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RUSH: By the way, do you remember in the past six months or so, maybe not that many, maybe three months, do you remember all of the just seemingly out of the blue attacks on Mitch McConnell? I mean, from people that in a normal day may not even know who Mitch McConnell is. He’s the Senate majority leader. Do you think half of Hollywood knows who the Senate majority leader is without being told?

And yet here come these massive attacks on Mitch McConnell. I think we know why. I’m gonna tell you something, folks. I think that the Achilles’ heel for the Democrats in this whole impeachment hoax has been turning it over to the unhinged Pencil Neck. They have allowed Adam Schiff to run this operation. It isn’t Nadler. Nadler is just another committee chairman out there that’s offering a backup effort.

But they’ve literally put all of their eggs in Pencil Neck’s basket, and he’s gonna catch all of them up in his series of lies about the whistleblower. How early before the whistleblower he was aware of the whistleblower; how he walked the whistleblower through the whole process; how Schiff assured everybody Trump would never release the transcript of the call thereby never blowing the game.

Adam Schiff has this fake, soft-spoken, so-called sober and judicious veneer. It masks a poisoned hatred that this man viscerally, personally has for Donald Trump. So they’ve turned the impeachment hoax over to him. They thought he could hide behind closed-door winks and nod disclosures on the intelligence committee, spoon-feed his distorted slants of events to the media without cross-examination.

But I’ll tell you this. If — and it is highly likely that this happens — if Pencil Neck and his staff did in fact strategize and coordinate with whistleblower 1, and if he lied about it, then he was gonna ultimately be investigating himself and will be questioning himself and his own lies and his conflict of interest, because that’s what it is, putting Schiff in charge of this has led to a gigantic conflict of interest.

There is nothing bipartisan about the inquiry. There is nothing objective about the inquiry. This is a total conflict of interest by a person with a personal visceral hatred for Trump who is running a farce that is going to be blown up. Adam Schiff is a plotter. This guy has been plotting like they plotted the Kavanaugh attacks, and what is he investigating? He’s investigating so-called plotting. Yeah, Trump plotted with the president of Ukraine to investigate Plugs Biden and his son Hunter.

Well, guess who’s the real plotter here? It’s Adam Schiff! Once he pulled the trigger on this Pelosi had to back him. I think we’ll never know, and Pelosi will never say, but I will bet you in private that Nancy Pelosi ruse the day that she believed what Schiff told her about all this and let him run with it because now he’s the face of it.

And they couldn’t have chosen somebody who has more conflicts, who is more dishonest, who is more irrational. I mean, the open faced lying about the testimony of Kurt Volker last week is easily refuted with a transcript of his testimony. And there were people in there who heard the testimony. They are called Republicans.

I don’t know what it’s like to be these Republicans, but I can guess. I would imagine that there is so much frustration with Schiff getting away with all of these blatant lies about the Volker testimony to the committee. Knowing that the ultimate target here is a couple of Republicans in the House, a couple Republicans in the Senate.

So this is why I think Schiff needs to be exposed because Schiff and his efforts are the primary mechanism by which the Democrats are seeking to peel off some Republicans. And that’s why I think their movement, their effort here is so precariously balanced, because Schiff is not trustworthy. This is the guy that got caught lying about the contents of Trump’s phone call from his chairman’s chair, the House Intelligence Committee, lying through his teeth. When he’s caught, “It was just a parody.”

So what the Democrats want is a couple of Republicans in the House and Senate, and then they want a long trial. They don’t care. They know that Trump’s gonna be acquitted, a long trial, bipartisan. The illusion is that Trump did it. The illusion is that he did collude with Russia, he did try to bribe and blackmail the president of Ukraine, even though there was never a quid pro quo. And this is what Volker adamantly told Schiff and his committee last week. There was no quid pro quo.

In other words, Trump was not offering something that this guy would get if he did what Trump wanted. There was no attempted payoff. There was no attempted bribery. Did you see Debbie Dingell? This was a tweet by Ryan Fournier from three days ago. Debbie Dingell — she’s the widow of the deceased Michigan Congressman John Dingell.

The tweet is that representative Debbie Dingell, a Democrat, has just revealed that she was pressured to support impeachment against Trump. She was targeted by Tom Steyer. This lunatic billionaire who can’t let go of climate change and MoveOn.org. So Tom Steyer, MoveOn.org, pressured Debbie Dingell, a Democrat. They had to pressure her to vote for impeachment. The Democrats are the ones threatening people, not Trump. The Democrats are threatening people to get votes, just like they did with Kavanaugh.

It is the Kavanaugh operation. They’re putting all of their chips on this roll of the roulette wheel. They are determined to convince people that their Schiff-headed impeachment investigation is serious, that it is going to succeed, that they’re not holding anything back, they’re going to total war on Trump, and anything they will use, anything they can find or make up, it is now or never. Same Democrat playbook we’ve seen time and again. Most recently with the Kavanaugh hearings.

Remember when the first accuser’s accusations don’t get enough traction? Remember all the first accusers? “Yeah, he’s a drunken sloth at frat parties. Oh, my God. The guy was horrible, he was rotten, he was an arrogant, conceded guy.” That didn’t get any traction. So they had in the drawer a letter from Christine Blasey Ford, another accuser.

In the Kavanaugh case, when Blasey Ford’s claim about being held down on the bed didn’t do the trick, the Democrats moved on to another witness who said that he spiked the punch to set up a rape train. Remember this? Every witness against Kavanaugh blew up and bombed out. First whistleblower here has blown up and bombed out. Guess what? We’ve got a second whistleblower, may even be a Republican. And this one has firsthand knowledge.

And then John Brennan put out a call to the entire deep state last week saying, “If you think you’ve ever seen the president commit a crime, you have a duty to come forward.” He sent out a casting call, essentially, for more whistleblowers. So the Democrats are gonna have as many accusers as they need because they’re all-in now.

Adam Schiff has taken them all-in. They can’t turn back. That’s how far down this road they are. And it looks just like it did with Kavanaugh, which is right out of the Alinsky playbook.


RUSH: This is a story from — well, it’s one of these reader print jobs that didn’t print the links. But it’s a story on the second whistleblower. And somebody sent this to me with a question, “Rush, why does this even matter?”

Here’s the short little story. Yesterday Mark Zaid or Zaid, I’ve never heard his name pronounced so I don’t know. It’s Z-a-i-d. I’m not purposely mispronouncing it. I mean, given the cultural evolution of the country, it’s probably al-Zaid or something. But whatever, he’s the whistleblower attorney. This clown is from the Southern Poverty Law Center, for crying out loud. They’re second only to the Democrat Party in hate group status in America.

So this attorney who filed a complaint focused on the call between Trump and the Ukrainian president announced his firm is representing a second whistleblower. Zaid told George Stephanopoulos the second person, also an intel official, supposedly this time has firsthand knowledge.

It’s just like the progression of accusers in the Kavanaugh hearings. The first level accuser would say drunken blob fool. That didn’t stop it. So next they set up a rape train with the punchbowl. That didn’t work so here came Christine Blasey Ford. It’s the same thing here. The first whistleblower blown because Trump released the transcript. But now the second whistleblower has firsthand knowledge, may even be a Republican also, also is from the intelligence community. That’s supposed to give them credibility.

But it doesn’t matter. You can have 12 of these people, and it doesn’t matter what they heard. The transcript has been released. So why does the number of whistleblowers continue to expand? It’s because they’re creating the illusion to be seen or perceived by news consumers that there are countless patriots in the Oval Office who are simply shocked and saddened by what they see, and they can no longer keep quiet about it. They’ve gotta tell somebody. It’s so horrible for America.

And you couple this with the ongoing effort of these people to pick up a couple Republicans on this thing to be able to claim they’ve got a bipartisan impeachment movement here. This is their 2020 campaign move. This is it! Not drug prices. Not health care. Not illegal immigration. Not even gun control! Nothing to do with foreign policy. The entire campaign, 2020, for the Democrat Party is getting rid of Donald Trump with this illusion that it’s a bipartisan effort. They want a trial to go long so that they can continue to mischaracterize what the trial is about.

Some Never Trumpers are even out there admitting that this is what their objective is, a long trial allowing us to further this illusion and this characterization that Trump is filthy, dirty.


RUSH: Next audio sound bite is Congressman John Ratcliffe, member of the Judiciary, Intelligence, Homeland Security committees. He was on Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo yesterday, and he said that Attorney General Barr has the report on FISA abuse during the 2016 election from the inspector general and that it’s gonna be released Friday.

He said the inspector general’s testimony on Friday will shock you with respect to his investigation into the contacts between Adam Schiff and his staff on the Intelligence Committee and the whistleblower. He said, the bottom line is Adam Schiff is a material fact witness in this investigation. He shouldn’t be running it. Here’s the actual sound bite. Maria Bartiromo asks Ratcliffe — he’s from Texas — said, “Tell us what you learned from the IG’s testimony on Friday.”

RATCLIFFE: The inspector general’s testimony on Friday will shock you with respect to his investigation into the contacts between Adam Schiff and his staff on the intelligence committee and the whistleblower. And when you see the transcript and you see what investigation was performed I think any fair person is going to agree with me that Adam Schiff is a material witness, his staff are material witnesses, and the only way we can get good answers is to put them under oath about the type of contact, the extent of which they had with the whistleblower.

RUSH: Now, let me tell you what this is gonna say. We talked about it last week. Schiff did not tell anybody that the whistleblower on this Trump-Ukrainian president phone call first contacted him. The whistleblower got hold of Schiff. Collusion right there asking Schiff what’s the best way to use this to get Trump, essentially.

So Schiff walks the whistleblower through the process, sends him over probably to some lawyers on the Intelligence Committee staff to write the complaint, and then it goes, Schiff says now you take this to the inspector general. And you don’t tell anybody you came here.

Well, it’s come out that Schiff knew about this way back in August and shepherded the whole process. That’s why Ratcliffe says he’s a fact witness. This guy’s involved in the conspiracy here! And again, with the transcript released, it blows all this to smithereens anyway. I’m telling you, Schiff is the focus of this. They’ve put their eggs in his basket, and he doesn’t have the weight to carry this thing through, morally.


RUSH: Back to the phones to Salem, Oregon. Sean, great to have with us, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. Good to talk with you. Thanks for taking my call. My name is Sean, and I just had a comment regarding your opening monologue when you mentioned that you believe that for the left and Democrats — including the media — this has now become their full push and campaign for impeaching the president. You made it so succinct that it clicked, because I’ve made a couple observations recently that all the airtime… They’re flooding media. Whether it’s on your computer, internet, or it’s on cable news, they’re flooding media with impeachment.

And in doing so, they’re not giving time to their own candidates. And as a result of that, I’ve concluded in my own head that they’re pushing their chips all-in and it’s a tell. I don’t think they believe any of their candidates can beat the president. When you see that they’re sending reporters out to communities in battleground states and they’re galvanized with the president, it’s really backfiring on them, even when they’re not even giving airtime to their own candidates.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: I really appreciate the way you put that together that they’re all-in on this. But like you said, it’s not going the way that they believe it is. They’re floating stories out there now even, a former Trump executive with Trump corp said that, you know, maybe he’ll resign. I mean, they’re floating everything they can out there. Even Hillary —

RUSH: Yeah, I saw that. That, by the way… Let me interrupt you for a moment. That’s in Mediaite, and it’s a story from a woman who used to work for the Trump Organization. I think her job was shepherding the various construction projects. She was the manager. Her name is Barbara Res, R-e-s. She is quoted as saying that she thinks Trump will resign over impeachment because that’s what he does. When the heat gets too hot, he’ll quit, he’ll resign, he’ll move on. He doesn’t want this on his resume, doesn’t want this to be part of his legacy. So he’ll resign.

Yeah, that story’s out there. I saw it. In fact, I was gonna mention it later; I had forgotten it. I didn’t print it. So I thank you for reminding me. But look, one other congressman last week at the Intel Committee, this clown, Al Green, literally said, “We’ve gotta impeach the president or he’s gonna be reelected.” So they know. You’re absolutely right. Their candidates cannot get any oxygen right now. Have you seen the stories that are out there today about Fauxcahontas? They’re not good! She faked being (fired for being) pregnant in order to get a job at some school.

She said she had a bunch of family photos proving her Indian heritage, but she never produced them. These are the stories about her. Oh, and then there is the story that people haven’t forgotten that the Wall Street Journal ran about ten days ago claiming that Wall Street doesn’t want any part of her based on what her stated agenda is. These are all Democrat donors, Wall Street donors. Don’t think that Wall Street and Republicans go together anymore. They don’t.

Hollywood. Wall Street. Wealthy, political, gay individuals and companies. They’re all Democrats now. They’re all donors to Democrats, including these Wall Street fat cats, these hedge fund guys. The vast majority of them are, and they have come out in unison opposing Warren. Biden doesn’t know it yet, but he’s toast, because the scandal with him and his son is out there. Trump has made sure that it is out there.

No matter how much Chuck Todd and the rest of these guys try to cover it up and say it isn’t any big deal, any time Trump mentions it, they’re putting it in the news. Because they’re covering what Trump says on the basis that everything Trump says is insane, that Trump is a lunatic, and he’s putting it out there enough that in local newspapers, you’re starting to get pictures of Hunter Biden and his dad getting off the jet, Air Force Two, in Beijing.

This Ukraine stuff, Trump keeps bringing it up because it keeps Biden and his son — that story — in mainstream media where it otherwise would be ignored, not reported, or covered up. So, yeah, this is what they intend to do. And what put me onto this, if you must know, is I kept asking myself… Because it’s not an official impeachment inquiry yet. There has not been the vote in the House that would make this official. So all these letters that they are sending to witnesses, the media’s calling them “subpoenas,” but they aren’t.

They don’t have subpoena power because they’ve not voted impeachment yet. So, like, when they send Pompeo a letter asking him to come up, it’s a voluntary thing. There’s not a subpoena in the letter. The media is saying that he has been subpoenaed. But he hasn’t been. That’s why Pompeo can tell them to pound sand, ’cause all he did was get a letter. And he can say, “Look, separation of powers. I don’t owe you people anything about this. I’m not showing up! Screw you! (Raspberry!)”

It’d be a little harder to do that if he actually had received a subpoena. So they’re setting the stage for being able to do that vote. But now Debbie Dingell is out talking about how MoveOn.org and Tom Steyer intimidated the hell out of her, pressured her to vote if the day comes. So what that tells me is that they don’t have to unanimous Democrat supported for this in the House. It’s another reason why the vote hasn’t happened.

But, anyway, let’s say they do take the vote. Where does this end? It ends in the Senate with an acquittal. Mitch McConnell even said so. The Turtle put out a video over the weekend making it very clear even to people in Rio Linda, “Let me tell you where this ends: It ends in the Senate, where I am the leader, and that means it’s gonna die there real fast.” I’m paraphrasing. It’s what he said. They’re not gonna get 67 votes to convict Trump. So why are they gonna do it?

What is the point if at the end of it, the Senate says, “Not guilty”? Trump has been impeached, but he was found innocent — not guilty, whatever the term is. He will not be convicted by the Senate. In that sense, why do it? That gives Trump the air of innocence on all of this a few months before the election. So why do it? Well, they don’t intend for it to get to a trial. They don’t intend for it to get so far along the road that there’s an acquittal.

What they want is to pick off a couple Republicans on a vote here or there in the Senate and a couple or three in the House so that they then can spend the rest of whenever that happens to the end of the campaign claiming they have “a bipartisan effort” now to impeach the president. And that’s the campaign, in a nutshell. If they do it by themselves — Democrats impeach Trump — it’s purely partisan. Independents aren’t gonna go for it. Moderates aren’t gonna go for it. It’s gonna look like it’s a one-party sham.

All they need is a couple Republicans in the Senate, a couple Republicans in the House to vote for this and they can run around and the media, “Bipartisan, bipartisan, both parties say Trump’s gonna go.” And that will be the essence of their campaign.

They want a trial, but they want the trial to go for as long as it can so they can continue to mischaracterize and lie, House managers present their case to the Senate, a series of lies of what Trump has done with Russia, about what Trump did with Ukraine, about what Trump is doing with ChiComs, what Trump did with Hillary, Trump wanted Hillary in jail. He had the cage wire all made to put her in there and something happened, some immigrant kids ended up in there by mistake. So Hillary’s jail ended up being occupied, he couldn’t put her in jail. Whatever they want to say, because it’s not gonna be an impeachment inquiry. It’s gonna be a campaign issue.

It is the culmination of all of these failed efforts to get rid of Donald Trump and to reverse the election results of 2016. Now, don’t misunderstand. If they could get enough Republicans for a conviction they’d do it in a heartbeat, but they’re not gonna be able to do that. And what we really ought to try to do is to make sure they don’t get any.

And I think the more people find out how discredited and flimsy and bogus the actual leader of this is, Adam Schiff, it isn’t Nadler. I don’t even know if Nadler knows how irrelevant he has become to this. Pelosi will let him do his hearings, he’ll sit there and chomp away, talking about civil liberalities being violated, whatever liberals talk about.

The real action is with Schiff and the intelligence community. You know why it’s there? Because they can do it all behind closed doors where you can’t even and won’t even see what happened. Some impeachment hearing. But, see, if it goes to the Senate, it by law has to be public. Schiff cannot hide that.

So whatever they say in their cases, in the articles of impeachment that would be presented by individual house members as the lawyers arguing the case to the Senate, the Supreme Court chief justice is the judge, by the way, in a Senate trial. John Roberts of Obamacare fame will be sitting there as the judge. And they would all want out of there!

None of them wanted to be there in the Clinton impeachment. It was Rehnquist that was a judge. He didn’t want any part of it. Nobody wanted any part of it. They wanted out of there. The same thing will happen when this kicks in. And then when everybody realizes Adam Schiff made this happen, Adam Schiff is behind this? It’s gonna come out, we all know it, I can’t believe there are Republicans in the Senate who don’t.

The Republicans in the Senate who are wobbly right now believe what whistleblower’s version of that phone call is rather than Trump’s. Remember how close they got to getting a couple senators in the Kavanaugh thing? They’re just relitigating the Kavanaugh strategy, folks. One witness bombs, get another one. That witness bombs, get another. That witness bombs, bring out the big bomb. In Kavanaugh’s case, it was Blasey Ford.

In this case, it’s gonna be an endless parade of whistleblowers all reporting on the same phone call for which there is a transcript. So there will be another phone call that they will have overheard. Folks, they’re making all of this up to create this illusion that Trump is dirty and filthy, treasonous, foreign agent, friend of Putin, friend of Xi. That would be Xi Jinping, ChiCom Communist Party dictator.

I’m telling you, they are at the stage now where they’re so far in, Pelosi can’t pull Trump out or Schiff out. But Schiff’s gotten to the point where he’s gonna need to be deposed over his role in this whole thing. There’s not a single fact that’s propelling this. All that’s propelling this is the Democrats’ political preferences and desires to get rid of Trump. That’s it, in a nutshell.

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