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RUSH: Okay, Jim in Bedford, Ohio. Great to have you, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. I was just wondering, with this whole Biden mess, we haven’t really heard from Obama. I mean, where is he? He’s not gonna back his own man on this whole escapade?

RUSH: No, he’s not going to.

CALLER: It kind of makes me think he may be in on the whole thing as well.

RUSH: Well, it’s more that a former president doesn’t get involved. A traditional, inside-the-Beltway, play-by-the-official-elite-manual president will not endorse in a field like this. They won’t endorse one over the other, even if it happens to be a former vice president someone. Only after Biden wins the nomination would Obama get involved. But don’t forget, don’t forget there’s a safety valve out there. There’s two safety valves out there.

One of them, Hillary Clinton, has been making little oink-oink noises that she’s gonna get back into this. But also out there is Michelle (My Belle) Obama. I don’t know whether she’s inclined to do it, but I’ll guarantee you there are people out there urging her to do it at some point, depending on, you know, how the rest of the primary shakes out. If her husband has endorsed one of these clowns that ends up losing? (Snort!)

Oh! One of the reasons that Obama’s not gonna endorse any of these people is because he can’t guarantee that whoever is gonna be endorsed is gonna win the nomination, and that’s not… You talk about something you don’t want on your resume? “Joe Biden — endorsed by beloved Democrat President Barack Obama — came in third in the Democrat primary sweepstakes in the final tally.” Can’t have that. Can’t run the risk. But it’s also because Michelle’s out there.

It may be a long shot but maybe she’ll pull the trigger to go, and it would look very awkward. “What do you mean, you endorsed Biden? What about your own wife?” (impression) “Well, uh, at the time, uh, it wasn’t even a factor. But now that Michelle’s in there, of course! Where do I sign up? Y’know, I’m all-in.” It’d be awkward. It’d be really awkward. But I’m glad you called.


RUSH:I guess I misunderstood.That caller was asking me why Obama doesn’t come out and defend Plugs on Ukraine? Because Plugs did it!There’s nothing to defend!I

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