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RUSH: Hey, do you remember the so-called SALT cap, passed by the Republican Congress in 2017 along with the Trump tax cuts? Congress set a cap, or limit, on the State and Local Tax deductions that individuals could take on their federal tax returns.

Liberals were outraged. They said Republicans came up with this “cap” just to punish Democrat states, with their high state and local taxes. Since blue-state residents couldn’t deduct those taxes anymore, taxpayers would start pressuring Democrats who run their states to lower their taxes. It’s unfair!

Four states — New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Maryland — sued! They argued Congress had no right to limit state and local tax deductions, because it was an evil plot to force these blue states into changing their tax policies. It was unconstitutional and mean-spirited, they said.

Well, on Monday, a federal judge rubbed salt into liberals’ wounds. A district judge dismissed the suit, ruling that the blue states presented no “constitutional principle” preventing Congress from imposing a cap on tax deductions. The Republican Congress acted within their constitutional authority.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo — the brother of Fredo — says his state is going to evaluate their options for an appeal.

But for now, liberal rage and liberal ideology took a back seat to the law. It was a rare good day for justice.

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