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RUSH: Hunter Biden’s gonna be on Good Morning America tomorrow. Supposedly no-holds-barred questioning from George Stephanopoulos. Right. (imitating Hunter) “Hunter, tell us what you think of Donald Trump.” (babbling) “Why do you think that about Donald Trump?” (babbling) “What does your dad think about Donald Trump?” (babbling) “What do you think about the Chinese?” “Love ’em. (babbling) Nothing to do with them.” “What do you think of the Ukraine?” “Never been there, don’t know what’s going on.” “Thank you for coming, Hunter. Great to have you on Good Morning America.” Think that’s how it’s gonna go?

Let’s see. “Hunter Biden Steps Down From Chinese Board as Trump Attacks.” Says it looks bad. “After months of keeping a relatively low-profile –” Low profile? The guy’s been invisible. You can’t find him. “– as Trump leveled a barrage of unsubstantiated accusations –” They’re not unsubstantiated! Trump didn’t lodge any unsubstantiated accusations at Hunter Biden or his dad, Plugs. The fact that Biden’s been hiding, Hunter has been hiding is the evidence of how substantive they are.

Anyway, the younger Biden is “publicly vowing to avoid any conflict of interest.” Too late for that, Hunter. But if it looks really bad for Hunter to be stepping down, why step down? Well, if it looks bad to do this now, why did it not look bad when his father was VP? See, this is the thing. If it looks bad now, why didn’t it look bad when his dad was VP? Because that’s when it was really bad because that’s when the corruption was at its peak.

“Hunter Biden resigns from ChiCom firm following Trump attacks.” See, Trump did it. Trump is a mean bully making all these Democrats give up everything they’ve ever stole — or earned. Everything! They’re having to give up membership in the swamp. Oh, it’s horrible. Trump is such a mean guy. Why would Hunter step down from any firm, Chinese, Ukrainian, Pay-For-Play, Inc. You know, that’d be a great company, Pay-For-Play, Inc., just be honest about what the hell it is. Make Hunter Biden the CEO, Joe Biden the co-CFO, Pay-For-Play, Inc. Put Hillary Clinton on the board.

Why is he stepping down from any firm if he didn’t do anything wrong? The Bidens are all about ethics, man. (imitating Biden) “Come on, man, come on, man, the Chinese had nothing, we don’t need to be afraid of the Chinese, come on, man, they’re not a really threat to us.” So why is his son resigning from the board? It’s a huge story. Democrat media will not go anywhere near it.


RUSH: Okay. A minor correction. It’s gonna be Amy Robach interviewing Hunter Biden on Good Morning America, not Stephanopoulos. I read that it was gonna be Stephanopoulos. Supposedly, it’s gonna be Amy Robach and it’s gonna be taped. But it’s supposedly no-holds-barred. We know there’s no such thing when Democrats are asking other Democrats questions.

When Democrats interview Democrats, there’s no-holds-barred, unless the decision’s been made somewhere to destroy the Democrat by other Democrats. That has happened. Bob Torricelli, Andrew Cuomo at a moment in time from which he has recovered, but other than that, there’s not gonna be anything embarrassing for Hunter Biden, and they’re all gonna allow it to be turned back on Trump.


RUSH: Here is Roy in Hollywood, Maryland, as we head back to the calls. Great to have you, Roy. Hi.

CALLER: Yeah, hi, Rush. Hey, I’ve got a follow-the-money kind of question.

RUSH: Sure.

CALLER: We know that Hunter Biden got a lot of money from foreign sources. I want to know if you know if anybody has checked to see if that money is just sitting in Hunter’s bank account or has any of it gone to help fund Joe Biden’s campaign, maybe.

RUSH: Well, I think that’s one of the questions that people have. You know, the money has gone into a corporate account. It’s gone into places like a consultancy or a foundation or even a, you know, sub-S corporation where then the ways that it gets disbursed, even though trackable legally, particularly if you’re talking about a corporation or a 501(c)(3), it can be made to look murky.

This is why, by the way, your question is why Plugs the other day decided to take a new tack on this. That would be the father of Hunter Biden. So he’s out there, and he’s trying to defend all this. (imitating Biden) “Telling me and everybody else that my son got billions of dollars from the ChiComs, well, where is that money? I’d like to — I mean, I got a lot of debts here. I got a campaign to finance. Where is that money?” And Plugs is acting like they don’t have it.

Well, what Plugs did was basically ask people to go find it, kind of like they said Trump was doing with Hillary’s emails. One of the things that you need to understand about people like this, Roy — I’m sure you know it — these people go to great lengths to hide the signs of or the indications of their wealth. The Kennedy family is one of the rare Democrat entities that did not have to overtly hide it. They could have the Kennedy compound. They could have any number of gadgets and gizmos and toys. They were so beloved and they did such a great job of convincing everybody that they really didn’t like being rich and they really cared so much about the poor and the thirsty and so forth that they kind of caught a break.

Most of these people hide it. And you might say, well, what’s the fun in that? What’s the fun of having a bunch of money if you can’t use it? Oh, they use it. It gets used. You just don’t see the evidence in the lifestyle. That is part of the gig. They know at least not to flaunt it when they come by it in such ways. But it’s there to be found. And that’s what an investigation would indicate.

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