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RUSH: Here is Ann, Morristown, New Jersey. Great to have you. I’m glad you waited. Hi.

CALLER: Hi. I’m gonna take you off speaker, Rush. Hold on one second.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: Better to speak… (garbled) I just want to say before I make my remark that I’ve been… (garbled)

RUSH: Uh-oh. Did we lose the connection when she took us off the speaker? Are you still there?

CALLER: (static)

RUSH: I know you’re still there. Ann, just pick up the phone and talk to us.

CALLER: OK. Can you hear me now?

RUSH: I do, yes.

CALLER: Okay. I was for Donald Trump before he even announced his candidacy. I think he is the only man that can do what’s necessary for this country at this time. And I am so infuriated, so sick of being attacked, so sick of my vote not counting I just want to know how these Democrats sleep at night — and take a paycheck from us, from we, the people — when they have not done the business of the people for three years now.

RUSH: You know, that… Hang on, now. That actually is an interesting question. I’ve often said — I don’t hide the fact that I am complaint naive about many things. My naivete is rooted in my optimism, and my naivete is rooted in the belief in good manners and respect for others and all that. So I’ll admit it. Now, I don’t ask that about Democrats because I know them. They don’t care about that. They don’t even think that way. They’re just power mad, Ann.

It’s all that matters to them. But I’ll tell you who I do ask this of — and it’s just as ludicrous, but I’m gonna admit it anyway. Do you realize that all of…? I mean, literally 98% of all journalism and everybody in it is corrupt? In unison, they are corrupt. It doesn’t matter what newspaper you read or what network newscast you watch or left-wing website you read, they are identical. They report the identical stories when it comes to political news, Washington and foreign policy news.

Now, they do different profile puff pieces on different people. I mean, they differ in those ways. When it comes to reporting what we consider the news every day — and there isn’t any news anymore, because there isn’t any journalism. But every one of these people… In my naive existence, I ask myself, “Do they not know what they’re doing? Do they know that they are lying? Do they know that they’re making it up? Do they know that they are parroting?” Because I’m somewhat in the same field. I could not do what they do.

I couldn’t join a massive club like this where the objective was to think and speak and write identically to everybody else in the field. And then I ask, just in a professional way, “Why wouldn’t I want to stand out? Why, when 98% are off in the same direction? There’s a gold mine for me to stand out and find other things, maybe the contraindications of this story and really make a story.” But that doesn’t happen! There’s not one of these people that ever goes rogue. And then I get to the substance of it. What they’re doing is they are literally — and it’s nothing new.

It’s part of their existence since journalism first was invented. They destroy people. They literally set out to ruin people! And they do it with no guilt and no conscience whatsoever. And so whereas you’re asking yourself how these Democrats can sleep at night, I don’t, ’cause I know exactly what they’re doing. And I know what journalism’s doing, too, but I’m just telling you I can relate, because I ask myself how in the world can every one of these people – let’s just take one, CNN or MSNBC.

Have they no heart whatsoever? Are they all missing souls? Do they not have a soul? Are they that cold? They are openly, happily, wantonly attempting to ruin not just Trump, but everybody in his family and everybody in his business universe and everybody that has any kind of relationship with him. Not something I could do. I can understand it, I can’t relate to it.

But yet there’s not a single exception to it. Every one of them. And how many of them know — the examples are just too numerous to mention. Just the New York Times, for example, their fake bombshell yesterday where they said that Trump had told Barr to call the president of Australia, the president of Ukraine to get to the bottom of the investigation, as though it’s some gigantic bombshell. Trump publicly said back in May that he wanted Barr to do this. He’s not hidden that. There’s nothing surreptitious about it.

So whoever is at the New York Times literally made this up, or else they don’t know. Now, that’s hard to imagine. People in the news business do not know that Donald Trump publicly asked Barr to get to the bottom of the hoax and to find out who started it and when and how. He’s made no secret of it! They run a story yesterday making it look like: “Trump privately and secretly and illegally asked the attorney general to do investigations of people. It’s not his job as president. He’s outside the Constitution.”

None of it’s true. Now, does everybody at the New York Times know this? And if they do, then what they are actively doing is seeking to personally, not just professionally, they are personally trying to destroy and ruin another human being and everything that he’s ever done.

Now, these are the people who tell us that they are the exclusive owners of compassion and that they are the ones who have understanding and tolerance and big hearts, that they are kind. As opposed to us conservatives, who are mean-spirited extremists, racists, sexists, bigots, and all of that. So I do ask myself, how is it — we’re talking, folks, around this country hundreds of people who are behaving as robots, automatons.

They literally all say the same thing. Their attacks on Donald Trump are practically verbatim. They run the same stories saying the same things within the same timelines. And it does kind of amaze, surprise me that there isn’t one of them that hasn’t, after three years, looked at themselves in the mirror and said, “What I’m doing here is inhumane. What I’m doing here, I’m peddling lies, I’m involved in character and human destruction.”

It boggles my mind that there’s not one of them that doesn’t feel some kind of guilt. It must be that there isn’t a one of them that thinks that’s what they’re doing. They must all believe that they are virtuous torch carriers trying to save whatever. But it does boggle my mind. I know journalism, the way you climb the ranks is you find some powerful person where you’re doing your job and you destroy them. That gets you noticed by big journalists at the Washington Post, the New York Times, the Boston Globe or whatever. That’s SOP. Take out powerful people.

But now Democrat, leftist powerful people are immune, and you become as a journalist in league with them. But aside from all that, just the human side of this, what these people are doing — and there’s not one exception. Do you realize how cynical you have to be to say, “Yeah, it makes perfect sense to me. This is what journalism is.”

The last thing they’re concerned with is truth, and yet they’re journalists. The last thing they’re interested in is fact, and yet they’re journalists. In their minds they’re journalists. You and I know that they’re not anymore, but it still boggles my mind. You ask it about the Democrats, and I ask it about — of course, the answer to this is, they’re all Democrats. Just some are in the media, some are in House of Representatives, some are in the Senate, some are in think tanks. You know the drill.

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