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Oct 14, 2019


USA Today: Fox News Makes Plans to Replace Shepard Smith; Trump Wonders if ‘Bad Ratings’ are to Blame
Daily Wire: Goalpost Shift: Schiff Now Says There Doesn’t Need To Be A Quid Pro Quo
National Review: What Is Impeachment For? – Andrew McCarthy
UK Sun: Teenage Trump Fans Cry Tears of Joy at Minneapolis Rally that Looks More Like a Justin Bieber Concert as He Slams Pop Royalty
FOXNews: Bernie Sanders Slams Elizabeth Warren as ‘Capitalist’
Breitbart: Left-Wing Rioters Attack Trump Supporters Leaving Minneapolis Rally
Bloomberg: Hunter Biden Steps Down From Chinese Board as Trump Attacks
CBS: Environmentalists Have a New Target: Charmin Toilet Paper
New York Post: It’s Time to Stop Scapegoating Christopher Columbus
Scaramento Bee: Protesters Douse Columbus Statue in Red Paint to Decry ‘Genocide’ in San Francisco
AP: Suit Says Feds Using Immigration Marriage Interviews as Trap
Washington Examiner: ABC News ‘Slaughter in Syria’ Footage Appears to Come from a Kentucky Gun Range
UKDM: Horrific Video Meme Where Donald Trump Massacres ‘Fake News Media’ and Democrats Like Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi is Shown at the President’s Miami Resort
ProjectVeritas: On the Eve of the CNN Insider Blowing the Whistle on His Own Network…
Axios: Focus Group: These Ohio Swing Voters are Outraged Over Impeachment
New York Post: Fox News Pollster Braun Research Misrepresented Impeachment Poll: Analysis
FOXNews: Democrats Using Intel Committee to Keep Impeachment Facts Hidden from the Public, Says WSJ’s Kim Strassel
FOXNews: Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz Kicked Out of Impeachment Inquiry Hearing
Epoch Times: Mitt Romney Rules Out Presidential Run, Says Trump Reelection Likely
American Greatness: The Strategies of Targeting Trump – Victor Davis Hanson
FOXNews: Trump Belittles Bidens with Graphic Language at Minneapolis Rally, as Chaos Unfolds Outside Arena
Breitbart: Trump Holds Louisiana Rally
Townhall: No, Violent, Appalling Video Was Not Central Point of Pro-Trump Conference
LiveScience: Humans Will Never Live on Another Planet, Nobel Laureate Says. Here’s Why.


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