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RUSH: I got an email during the break, changing subjects now because once I’ve said something about something, there’s nothing much left to be said.

“Dear Mr. Limbaugh, you have not mentioned Trump and Turkey and Syria and the Kurds.” How do you know? How does anybody know I haven’t mentioned that? Only somebody that has listened to and not missed a moment could even think that. But that’s not the point.

The email says, “Mr. Limbaugh, the swamp is universally and hysterically against the removal of troops from Syria by Trump. It’s almost like they all have some deal where they make millions if we stay in.” They do. And let me explain to you how this works. Now, again, I’m gonna give you theory. I think what I’m going describe for you does exist, but I can’t give you names of companies, conglomerates, or what have you.

But I firmly believe that war is one of the most profitable enterprises on the planet. That’s why there’s never gonna be an end to it. There’s never gonna be peace as peaceniks desire because there’s gobs of money in war. Because in war you make money doing both things. You actually make money four ways. You make money winning and losing, you make money destroying and rebuilding.

So let’s say that you are gigantic conglomerate A, you’re an international conglomerate. You do business in a lot of places around the world, including the United States. And you have purchased a lot of influence with the Department of Defense and relative members of Congress on the House and Senate committees that appropriate money for defense. And you own lots of difference businesses. You have a construction business. You have a plumbing business. You have an arms business. You have any number other things.

And what do you need? You need for countries to be at war. You need things to be destroyed so that you can rebuild them. You need weapons made and ammo made so the destruction can take place so that you can sell the stuff. And then when stocks run dry after a big war, you need to remake and resupply all of the militaries around the world that you’re supplying.

And any time there is an end to declared hostilities, well, it can be panic inducing if you’ve got a lot of money invested in declared hostilities. So you have conglomerate A and they have spent their lives, various CEOs and all the people that work there in the executive committee, they’ve spent their lives buying influence throughout the military-industrial complex. And they operate around the world.

What happens if a company you never heard of actually is bankrolling terrorists to conduct terror attacks in some unknown little country in the Middle East, make one up just for the sake of the story. So you, as evil conglomerate A, you go finance a terror attack against the duly just government of San Cordoba.

Then you go to San Cordoba and you say you’ve heard that they’re at risk and you sell them weapons for their defense, and they buy them for you. You have funded the terrorists who are going to attack San Cordoba, and then you got San Cordoba buying military means to defend themselves. Then the hostilities break out, and the terror attack that you have sponsored takes place against San Cordoba.

You might even involve the CIA in this. You might even have as a secondary, tertiary employee a CIA agent who’s on the ground in these places keeping you informed of what’s going on, helping to spur things along. I think the web, the tentacles of operations like it is are all over the world.

So the terror attack on San Cordoba happens. And the terror attack on San Cordoba is pretty devastating. San Cordoba was not prepared for it, a lot of people are killed, a lot of things are destroyed, but the terrorists eventually leave, or they take over San Cordoba, whichever, whatever, San Cordoba needs to be rebuilt. So the people that paid for it to be blown up via terrorism are right there to rebuild it, acting as though they had nothing to do with it, by the way.

None of this is known. I’m telling you, this is all an intricately woven web of deceit. But the idea that Iran’s the only bunch sponsoring terrorism out there I think is a bit naïve, and that there’s all kinds of money to be made going to war. There are careers to be made and destroyed. You could even have some military people in your pocket. You give them the battle plans for the terrorist attack on San Cordoba, and then you enable this military guy you know to advise San Cordoba.

San Cordoba’s defense repels the terrorist attack. The general looks great and gets a promotion. Who knows, folks? This stuff is so possible, and it’s into all this that steps Donald J. Trump, claiming to end it, claiming to drain it — and what did he do? He said, “We’re gonna get out of the world.” He said, “The toughest thing that I do is sign letters to parents of young people killed in war.” He said, “It’s the toughest thing that I do — and when it happens when I can’t see any vested American interest, national interest, it makes it even worse.”

As far as Trump’s concerned, he’s just following through on a campaign promise that if it doesn’t help our national security, if it doesn’t benefit us in any way, we’re gonna get out of these places, and let these people hammer their own affairs. Now, in this case, we do appear to be abandoning our once great allies, the Kurds. The Kurds, Syria is gonna overrun ’em with Turkey and so forth. But the email is correct in that the swamp is going on bonkers over this!

The reaction to Trump pulling out, these are people that… Again, we’ve got some amazingly great, hypocritical contradictions. We got people who hate war, who hate the U.S. military, who don’t want us anywhere, complaining that we’re getting out of Syria. I’m talking about leftists who think the U.S. military is the focus of evil. There are people who ought to be standing up and applauding this, if they are consistent in their so-called military policy, national security policy.

You know as well as I do that the Democrat Party has many people on the left that hate war, don’t want any part of it, hate the U.S. military, hate military success. We also know that the Democratic Party has numerous people in the upper echelons who love it and profit from it just like anybody else does. We also know this because when Democrats are in office, wars spread. The United States was at war longer and in more places under Barack Obama than any president recent history, including George W. Bush.

(impression) “I’m gonna get us out of Afghanistan. I’m gonna get out! We’re not gonna be there long.” He kept ratcheting up our presence in Afghanistan. He got us all of Iraq and put the troops somewhere else. Iraq’s overrun. ISIS is invented and created because of Obama policy, necessitating us to redeploy soldiers and armaments elsewhere. A lot of Obama’s supporters were ticked off. They believed him that he was gonna get us out of these wars.

Well, Trump has done it, and (sigh) what are the odds these wars are ever gonna really be over? The money to be made with these wars being waged would boggle your mind. I don’t mean to be cynical about it. I don’t mean to be cynical at all. I’m engaging here in a real life truth. But this again, Trump is pulling us of you Syria — and delayed. I mean, he promised in his campaign to do this rather soon after he was inaugurated. He’s following through on it.

We’re told that this is one of the reasons Mattis resigned was because Trump was threatening to do this and Mattis couldn’t talk him out of it and Mattis was diametrically opposed to it on military and moral grounds. But we’re now pulling American young men and women out of this area where we have repeatedly been told that there’s no real U.S. national interests at stake.

It’s one of these things that a lot of people, a lot of presidents, a lot of party officials have promised to do it, but here comes Trump doing it. The fact that there is universal, widespread hysteria about this from people who normally would be leading the way out of Syria, tells me that it’s just whatever Trump does, there is going to be massive manufactured opposition to it.


RUSH: That’s what we do here. We make the complex understandable. I’ll tell you something else, folks, about Trump pulling out of Syria. There’s something that doesn’t get said much about the U.S. military. There’s a lot of great things, don’t misunderstand. But the U.S. military is largely, not exclusively by no means, but largely comprised of people from our middle class.

They’re the ones that volunteer. They’re the ones who go to basic training, and they’re the ones that deploy. They and their families are the ones that pay the price. And the military deserves all the accolades it gets, but Washington has gone bonkers over this, and all Trump is saying here is that, his words, the toughest thing I do is sit here and realize American young men and women are dying, and I don’t know what for.

It’s largely the middle class that are making these sacrifices. And you know the middle class. The middle class are called average Americans, and they’re looked at as this gigantic blob of the population, not a bunch of individuals, but just a gigantic blob. They’re only the people who make the country work in practically every which way that matters, including volunteering for the U.S. military.

The Pentagon’s probably got people in there going bonkers today, can’t believe this, you don’t pull out, oh, my God. So forth and so on, because this is so out of the accepted norms. And it’s classic Trump in that sense.

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