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RUSH: Here is Tim. Tim in Cascade, Iowa. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hello. How are you?

RUSH: I’m great. Thank you much.

CALLER: Great. The question is, what are the Democrats gonna do after 2020 when Trump is reelected? How are they gonna try to get him out of office?

RUSH: Just like they tried to get Nixon. They will continue on everything they’re doing here. Normally, second-term presidents immediately become lame ducks. With Trump, I’m telling you, Tim, they’re not gonna be able to stop. They’re never going to be able to stop. Even if Trump wins reelection, they’re not gonna ever be able to acknowledge that he has won two elections. They are going to continue to try to harass him out of office.

Then they’re gonna make sure his agenda doesn’t get passed. They’re gonna try to stop every judicial appointment. They’re not… One thing I know about these people is they never, ever just stop, acknowledge that they lost, behave normally, and go away or whatever. They’re gonna continue their effort to get rid of the guy just like they did Nixon after he won a landslide reelection in 1972. Do you think they’ll do something different?

CALLER: I don’t know. It’s just a cryin’ shame that they’re doing all this, not doing what the people elected them to do.

RUSH: I have mixed emotions about it. I love being able to say, truthfully, that the Democrats don’t care about you. They don’t care about these things they claim to care about. They don’t care about health care for all! They don’t care about run-amok, out-of-control health care prices and drug prices, and they don’t care about guns. Not really. And they don’t care about mass shootings, and they don’t… I love being able to say this, because right now they don’t care about any of that. One of the reasons, folks, that their debates are so substance-less.

It is why there’s no teeth! Everybody knows they don’t care about any of that right now! All they care about’s impeachment! You want further proof? The first 15 minutes of that debate were about impeachment! By the time they got to so-called Democrat issues, everybody in that room had gone to sleep. So it comes time to talk about Medicare for All and how are you gonna pay for it and the various arguments they had? It was yawn time. It was snooze time. Everybody knows they don’t really care about that right now.

So the real question is, “Well, if they don’t care about it — and if they’re so easily able to shove that stuff aside to focus on one thing, getting rid of Donald Trump — how much do they really care about it?” Because those are the issues on which people vote. But they are beating their heads against a wall trying to create a majority to show up and vote on Election Day 2020 on the idea of throwing Donald Trump out of office. “Because Trump is unfit, because Trump stole it in 2016, because Trump is a traitor.” They can’t give any of that up. It’s the most amazing thing.

They have literally taken their agenda, and they’ve shoved it aside and are attempting… This is it! What we’re watching, this whole impeachment saga, this is their 2020 campaign. That’s why these debates seem so meaningless, because everybody knows this is not what they really care about right now. This is not it. All those issues? Those issues are stand-ins for what the Democrats want in general all the time. The Democrats believe and desire bigger and bigger government. Democrats want total control of the United States government and power.

And then anything that results from that, they voice as an issue, like health care for all, Medicare for All, end of tuition debt/student loan debt, this kind of thing. Those are just the objectives, the individual magnifications of their overall desire to create a massive command-and-control socialist, government-run economy and everything else — and they’re demonstrating that by showing us.

They always tell you what they’re most afraid of — and right now, that’s Trump, and Trump is the biggest obstacle their agenda. And they have got to get rid of him before any of the other stuff can happen. So they have happily shoved the other stuff aside. They’re even willing to go on the record as gigantic hypocrites on war and troops coming home. I mean, it’s a real teachable moment to watch what is happening to the Democrats right now and their quest for power.

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