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RUSH:  Here is Carly in — is that Vidor, Texas? Is that how you pronounce where you live?

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: It says you’re 18 years old. Welcome to the program, Carly, I love that name, by the way, one of my all-time top-ten female names.

CALLER: Thank you so much.

RUSH: You’re welcome.

CALLER: You mentioned yesterday that there were teenaged girls at the Trump rally going bonkers over Trump like it was a Justin Bieber concert?


CALLER: Well, that was me and a group of girls that was with me. We were at the Lake Charles rally, but I’m pretty sure you were talking about us. We were right up against the rail standing right in front of the president, a little to his right, and we were screaming and jumping up and down and making quite a commotion.

RUSH: Good for you! It might have been Lake Charles. I don’t remember which one. But the story was that there were teenage girls so happy and having such a great time at the Trump rally that it looked like they were at a Justin Bieber concert. When I reported that, Carly, I had a lot of people who were listening, friends of mine, “That’s crazy. I didn’t see that. That wasn’t happening. That’s bogus. You fell for fake news.” And I didn’t think it was. And now you’re calling to verify that it might have been you.

CALLER: It was. We were up on the cover of three newspapers that I know of and the news media kept coming over there and snapping photos of us. If I had to choose between a Justin Bieber concert and a Trump rally, I’d choose a Trump rally any day.

RUSH: Way to go.

CALLER: They’re so much fun.

RUSH: So how long have you been a Trump supporter, how long you been into this, caring about it?

CALLER: During the election before he was even voted as the Republican nominee I was so into it. I’ve never been into politics before —

RUSH: Okay, interesting. So what is it about Trump that you like?

CALLER: He really connects with the people. Like I know he really cares about us. He’s saved our country just in time.

RUSH: So you don’t look at him as some old guy that doesn’t know what’s going on anymore. You see him as a contemporary with your interests at heart?

CALLER: Oh, yes, completely. He is so cool. He really is a rock star without a guitar. And I love his hair too. His hair is amazing. But he —

RUSH: No, go ahead.

CALLER: Oh, I was just gonna say he works so hard for our country and to keep us safe. I feel so much more safe now that he’s in, like he’s a big security —

RUSH: You know, wait a minute. That’s an interesting observation. You’re 18 and you have observed that he’s working so hard. How do you see that? How do you figure that?

CALLER: It’s just in the jobs he’s brought back, like, he’s draining the swamp. He worked so hard to keep us safe, like you just feel that he cares, like I can feel that he really cares for us. I feel like —

RUSH: Let me tell you what — Carly, thank you. I’m glad you called. I’m out of time, but I’m really thrilled that you’re out there knowing that you’re understanding this. If you notice, her answer was all about, when I asked her how do you get the impression he’s working hard, she starts listing off results, accomplishments. She didn’t talk about all the hours he’s out rallying and doing this. She’s talking about things that are getting done. That is very interesting to me, that that kind of thing is being observed and noted. In a good way. Don’t misunderstand.

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