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RUSH: You ever heard of the guy (I’m sure you have, I’ve mentioned his name) Mark Zandi?

Mark Zandi, Z-a-n-d-i. He’s at Moody’s. Mark Zandi is a prognosticator of some repute for Moody’s financial services, any number of analytics and data analytics. Zandi is a well-known, uber-leftist — pro-Democrat out the wazoo — and he is panicked, because this guy Zandi and his firm Moody’s, they have models that they use to forecast and predict presidential elections, three of them. And none of them have been wrong since 1980.

All of Mark Zandi’s formulas that he uses to predict presidential reelections have been dead-on accurate since 1980. “President Trump appears likely to win reelection next year, according to three different economic models Moody’s Analytics uses to measure presidential contests. Moody’s modeling, which has only missed on one presidential election since 1980…” Sorry, they’ve missed one.

They “found that Trump will easily beat his 304 electoral vote total in 2016. The three different models showed Trump winning either 289,” you need 270, “332 or 351 votes in the Electoral College over his eventual opponent. The projections are based on how consumers feel about their financial situations, stock market gains achieved under Trump and the prospects for unemployment.”

Those are the three models, and all three of them, only one time has been wrong since 1980 and they are now forecasting Trump to win either 289 or 332 or 351 electoral votes.

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