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RUSH: Yeah, yeah, yeah, we’re gonna get to Tulsi Gabbard and Hillary Clinton. Folks, I have to tell you something. I think this show actually got this ball rolling.

It was last Wednesday that Hillary appears on that podcast that nobody heard, nobody listened to, David Plouffe’s podcast. On Friday, this program played audio excerpts of Mrs. Clinton calling Tulsi Gabbard and Jill Stein Russian agents. This program ended at 3 p.m. At 3:12 p.m. Jill Stein tweeted her reaction to it and then Tulsi Gabbard started reacting to it.

I think Hillary’s podcast and her comments were out there for two days, day and a half before anybody knew about it because nobody listens to Plouffe’s podcasts. The Drive-Bys that reported on it didn’t do anything about it ’cause they know it’s not a good look for Hillary. So, we came blowing the whistle on it on Friday afternoon, and then all hell breaks loose! Best I see it.


RUSH: I was just watching Fox News. The place is overflowing now with left-wing commentators. I’m watching some ditz actually support Hillary Clinton’s claim that Jill Stein and Tulsi Gabbard are Russian agents. And the basis for Jill Stein being a Russian agent was that she ran as a third-party candidate in 2016, thereby guaranteeing the election to Trump. She was a Russian agent. And she’s a Russian agent now because she’s going to be running again. And Tulsi Gabbard is a Russian agent.

You know, Hillary Clinton is out calling these people Russian agents. She is the one person in the 2016 campaign with actual connections to Russia. But, folks, the woman’s losing her mind. And I think it happened a while ago. But the election of 2016 sent her over the cliff with Paul Ryan’s grandmother. Obviously something has gone seriously, terribly wrong in the cranial cavity of Hillary Clinton. Russian assets? Russian agents? Tulsi Gabbard?

And then the New York Times publishes it and alludes to it? The degree to which Donald Trump has rendered some of these people — I wish there were a lesser word than “insane” to convey, but they clearly have been so emotionally, intellectually sent off balance, off kilter – and they’re not even willing to try to hide that or cover it up.

This whole Russian thing was made up anyway. Hillary Clinton is the architect of Trump being influenced by and in league with the Russians. You know what I think did it? Let me find it in the Stack here. I think what did it was in that phone call with the Ukrainian president when Trump mentions CrowdStrike, that has sent these people over the edge. That is the most recent thing that has caused all of this, all of these people to go nuts. And it’s because CrowdStrike, I think, is one of the key ingredients in the whole Trump-Russia collusion thing.

Now, here’s the story as best I know it. The DNC server is hacked, supposedly — you know that has not even been proven that the server was hacked? It could have been an inside job. And I’ll tell you why. There was data from that server, the DNC server, that ended up off the server. There were logs on that server, as there are with any server, the activity is logged. And the data that was taken from that server, the transfer speeds were much faster, much higher than any internet connection could achieve.

I mean, even some super-secret, super fiber connection that we don’t know about, the transfer speeds were the equivalent of what you get when you plug in a thumb drive and transfer data from a hard drive on a computer to the thumb drive. That’s lickety-split and there’s no internet connection comes close to it, and that’s the log speed with which the data was transferred. That’s what argued for inside job.

Now, CrowdStrike is who produced the data. CrowdStrike was called in by the DNC — it’s a local firm. They are run by a Ukrainian, a guy the whole lives in Ukraine, a Russian, who hates Putin! I forget this guy’s name. The CrowdStrike CEO and founder despises Putin, lives in Ukraine. Supposedly the DNC server was moved out of Washington to Ukraine where it remains today. The FBI has never examined it forensically or otherwise.

The DNC, Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz would never let anybody. CrowdStrike did the analysis and they told everybody the Russians hacked into it. And then WikiLeaks started publishing Podesta’s emails and allowed them to lie that those emails came from the DNC server. They didn’t. They came from Podesta who got suckered by a phishing attack.

By the way, just as a public service, there’s a pretty good phishing attack going around. If you get an email from Dropbox telling you that your credit card’s expired. Don’t click the link. That’s not how it would happen anyway. If you get that go to your Dropbox connection on your internet and check your account status if you want, but do not click the link.

The one I got, “Your credit card is expired. You better get this fixed before your service renews in November.” I don’t have a credit card that expires in November or today or in this month, at any rate. And I checked the “send” address and it was pretty close to Dropbox. Don’t fall for it. Podesta fell for one of those. And that’s how his emails ended up in the public domain, not from the hack of the DNC server.

So when Trump is talking to the president of Ukraine he mentions CrowdStrike. That was a clear indication he was asking for assistance into the investigation into him! That’s when these people have blown up. That’s when McRaven, all these military guys went nuts — and I’m gonna get to that here in a jiffy. And now Hillary has gone nuts, everybody’s a Russian agent, that’s why she lost. Tulsi Gabbard is a Russian asset, and Jill Stein’s a Russian asset.

Now I’ve got these Democrat ditzes on Fox defending Hillary Clinton for this on the basis that Jill Stein could well be Russian because she runs as a third party knowing she’s not gonna win, taking votes away from Hillary as a Green Party candidate. So you’ve got people willing to put their own reputations on the line to try to avoid the conclusion, anybody else coming to the conclusion, that Hillary Clinton’s gone nuts. I think that happened some time ago.

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