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Oct 10, 2019


National Review Institute: William Frank Buckley Jr. Prize
FOXNews Poll: Record Support for Trump Impeachment
Trump Feud with Minneapolis Mayor to Take Center Stage at Rally
MDJOnline: Trump Wins Spar with Minneapolis Mayor Before Thursday’s Campaign Rally Regarding Security Costs
Twin Cities Pioneer Press: Trump Making Major Push to Turn Minnesota Red in 2020. State Dems Say They ‘Can’t Keep Up.’
FiveThirtyEight: It Took A Long Time For Republicans To Abandon Nixon
FOXBusiness: Young People are Quitting Their Jobs in Droves. Here’s Why
Daily Wire: Trump Shames NBA Coaches For ‘Pandering To China’
Reuters: Houston Rockets Nike Merchandise Disappears from China Stores
Washington Free Beacon: ESPN Uses Chinese Propaganda in TV Graphic
Breitbart: ESPN: Quick to Criticize America, Silent on China’s Real Human Rights Abuses
Phys.org: Humans Will Not ‘Migrate’ to Other Planets, Nobel Winner Says
UKDM: The Costly Reality of Owning an Electric Car: How Customers are Being Slugged $33,000 to Repair Cars Only Worth a Fraction of the Price – and Why They Can’t Travel Long Journeys
FOXNews: Two Giuliani Associates Linked to Ukraine Investigations Indicted on Campaign Finance Charges
National Review: Turkey and the Kurds: It’s More Complicated Than You Think – Andy McCarthy
Breitbart: Ukraine’s Zelensky: ‘No Blackmail’ in Telephone Call with Trump
LA Times: Tempers Flare as Millions in California Endure Power Outages from PG&E
CNN: CNN Anchor Shut Down for Asking Question About the NBA’s Standoff with China
Federalist: 14 Times American Companies Self-Censored Or Apologized To Appease Communist China
Daily Caller: People Explain Why They Think Obama Hasn’t Endorsed Biden


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