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RUSH: Josh is on the phone from South Bend, Indiana. Notre Dame. He’s been waiting for a while. So, Josh, thank you for waiting and welcome to the program. Hi.

CALLER: Hey, how are you doing?

RUSH: I’m good. I’m good.

CALLER: You had a call last week from a guy, you know, feeling kind of the same way I did. I mean, I have a couple of points. I just now got into politics really since Trump got elected and started listening to you since then, too, like relentlessly — the news, everything. You know, last week you said something about a guy. He’s kind of pissed off or — my bad — kind of mad about, you know, the Democrats are never held responsible for anything. And, you know, we’re always being made an example of. But you had said, you know, “Well, we gotta win in the ballot box.”

Yeah, we have to win the ballot box. But maybe it’s time to change strategy a bit and go on the offense for once, because these people are just getting away with things that everybody sees as corrupt. They’re just getting away with it. So how are we supposed to win against something like that if all they’re gonna do is cheat and lie to the American people, and then you have… You know, I understand Trump at first took it slow because you have to convince enough Americans so you don’t have a civil war break out. But don’t you think it’s time that they get held responsible for some of the things they’ve been doing?

RUSH: I think it’s long past time. I’ve been thinking this since the days of Reagan, for crying out loud! But we haven’t had any —

CALLER: I’m afraid that if something happens to Trump, if he gets ran out of office or anything happened to him, it’s gonna be bad. People are not gonna stand for it in this country.

RUSH: What do you mean people aren’t…? You mean Trump supporters are not gonna be happy if he’s driven from office and might cause…? Is that what you mean?

CALLER: Well, I’m very confident that a lot of people are not gonna stand for it if he gets ran out of office illegally or falsely —

RUSH: Well, yeah, but —

CALLER: — or anything happens to him at all.

RUSH: — you said, “It’s gonna be bad.” What do you mean? I’m just trying to understand. I’m not sure I understand what you think is gonna happen.

CALLER: Well, you already see all of this chaotic stuff on the left and (unintelligible) the media, you know, puts emphasis on it ’cause it gives them air so that way they look like they’re winning and they’re more powerful in the country. But, you know, if something… You know, if something happens, I just don’t think that conservatives or people like myself are gonna stand by idly and let them remove Trump from office and —

RUSH: Okay, that’s what I thought —

CALLER: — put one of these radical socialists in there and change our country.

RUSH: That’s what I thought you meant. So you’ll take to the streets?

CALLER: I believe so!

RUSH: Yeah. Okay. Fine. I just wanted to make sure that you were talking about us doing that, not them.

CALLER: No. They… (scoffs) The stuff they’ve been doing, you know, is all —

RUSH: I know they’re already in the streets! They’re doing this stuff. They’ve been doing this stuff for years, for decades.

CALLER: Right. Well, you know, I always stayed with my head down. You know, and if something happens to him, it’s like, “What are we supposed to do against something like this?” They just keep on relentlessly going since day one, and —

RUSH: I don’t know what else you do, but I’m telling you: If you don’t win elections, nothing else you do is going to matter. Let me put it in context. I was talking about how all this crap is happening because we lost the House.

None of this would be happening if we hadn’t lost the House! Now, we can have a discussion over why that happened. The Democrats would not have the power to do any of this rotgut if we still ran the House! That was my point.

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