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RUSH: There’s something interesting about this impeachment inquiry, ladies and gentlemen, because they are doing it in the Intelligence Committee. One of the things Trump said, by the way, is that Adam Schiff should have should be charged with treason. Now, you think, “Well, wuh, wuh?”

Well, Schiff is out there as the chairman of a committee, the Intelligence Committee, openly lying about the president’s phone call with the president of Ukraine — and he lied about it again today in his joint press conference with Pelosi. He literally said that the president told the Ukrainian president to “create dirt,” to “make it up, as much as you can.” When the Republicans finally called him on it, Schiff said, “Well, I was just engaging in parody. I’m sorry it wasn’t seen.”

Well, look, you have the sense of humor of a snail. Nobody thinks anything about you is funny, Pencil Neck. It wasn’t parody, anyway — and, if you have to tell somebody that you’ve just done parody, it was very bad parody. It was not parody. It was an attempt to purposely misstate and mischaracterize the words and the actions of the president of the United States. They’re trying to create the illusion that Trump is a mob boss and he was ordering somebody, “Make up dirt or else we’re not gonna give you the money — or worse.”

None of what they are saying happened in that phone call did, and we’ve even got Never Trumpers now all over Fox News, “Well, this phone call is very hard to defend. I wouldn’t want to have to defend this phone call. If I were the Republicans, I wouldn’t want…” There’s nothing hard to defend about the phone call! You just don’t want to defend it! You know, Fox really ought to change the name of the network from the Fox News Channel to the Fox Never Trumper Network, because that’s who’s getting the highlights, and they’re bringing in Democrats like Donna Brazile.

What do you mean, “The phone call’s hard to defend”? The phone call’s not hard to defend, and Trump isn’t hard to defend! But if Trump is hard to defend, what about conservatism, you Never Trumpers? Can you defend that? Do you not understand that conservatism’s under assault? You may not be because you’re renouncing conservatism to sidle up with these guys that you don’t want to be criticized by. So you’d rather be friends with these nincompoops on the left than have to defend your own side and defend your own beliefs!

These Never Trumpers can’t even defend their own beliefs because Trump happens to hold them. So they can’t defend basic conservatism because Trump is implementing it, and they so despise Trump for whatever inane reasons that they can’t even defend what they always have believed! Can’t defend the phone call? The only way you can’t defend the phone call is if you happen to believe the way Adam Schiff characterized it. There is nothing against the law in asking for help in pursuit of corruption!

There is a joint treaty between the United States and Ukraine signed by Bill Clinton back in 1999. You could say, if you wanted to go this route, that Trump was simply enforcing and behaving according to the law. We have a mutual treaty to investigate corruption with Ukraine, a joint treaty between the United States and Ukraine. But everybody knows what Trump was doing on that phone call. This is another thing. Trump was asking the president of Ukraine for help in the ongoing investigation into what they tried to do to Trump in 2016!

That’s what Trump is seeking. Let me get something in the Stack here. There’s a story from way back in 2017 that I have been holding on to. I had it yesterday and I’ve moved it. I’m sure it’s back to the back of the Stack. Just bear with me a minute here, folks, as I dig this thing… Yes! Yes. It is a story from Politico, and it ran on January 11, 2017. Do you know the significance of that date? Off the top of your head, Mr. Snerdley, what’s significant about January 11, 2017?

(interruption) It’s 10 day before Trump’s inaugurated, okay? Kenneth Vogel and David Stern are the Democrats in the media that wrote the story. Headline: “Ukrainian Efforts to Sabotage Trump Backfire — Kiev officials are scrambling to make amends with the president-elect after quietly working to boost [Hillary] Clinton.” Now, I have been holding this story for just this day. When the Never Trumpers come out and say, “We can’t defend the phone call! I wouldn’t want to have to defend the phone call. It is clear as a bell what Trump was asking the president of Ukraine to do.

Let me read this headline again: “Ukrainian Efforts to Sabotage Trump Backfire — Kiev officials…” For those of you in Rio Linda, Kiev is the capital — and it’s also the name of a very good dish of chicken. “Kiev officials are scrambling to make amends with the president-elect after quietly working to boost Clinton. Donald Trump wasn’t the only presidential candidate whose campaign was boosted by officials of a former Soviet bloc country.” What a lying, stinking open!

Trump’s campaign was not aided by Russia! But remember, this is January 2017. We’re in the heat of Trump-Russia collusion here. God, this stuff makes me mad, and I see a bunch of people that just don’t even have the courage to defend what they’ve always believed in their whole lives. “Donald Trump wasn’t the only presidential candidate whose campaign was boosted by officials of a former Soviet bloc country. Ukrainian government officials tried to help Hillary Clinton and undermine Trump by publicly questioning his fitness for office.

“They also disseminated documents implicating a top Trump aide in corruption,” that’d be Manafort, “and suggested they were investigating the matter, only to back away after the election. And they helped Clinton’s allies research damaging information on Trump and his advisers, a Politico investigation found.” Whatever happened to this story? Let me sum it up for you. All during the campaign, Ukraine is working to elect Hillary Clinton while we’re being told the Russians are trying to help Trump!

The Russians weren’t trying to help Trump. The Russians try to sabotage whatever goes on in this country no matter who’s running for what office! But Ukraine was working with Hillary as Russia was working with Hillary to undermine Trump! Trump blew it all up by winning! “A Ukrainian-American operative who was consulting for the Democratic National Committee met with top officials in the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington in an effort to expose ties between Trump, top campaign aide Paul Manafort and Russia, according to people with direct knowledge of the situation.”

I remember us talking about this back then. Nobody else did. Politico runs this story, and it runs and appears in a vacuum. Nobody touched it — and this research that Ukraine was helping Hillary dig up? Some of it ends up in the Steele dossier! So Ukraine and Russia are working with Clinton to undermine Trump, all the while we’re being told that Trump is being aided by Russia.

This headline is unmistakable: “Ukrainian Efforts to Sabotage Trump Backfire — Kiev officials are scrambling to make amends…” Now, the president of Kiev at the time that this all happened in 2017 is gone. They’ve had an election. There’s a new Ukraine president. Trump was calling to congratulate him on his victory! As part of the congratulations… We’ve read the transcript of the call! I’ve shared it with you!

After thanking the guy, after congratulating the new president, “Hey, I got a favor for you,” and that’s when he mentioned CrowdStrike, and that’s when all of this blew up because CrowdStrike and Fusion GPS are two of the entities that hold the keys to this entire sordid affair.

CrowdStrike and Fusion GPS are where we are going to find the involvement of the FBI, or lack of. It’s where we’re gonna find how all of this actually manifested, where the tentacles originate and then how deeply interwoven they ended up being. Tentacles aimed at sabotaging Trump.

So Trump’s got the president of Ukraine on the phone congratulating him, hey, would you help us? We’re trying to track down what happened here. I got Joe Biden and his son, you could look into that, but when he mentioned CrowdStrike he’s asking the Ukrainian president to help in the investigation that Barr has begun, Barr and Huber, to uncover exactly how this whole thing began investigating Trump.

It’s not hard to understand. This is why the Democrats want to mischaracterize it, why they want to steer people in a misdirection move away from it, and why they’re lying through their teeth about Trump telling the guy to make up dirt! He didn’t ask anybody to make up dirt! There are 20 people monitoring this phone call! It’s absurd to even address this as something possibly serious.

But the Never Trumpers, “Oh, that phone call’s hard to defend.” It’s not hard to defend! All you have to do is put it in a little context, and the call makes perfect sense. It’s what anybody who’s being railroaded would try to do. These people think Trump’s being railroaded. He’s just supposed to stand aside and let the process of being railroaded take place. And if he ends up being railroaded, he’s supposed to leave quietly.

That’s the way the Democrats play the game. You get targeted, they’re gonna railroad you, they’re gonna throw you under the bus, you’re supposed to stop and stand aside and let them do it, and then after they succeed, you’re supposed to leave quietly and apologize for causing them all the trouble. And that’s what Trump doesn’t do. He doesn’t stand aside, he doesn’t let their process play out with any attempt to stop it.

He pushes back. He doubles and triples down on ’em. And they go berserk. These are the people trying to hide their corruption. If there’s a cover-up going on and a whistleblower around, Trump’s the whistleblower. They’re doing the cover-up, Schiff, Pelosi, Clapper, Brennan, Comey, McCabe, all of those people, Fusion GPS, CrowdStrike, that’s the cover-up. Hillary Clinton, these people are desperate for you never to learn what they did. That’s why Trump is a never-ending target, why he’s gonna always be a target because focusing on him ostensibly, supposedly prevents the focus on them.


RUSH: Here’s Carlsbad, California. Beautiful place, by the way. David, great to have you on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Yeah, Rush, hi. I’m honored to talk to you, pal.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: Hey, yes. I was… You said something earlier. You said, “If they were to take out Trump, where would we go?” I kind of wonder where an aspiring politician or businessman who has all these presidential aspirations and hopes and dreams, where is he or her? I mean, Trump has to pass the baton on, and they’re not gonna take him on in this. So if I had these dreams of being president, I would be out there championing Trump’s cause each and every day, because there’s 60 million people out there who are gonna clamor and wait and hope for someone like a Trump after Trump. If that doesn’t happen, you know, the whole thing just dies out like it did after the Reagan Revolution (crosstalk)…

RUSH: So your point is you’re not seeing anybody. You’re not seeing that person. You wonder where that person is.

CALLER: Exactly. I mean, Pompeo looks like he has the guts, but he can’t say anything ’cause he’s a cabinet member. But you have, like, a Ted Cruz who admitted he wants to run again, right? He wants to run, be president. Well, the easiest way for Ted Cruz to be president in 2024 perhaps, would be to go out there and be there every day. Be Trump’s guy, ’cause Trump doesn’t forget, because Trump is loyal to a fault, and if you’re out there championing Trump’s cause and making favor, currying favor with the 50 million voters, the voters aren’t gonna forget either. The voters are gonna want to find someone like a Trump to vote for. So you could be out there, you could be a Rubio, and all of a sudden you’re out there and you’re Trump’s best friend and you’re Trump’s biggest supporter and you’re garnering all this (crosstalk)…

RUSH: Okay, so let’s cut to the chase. Why is that person not surfacing, then, in your mind?

CALLER: They’re all dirty. The existing ones are all part of the deep state and they’re all dirty. So we’re waiting for someone else to rise up like a Trump did, and hopefully that will happen (crosstalk)…

RUSH: No. Wait, wait. I’m listening to your theory. If your theory is right, these people should already have surfaced.

CALLER: (silence)

RUSH: There should be the next wave of people who want to continue what Trump’s doing, making themselves known by virtue of massive public obvious support for Trump. It’s a good question. It’s a good question. Why isn’t it happening? There have to be people. There have to be! There have to be people who now that Trump has shown the way, want to do it. A lot of people want to be president. Look, we know one of the obvious answers.

(chuckling) This is scaring so many people out of politics, what the Democrats are doing to Trump. I mean, you probably are right that there are any number of people who would love to pick up the mantle, who would love to take the lead, to now follow the path that Trump has blazed here. But how many of them are saying, “You know what? I do not want to have to put up with what he’s putting up with,” and until such time…

Until such time as it can be demonstrated that these people can be beaten — meaning the left, the media, and all that — you’re gonna have, I think, a lot of reluctance on the part of people. This is a really good question, folks. It’s almost along the same lines of, “Where are the Republicans who don’t even want to be president just supporting their party? Where are the Republicans that are launching back at the Democrats for this? Where are they?” I don’t care where you find them — House, Senate, think tank, Big Business, wherever — where are they?

Where are they? They didn’t show up when Biden was engaging in all this sneaky behavior with his son, and they knew it was going on. But the real question is, “Where are they?” Okay. Even if they don’t want to defend Trump, do they want to defend what they believe in? Or are they afraid to because they think there’s no way to separate them? “Look (sputtering), if I look like I’m supporting Trump, I’m gonna get killed.” The Never Trumpers obviously just… In terms of having people on your team who are gonna fight for what you believe, they are showing that we can’t count on them.

They have been blown. They have been blown to smithereens and sky-high now in terms of having any leadership characteristics about them at all. But still it’s a good question. You would think that America right now would be filled with people who want to do what Trump did, following in his footsteps. Now, I don’t mean exact copies like businessmen who’ve never been in politics. I’m talking about people who like you and I believe a thousand percent in this agenda, and now that Trump has blazed the trail, showing that you can do this from outside the traditional career of politics.

Where is this group of people that want to get in on the good times action here? And the answer is multifaceted, and I think dominated by no desire to go through a daily anal exam like Trump is. So we’ll see. At some point, somebody’s gonna surface. You have to know he’s right, the caller’s right. There have to be all kinds of people out there, because life is filled with copycats. It’s filled with them. It’s filled with everybody who thinks they can do it better. No matter who does something great, in whatever field, there’s always somebody.

In a country of 300-plus million, there’s always somebody who thinks they can do it better. Don’t care what it is. There’s always somebody who doesn’t just sit there in awe of what’s being done. They sit there and say, “This isn’t anything. I could do it even better.” Where are those people? No, this is something, actually, I want to explore further.


RUSH: Just saw a little tweet here from Paul Sperry. Apparently, the Drive-By Media is reporting that they’re very “offended by Trump’s ‘crude & unpresidential’ remarks about Pelosi wasting time on ‘bull[crap]’ & Schiff not being able to carry Pompeo’s ‘jockstrap.'” They think that’s very “unpresidential” lingo, and they really think Trump should be ashamed, and they hate Trump, and they despise Trump. Of course, “when [Bill] Clinton was using a cigar as [an impregnation method with an] intern,” they didn’t give a whit, did they?

In fact, they told us that was none of our business. (interruption) Why? Do you object to that language? I thought it was… (interruption) I thought that was… (interruption) Well, it was classily stated by me. (interruption) How else am I gonna say it? When I say, “Clinton was using a cigar with an intern,” I mean, who knows what people think? You’ve got to go as close as you can — in as classy a way as you can — to describe what happened. The point is, when he was using the cigar on the intern, they didn’t care about that. “It’s none of our business! It didn’t get in the way of him doing his job.”

Here’s another thing. How many of you have seen the video of the out-of-control beverage cart at O’Hare? I think it was at O’Hare. It was. O’Hare, ORD in Chicago. There was a little commuter jet, it looked like to me, and the beverage cart had bottles/cases of water on it, and there was no driver. And all of a sudden, the thing goes berserk. And it starts doing circles, and these guys are just standing around watching it. And it’s getting real close to hitting the airplane. If it had hit the nose of the airplane, the fuselage, that plane would have been grounded and off into maintenance for who knows how long.

There would have been tremendous amount of damage. One quick-thinking guy on the maintenance crew went and got in a tow vehicle (the kind of thing they attach to the nose gear and push it back from the gate or tow it in) and he rammed the tow cart into the beverage cart. He turned it over, turned it over on its side, stopped it in its tracks. One guy! One fast-thinking guy on the ground crew got in that tow vehicle and just rammed the out-of-control beverage cart, and Donald Trump tweeted about it.

Trump tweeted about it. He said, “Great job, just in time!” Now, a guy at Townhall wrote about this. He said, “This seemingly random tweet shows why so many Americans like and relate to the president. He is unfiltered. He enjoys life and enjoys the American people. He talks just like a normal person and does not seem to rehearse anything he does. Most Americans connect with him not because of his politics, though his policies are certainly underrated … but because of his cultural commentary.

“They ether find him entertaining, or are enamored by what he finds entertaining,” and this guy thinks it’s little things like this that Democrats will never figure out, that Trump makes an instant connection. Everybody saw that video, and everybody was praising the guy that got on the tow cart and stopped this thing that was out of control — and Trump tweets and praises the guy. Just like Trump says that Schiff can’t carry Pompeo’s jockstrap. It endears him to people.


RUSH: Here is Ollie in Muskegon, Wisconsin. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. First-time caller. I just wanted to give you an example of the mischaracterization and outright deception that’s going on by Pencil Neck Schiff and the Democrat reporters out there. Did you know there’s 540 words between the mention of the missiles, the Javelin missiles and the prosecutor that Biden got fired in the transcript?

I’m reading the transcript right now. And there’s 540 words the president talks about other subjects and the Ukrainian president talks about how he wants to work with the United States. And it’s only after the Ukrainian president says that he wants to personally guarantee President Trump that any investigations will be done openly and candidly that President Trump mentions the prosecutor that was shut down and how unfair that was.

When you listen to the reporting on the TV and the radio and Adam Schiff, it seems as the next words out of the president’s mouth after the Javelin missiles were mentioned is the firing of this prosecutor, and that’s far from the truth.

RUSH: Okay. Well, 500 words a lot of words.


RUSH: I mean, even for Never Trumpers. You know, by the way, folks, I had to clarify. Never Trumpers may not know what a jockstrap is, talking about the Pompeo thing. I will have to think about whether or not to clarify that.

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