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RUSH: Here’s Marcel in Conway, New Hampshire. Great to have you, sir. You’re up first on Open Line Friday. Hi.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. Quick question for you. I’m curious. When witnesses get questions by Waters, Schiff, and Nadler in a derogatory manner, why can’t that witness just refuse to answer until asked in a professional manner or even say, “Until I’m asked in a professional, polite manner, I’m not gonna answer your question?”

RUSH: Well, there is this little thing. Congress can send to you Siberia if they want to. Contempt of Congress, it’s called, and if you show… Look, they can sit up there and be the stupidest people on earth, they can insult you left and right. If you dare treat them even 1% of the way they treat you, you are guilty of contempt of Congress and they can penalize you — and depending on how mean they are and how serious they are, they can severely punish you.

CALLER: Yeah, who’d want that?

RUSH: Who would want…? Well, I mean, most people wouldn’t. So he sits there and they take the abuse.

CALLER: (chuckles) Oh, man. That’s a rough game.

RUSH: See, this is a real guy. See, this is a great question. Great. This is a real-guy question, and you can extrapolate this. “How come Trump can be so mistreated, how come Trump can be so disrespected and so forth?” Same thing. So you have witnesses that Congress calls ’em up there and they’re insulted. They make a 30-second or one-minute speech before they ask the question. The speech impugns and criticizes the witness, and then they ask the question and the witness says, “Thank you, Congressman, for that brilliant question.

“I’m happy to be here and answer it.” What the hell! You just were insulted. Why don’t you tell ’em to go to hell? Oh, can’t do that. You tell ’em to go to hell, and they’re gonna take you to congressional hell. And this is classic. People watching this stuff ask: Why do these clowns get away with treating people this way? So when Trump fires back at ’em, this is exactly what people want everybody to do. And this is stuff inside-the-Beltway minions are never gonna notice. I’m glad you got through with that question out there, Marcel. I gotta go.

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