FBI ever come to your house, Frank, and wanted to investigate you for a crime? If you say, “No, there’s nothing to see here,” did they turn around and leave?

CALLER: No, I’m a white, heterosexual Italian. I would be handcuffed and walked out.

RUSH: Now, now, now, now. (laughing) I will endeavor… I haven’t heard this. You know, even though I claim to know everything that matters in events like this, I still haven’t heard this. It’s the first we’ve all heard of this. So, we’ll delve into this. We’ll dig into this. We’ll try to uncover all the deceit and the refuse that surrounds this sordid tale of the DNC server and find out if the FBI ever did get a “copy” of it. “Yeah, I sent a copy of my server to the IT department. The copy of the server they were looking at…” Nobody talks this way. Donna Brazile doesn’t know what a server is versus the laptop. Well, she may now.

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