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Oct 17, 2019


Breitbart: Schiff Not Worried About Impeachment Probe Hurting Vulnerable Dems: ‘Let the Chips Fall Where They May’
HotAir: Dem Leadership: Trump Had A “Meltdown” At Our Meeting Today And Called Pelosi A Third-Grade Politician
Gateway Pundit: Trump Trolls Unhinged “Nervous Nancy” Pelosi After her Public Meltdown in Oval Office!
FOXNews: Pelosi Strategy Questioned after Refusing Authorization Vote on Impeachment Inquiry
AP: Powerful Democratic Congressman Elijah Cummings Has Died
CNSNews: McConnell on Impeachment: ‘We’ll Take the Matter Up’
AP: Pelosi Says ‘All Roads Seem to Lead to Putin’
CNSNews: Trump: ‘Let Them Fight Their Own Wars’
The Hill: Democrats Have Reason to Worry After the Last Presidential Debate
American Greatness: Another Pivot on Impeachment – Conrad Black
FOXNews: Trump’s Doral Resort to Host Next G-7 Summit, as White House Defends Choice
Breitbart: Mike Pence Announces U.S., Turkey Agree to Cease-Fire in Syria
NewsBusters: ABC Edits Out Trump Embarrassing Network Over Fake Video, Still No Correction
UK Independent: Elijah Cummings ‘Signed Subpoenas from His Hospital Bed’ for Trump Impeachment Before His Death
FOXNews: IG Report on Possible Russia Investigation Misconduct is Still in Declassification Process: Source
New York Post: William Barr Explains How People Who Hate Religion Are Ruining Our Country
New York Post: Pelosi’s Impeachment Drive Is All Politics, No Law – Andy McCarthy
Townhall: Judicial Watch Believes The State Dept Spied On Conservative Journalists And Trump Allies
New York Post: Democratic Debate: Elizabeth Warren at a Loss When Pressured to Defend Fanciful Proposals


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