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RUSH: This is Dan in Middleton, Colorado, and it says up there you’re very frustrated, that you don’t think you’re ever gonna see the single day where a single Democrat gets in a single bit of trouble for anything they’ve done. Is that pretty much right?

CALLER: That’s correct. Rush, I just want to say, “Miracles do happen,” but to my point, we’ve watched for three years. We’ve heard people like Jim Jordan, Devin Nunes, John Solomon say they’ve got conclusive evidence. They’ve got sworn testimony, affidavits, documents, this, that, and the other thing. And no one, not a single person, has ever been brought to justice. They took Paul Manafort in the dark of night on bogus charges, and he’s still in a prison in solitary confinement.

If I wasn’t a conspiratorialist, I’d believe that this is all for show. Because is it possible that this runs so deep that many, many Republicans will be caught up in this, too, because I don’t think it has to do with just Trump being in office and colluding with the Russians or the Ukrainians. I think he has the power to look into all kinds of things, and it could expose half or three-quarters of Washington, and nobody wants to be, you know, put behind bars and taken out of power.

So, I don’t see how it’s possible that not one person isn’t made an example of, of Comey or Strzok Smirk. Take them, indict them, and change the media narrative for these people and what they’re being arrested for. It would take this whole thing off of the front page and focus on this one individual or another individual. But nobody in three years has ever been indicted? Something doesn’t smell right.

RUSH: No. But look. (sigh) Let me attack this from a couple of different ways. The first thing you said when you started listing the names of people who have, as far as you’re concerned, assured you that they’ve got the goods, and it’s only a matter of time before it call closes in on these bad guys. I know. You been hearing it for three years. So have I. The big difference between you and me, in this case, is that I have never believed it. I’m not criticizing you for believing it. That’s what you were supposed to do. That has been the point of it. But I never did. Now, why didn’t I? Because Republicans do not behave this way! Did the Republicans ever conduct hearings into Biden —


RUSH: — when this was going on and when they ran the Senate?

CALLER: They don’t.

RUSH: They don’t do this. You’re exactly right. They don’t go after people this way. The Republicans look at it as winning at the ballot box and nowhere else. My second thing to you here is that even if everything you say is true, it still doesn’t mean that all is lost. There still are elections to win, and that is —

CALLER: Oh, I don’t doubt that he’s gonna win, and I would never —

RUSH: I’m not talking about just Trump. I’m talking about getting the House back and maintaining the control of the Senate. Those things have to happen, too.

CALLER: But if they don’t have the winning mentality that you always talk about, what does it do us any good to have the House? We had the House when Trump was elected —

RUSH: Well… (chuckles)

CALLER: — and they fought ’em on every single piece of legislation. That’s why I believe they don’t want him in office, either.

RUSH: Oh, well, there clearly are a lot of Republicans in that camp. Look, I’ve tried to be as honest with people as I can about the makeup of the Washington establishment, and I’m not looking for cover here. I’m just trying to remind you. I’ve countless times warned everybody that it’s both parties. Inside this establishment — this club, this deep state — the party IDs are just to identify who the leaders are and who the sycophants are, but they’re all members.

It’s all pay-to-play. Washington… If you really want to know truth here, if you ask me, the problem is the way the whole town operates.


RUSH: The whole town is pay-to-play! The whole town — and a lot of people stand to be exposed if some people are exposed. And it’s clear that nobody wants to be exposed. Look, I’m getting further away from your point. I’m not trying to talk you out of your point. It’s frustrating as hell! I agree with you a hundred percent.

CALLER: Well, Rush, why wouldn’t Trump hold a national address to the nation and state his case? He’s the master of the media!

RUSH: ‘Cause you can only do it once. You better make sure that when you do it, it works. He’s gotta wait for Barr. He’s gotta wait for what he finds. They have to have a case that is impenetrable. They have to have a case with evidence and documented reams of proof for what they’re going to say. Otherwise, the entirety of the Washington establishment is going to be arrayed against them led by the media. (sigh) Look, this is too easy to say and sound like a cop-out, but it really is not.

I’m just trying to recite what the reality here is. One of the problems is that there are still way too many people who think the media’s a referee. Way too many people think the media is the referee. Therefore, they still believe what the media says, even though the media’s reputation is declining and the amount of respect they have is declining. You and I know the media is the Democrats, the media is the opposition, the media is on one side.

But a lot of Americans still think the media is the referee, that they’re objective and that they’re calling it as they see them. That’s why the Democrats have such favor in public opinion in these things. Plus, they can monkey with their own polls. So whatever Trump and Barr have planned, I’m sure timing is going to be a factor, and I’m sure that… It’s gotta be airtight when they do it because of the amount of opposition that will rise up against it.

CALLER: Yeah, well, I can say this. I don’t know any Trump supporter that isn’t digging her heels in deeper and deeper. I haven’t lost one ounce of support for him, and I think it’s growing with it, and I hope that what you’re saying —

RUSH: I do, too.

CALLER: — and what I’ve been believing, there is gonna be a wave in 2020 that will… They think they were shocked in the first election? I think this is gonna be something to behold.

RUSH: I do too. I agree. I think by the day that there are millions and millions of people seething with rage over every new development here that is nothing more than yet another hoax and phony attempt to destroy the guy they voted for — and not just destroy him. They know it’s about destroying them and what they believe and the chances for what they believe to be represented in the country at the highest levels. There’s a lot at stake here.

I… (sigh) I’m down to 30 seconds here and I’m trying to be cogent in 30 seconds. I understand your frustration that it appears they get away with it. There’s doesn’t seem to be any way of stopping what they do. There’s no… They never seem to get punished for it, other than losing elections now and then. They’ve always had the judiciary to back them up and not lose ground policy-wise even when they lose elections. But now… Look, we will continue this. I’m sure others are gonna weigh in on it. I appreciate the call, Dan.


RUSH: Now, let me expand on something I said to the first caller, ’cause I kind of wish some of the stuff hasn’t happened. But he said he’s been listening to (and he listed some names)… He mentioned media people like John Solomon. He’s been listening to Jim Jordan, Devin Nunes. He been listening to a whole lot of people for three years, and they have claimed that they’ve got all of this evidence that is gonna bring the house down on all these people.

“It’s coming! Breaking news tonight! We’re gonna let it all out!” It goes on for years, and there’s never any resolution to it. The hammer is never dropped. The walls never close in. But the claims that it’s all gonna happen continue. And I said to him, “Well, the difference between you and me and I’ve never believed it, and you have.” I was not criticizing him for believing it. He was supposed to. That’s the way it was presented. Now, why didn’t I believe it? I don’t know, folks. Just… Who can explain it? It’s just my gut. I just don’t…

They may have the evidence. We all know who did what here. And there already is evidence for it. We all know that Trump didn’t collude. We all know what the people that made it up said and how they did it and how they implanted spies. But before making official legal cases with that you have to have it backwards and forwards incontrovertible witnesses, evidence if you’re actually going to charge people and take them to trial and try to get a conviction. You know, doing all this in an actual court is much different than doing it in the media.

And while I have never doubted anything I’ve told you about what these bad actors are doing from the dossier to Comey to the FISA warrants to now Schiff and the phony whistleblower complaint, in one sense, all over the place is just politics too. And you ask, “Why doesn’t anything ever happen to the Democrats?” Because nobody ever charges them with anything. The Republicans simply don’t behave this way. The Republicans run the Senate right now. The Republicans had control of the Senate for some of the Obama administration.

They could have done to Obama what is being done to Trump now. They could have held hearings on what Biden was doing in Ukraine. Biden was bragging about it! They could have held hearings on whatever was going on with China and with Iran, a number of things. They just didn’t. It’s not the way they do business. Why, I can’t tell you. I don’t know. I’m not in their business. I guess it’s not in their system. They understand their role is of the permanent minority — even when they win the Senate or win the House for a while — in terms of membership in the Washington establishment.

It all, to me, comes down to… You ask me, “Well, then why does this stuff matter to you if nothing can be done about?” ‘Cause I think ultimately the way things are going to happen is by winning elections. I just… I had somebody call and ask me a couple weeks ago, “What do we do with what we learn listening to you? What do we do with it after you taught us and told us about it and we believe it? What do we do with it?” I said, “You do what I do. Tell other people! The objective here is to inform as many millions of Americans as possible for the purposes of winning elections.”

That is how we have input. That is how we exert control. That is how we do whatever we can to assure that there’s accountability for these people. We don’t work in the Senate. We don’t run committees. We’re not lawyers there. We’re not part of that establishment. So we can’t do what we think they ought to do. All we can do (and it’s not all, it’s a powerful thing) is keep winning elections and outnumber them! Elections have consequences. Do you realize none of this would be going on if the Republicans had kept the House?

Elections have consequences, folks. It’s what ticked me off about so many damn Republicans retiring. Fifty-fe of them retired, going into 2018 midterms. Why? Well, the excuse was, “Well, they’re losing their committee chairmanships and they don’t want to go back to just being an average member.” Fine. So you quit and you basically turn the House over to the Democrats. It was predictable this was what was going to happen. If the Republicans had busted their ass like Trump did and tried to hold on to the House, this wouldn’t be going on today right now.

Well, I take it back. It would be going on, but only in the media. There wouldn’t be any impeachment garbage going on right now — and this impeachment isn’t real. This is just a 2020 campaign tactic. This is not a real impeachment. There are no subpoenas. Nobody is compelled and forced to go up to Schiff’s committee and talk. They’re even doing it in private! That’s why they chose the intel committee, so they can do it in private. They don’t have anything! They don’t have any impeachable offenses!

They’re working behind closed doors to continue to make stuff up, and then they pass it off to their buddies in the media. The reason this is happening is because we lost the House. The Democrats are who they are! It doesn’t matter a hundred years ago or 50 years ago or 25, they are who they are. If you give them power, this is how they’re gonna use it. Republicans do not use power this way, as Trump is evidencing. Trump is using his power to make things better. He’s trying to invest in the country, fix the economy, health care, you the name. The Democrats don’t do that.

The Democrats are trying to get rid of all opposition so that they can then rule autocratically, so that they don’t have to be beholden to elections. Anybody who says there’s no difference in the two parties is missing it. There are a lot of similarities — pay to play, loyalty to the Washington establishment first and foremost. But in terms of government philosophy, there’s a huge gap between the two parties. The Democrats want to eliminate us as a viable opposition. They don’t want to have to win elections. They don’t want to have to contest them.

They don’t want to have to deal with debating and winning in the arena of ideas. They are autocrats and dictators, and they want to be able to impose whatever they believe on the country. Republicans want to do it with mass public support so that it has legs, so that it has real substance to it, so that it has a foundation for its existence, not just the result of Stalinist- or fascist-like tactics. It’s a huge difference.

But none of that can happen if you lose elections. So we go into the 2018 midterms and I’m hearing, “It’s the pattern. Well, you know, Rush, the first midterms, president always loses seats.” Why? Why do we have to go there? Why does that have to be the case? {” Well, it just is, Rush. It just is,” and because that’s the rule, 55 Republicans quit! Fifty-five! We wouldn’t have lost control of the House if 55 Republicans had stayed. Look, the way the Democrats are behaving is the way they have my entire life. It’s just more intense and worse now, but it’s the same basic approach.


Absence of opposition as the desire.

No wish to have to govern by winning idea arguments.

They just want to be able to implement and control things.

We are not that way. So you can sit there and you can say, “Well, Democrats aren’t going to jail for what they did.” When have they ever? Winning elections is the key to this. It’s why I’m doing what aim doing. You know, people ask me, “Why do you do what you do?” I’ve got a whole bunch of reasons. I love it. I want to be the best at it. I want to have the biggest audience for business reasons, and I also want to change the country. I want to help the country.

Doing all of these things is why I do this, and informing the American public is encompassed in all my objectives, including winning elections! You may think, “That’s not enough anymore, Rush! These Democrats have to go to jail.” Folks, if that is going to be the sole determinant of whether or not we’re winning or losing, then we’re in trouble. That would be akin to saying, “We’re not gonna really win, Rush, until the media supports it.” Well, you can forget ever winning if that’s what you think winning is.

You give Democrats control of these committees in the House or the Senate, and this is what they’re going to do with it! When you make them non-committee chairmen, when you keep them the minority on every committee, all they can do is bellyache and whine and moan and do all of this in the media — and they do, and the media makes it look like they won. The media makes it look like they’re the dominant ones. The media makes it look like that they are the majority. But they aren’t when they lose. When they lose, they lose.

And the only way any of this would be going on if the Republicans had won in 2018, is if there were a bunch of Republicans who thought Trump should be impeached too. But they wouldn’t have been chairmen of any of the committees. So don’t fall for the notion that winning elections doesn’t matter or that it isn’t important. It’s not gonna send people to jail necessarily. It’s not gonna convict people you know who have committed political crimes, but it is going to keep them away from the kind of power they thirst for.


RUSH: I kind of feel like my old buddy that I told you about earlier in the week who sent me this email. “Rush, why all the defeatism? I don’t understand all the defeatism. It’s imploding on the Democrats. Trump’s numbers are going up. The time is almost up for the Democrats.” I feel the exact same way. This is imploding on the Democrats! It’s not going at all the way they had it planned! None of it is! They haven’t hit the bull’s-eye yet on any of this!

I know Manafort’s in jail and I know they railroaded Flynn. There are people trying to deal with Flynn and get him out of the problem here. But that should also be an eye-opening education as to what we’re dealing with here and who these people are! They don’t deserve power. They don’t deserve to win.


RUSH: You people… I’ll tell you, you people present challenges. Here I am, I’m feeling good today about the way things are going, and then we go to the phones. “My God, Rush, nothing’s going right! None of these people are going to jail. Manafort’s in jail. What are we gonna do?” I feel like my buddy that sent me the email. “Why all the defeatism?” Folks, I’m just gonna tell you right now. I don’t determine winning or losing by how many of them go to jail or how many of them get charged or anything.

I do that because I think it’s being realistic. I’m not look at that. I’m looking at winning elections, I’m looking at sending these people packing. I’m look at taking committee chairmanships away from them. I’m look at them becoming the minority, the electoral minority. That’s the objective. I can’t put anybody in jail. I can’t charge anybody with anything. I can’t make anybody charge anybody with anything. I can’t make anybody put anybody in jail. You’ve gotta manage expectations.

I’m not saying don’t think positive. I can’t tell you why, but I’ve got faith in Bill Barr. I think those people going nuts over what Barr’s doing. I think they’re panicking. I think half of this, if not more of all this, is because they’re scared to death about what Bill Barr’s gonna come up with. They know what Barr’s gonna come up with. They know that the they did it. They know they engaged in all of these lies. They know they manufactured a bunch of phony evidence. They know that they’re in the process here of not getting away with it.

If Barr comes up with it in a way that could be presented to the American people to snake ’em. And they’re afraid to death he can. They’re trying to discredit Barr now. They’re calling him rogue. They are doing everything they can. They’re claiming what Barr’s doing is engaging in a conspiracy theory. That’s a surest sign they’re scared to death by it, and I think they ought to be. I think the walls are gonna eventually close in on these people. But to me, even if they don’t in a legal sense, it doesn’t mean we lose a thing.

We have to win elections. Trump has to get reelected. I told you yesterday we’re the real targets. We’re the ones that make Trump possible. We’re the ones that elected him. We’re the ones that stand in opposition to them every election. We are the ones that really threaten their quest for power as they seek it. How many times…? I’ve gone deaf… No, I already did that. I’ve gone blind talking about how they hate conservatives more than they hate terrorists. They hate us more than terrorists, folks, because we’re a direct threat to their power.

They’re not worried about Al-Qaeda. They’re not worried about ISIS. They’re not worried about any of that. They’re worried about us. We are directly in their way in their quest to amass total, unquestionable, can’t-do-anything-about-it power. Trump is an extension of their disgust for us. You know what they say about conservatives. You know they lie and impugn. On every issue — guns, life, you name it — they hate us, because we are the direct threat to their power, to their acquiring it, their acquisition of it, to their quest.

Al-Qaeda doesn’t stop ’em. ISIS isn’t gonna stop ’em. Little Kim Jong-un and his nukes? They’re not afraid of that. They don’t care about that. They care about us, and right now, they hate us. And they hate talk radio, and they hate Fox News — although there’s becoming less and less reason for ’em to hate Fox News, but still they do because they are smack-dab in their face in the way of acquiring what they really want which is abundantly clear how they want to use their power.

Do not doubt me when I tell you that their aim — the way they would define ultimate victory and peace — is no us, absence of opposition. The only way to prevent that is to keep winning elections, and then if some of them end up being charged and convicted? Fine. Icing on the cake. But it’s not the immediate objectives. That’s something that would happen after winning a bunch of elections, if you ask me. But we still have… As I look at the call roster, we still have some people who want to weigh in on this.

Here’s Trump. By the way, Trump is having a good time. Trump is feeling it, I think. I think Trump is feeling up and is happy, and I think Trump is very happy to be the only guy out there talking about issues that matter to the American people. The Democrats have totally abandoned that. They’re so caught up in getting rid of Trump, now I think they’re just trying to prove to themselves they can do it. I think that is what this has become. They thought they were gonna get rid of Trump before the election.

The Access Hollywood video? They thought nobody would vote for Trump! Hillary was a slam-dunk, landslide winner. Nope, sorry. Didn’t happen. So now they have to get rid of Trump during the transition. Sorry, didn’t happen. Now Trump gets inaugurated now here comes the Russia collusion thing which actually got started in the transition. They’re doing everything they can to try to get Trump thrown out of office. They fired the best they’ve got! They haven’t made a dent.

Trump is still there. He’s still happy, still getting up implementing his agenda. They’re beside themselves that they can’t get rid of this guy! You know they can get rid of any Republican they want to any time they want. They just unleash the media on whoever they want to get rid of and that’s that, and they’ve unleashed the media on Trump like they have never unleashed on any Republican before, including Nixon. And they can’t get rid of him, and they are frustrated as all hell. They can’t understand it!

I think the quest now to get rid of Trump is as much to show themselves they still can as for anything else

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