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RUSH: You know, folks, there is a sure sign that Joe Biden’s presidential campaign is tanking: Follow the money.

According to Time magazine, Biden is not raising enough cash to cover the costs of his day-to-day campaign. Time says that’s a “surprising turn” for the guy who entered the race as the Democrat frontrunner.

Biden raised $16 million dollars last quarter, but his campaign spent $18 million. He has $9 million in the bank, which may sound like a lot of money until you learn that Crazy Bernie has over $30 million in the bank, Fauxcahontas has $25 million, and Mayor Pete has over $23 million. Even the hapless Kamala Harris has more money in the bank than Joe Bite-Me.

Now, Biden has been around forever. He’s seen it all. He’ll tell you that. He’s done it all. And he’ll tell you that. He’ll tell you that he and Barack are best buddies.

So Joe obviously knows how embarrassing this is. A bunch of second-tier political nobodies like Kamala and Mayor Pete have more money than he does?

Joe, you need to take a page out of the Clinton handbook. You need to start a foundation, in China. Let it be known that you’ll remember friendly donors when you’re elected and stop flying around on the private jets.

Or, send your son Hunter out to raise — that’s it, send Hunter out to raise the money. He’s got the experience raking in cash using your name. That’s the answer.

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