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RUSH: “EPA Lowers Boom on San Francisco for Violations of Clean Water Act.” You think it’s a Republican-led city? You would be wrong. It’s San Francisco. “The Environmental Protection Agency issued a notice Wednesday accusing San Francisco of violating the Clean Water Act…” What? A bunch of liberals who care more than anybody about cleanliness? Yeah, with the poop piles all over the streets and the homeless littering public venues.

“San Francisco is struggling to maintain its sprawling sewage system, allowing ‘substantial volumes of raw and partially-treated sewage to flow across beaches and into the San Francisco Bay,’ EPA spokeswoman [said]. EPA’s regional director representing San Francisco noted that sewage is overrunning the city in some areas.”

The most liberal city in America (Seattle’s a close second) has a clean water problem, a big clean water problem. This is Nancy Pelosi’s home. This is Senator DiFi’s home. Christine Blasey Ford lives nearby. Same persons stinking up the House with a phony, staged impeachment inquiry’s own city is being stunk up with raw sewage.

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