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RUSH: The homeless situation in Democrat-run California is out of control. Thousands are living in squalor on the streets, which are lined with tents as far as the eye can see — in downtown LA. In San Francisco, tourists need maps to avoid piles of human feces. (That’d be “poop,” for those of you in Rio Linda). In addition to being a haven for drug addicts and the mentally ill, California has declared itself a “sanctuary” for illegal aliens — who also get free health care paid for by citizens of California.

And now, the state has enacted an education policy that will make California schools even worse than they are now. Governor Newsom signed a law preventing schools from suspending students for “willful defiance.”

Here’s what this means: California kids in grades four through eight can tell their teachers and administrators to kiss off! They can willfully defy them. If students want to talk on their cell phones, mouth off, disobey dress codes, or act out in other ways, it’s not a problem. They will not be and cannot be suspended.

Why? Because disciplining students in school is racist, you see? The disciplinary system was biased. Too many minority students were suspended! So the liberal answer to this is to get rid of suspensions.

California is where anything goes, except plastic straws. A liberal paradise — of the left, by the left, and for the left — and where normal people are S.O.L., unless they step in one of those piles of poop!

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