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RUSH: It was only last week, the EPA declared that the residents of San Francisco need environmental protection. The EPA issued a notice accusing the liberals who run the city of violating the Clean Water Act.

Now, according to the EPA, there are “substantial volumes” of raw and partially-treated sewage flowing through and across the beaches and into the San Francisco Bay. There are also high concentrations of zinc and lead on the beaches. The sewage system in San Francisco is so overwhelmed with crud, it has even been flowing down the streets and into people’s houses!

So. In San Francisco today, people have to navigate piles of human feces and used needles on the streets. Homeless vagrants set up camp wherever they want. The elected Democrats who run the place give sanctuary to illegal immigrants who can then escape punishment by San Francisco juries if they murder an American walking along a pier.

Now we’ve got raw sewage and other contaminants flowing through the streets into people’s homes, on the beaches, and into the Bay. Meanwhile, the liberals who run San Francisco pass resolutions calling the NRA “domestic terrorists.” They pass laws banning plastic straws.

Now, if you decide to leave your heart in San Francisco, make sure it’s in a Hazmat suit. Especially if you leave it on the beach! Uck! Yuck-o!

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