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RUSH: Some lingering items here from the Stack of Stuff. A story in the New York Times: “As Homelessness Surges in California, So Does a Backlash.” (gasping) What’s that, you say? A backlash against homelessness in California? There’s one thing you need to remember.

Whenever we discuss the politics of California, and it is that the Republican Party has no fingerprints on anything political in California for the last 15 years. So whatever the politics of California have created and delivered, you can’t find a single Republican responsible for it.

“Insults like ‘financial parasites’ and ‘bums’ have been directed at them, not to mention rocks and pepper spray. Fences, potted plants and other barriers have been erected to keep them off sidewalks. Citizen patrols have been organized, vigilante style, to walk the streets and push them out. California may pride itself on its commitment to tolerance and liberal values, but across the state, record levels of homelessness have spurred a backlash against those who live on the streets.”

What? You mean Californians are becoming intolerant and impatient with the less fortunate among us? Are you kidding me? California’s protected, beloved left wingers?

“Gene Gorelik, a property developer in Oakland and an aggressive critic of the homeless, recently suggested luring the thousands of homeless people in the San Francisco Bay Area onto party buses stocked with alcohol and sending them on a one-way trip to Mexico.” (gasping) No! Say it isn’t so! A California liberal had that idea?

“’Refugee camps in Syria are cleaner than this,’ he said in an interview at a fast-food restaurant in Oakland that overlooks a homeless encampment. Homelessness is an expanding crisis that comes amid skyrocketing housing prices, a widening gap between the rich and poor and the persistent presence on city streets of the mentally ill and drug-dependent despite billions of dollars spent to help them.”

You know what? What happened to those billions? Honestly, billions and billions, $1 billion, you know how much that is? With a billion dollars you could probably give every homeless person in that state at least a shopping cart if not an entire studio apartment! Billions and billions and billions, and where is it? And how, after all of that money, is the number of homeless expanding geometrically?

Well, there’s an answer to all of this. It’s very simplistic, probably not very persuasive. The answer is liberalism. That’s how you explain all of this stuff that doesn’t work. It’s how you explain all of this corruption. Liberalism is a foundation. There are various spokes that come from that wheel that further divide the meaning of liberalism, but that’s the root of it.

When you get down to it, the left in this country is unmatched in problem creation. They go out, they create these massive problems and claim they’re the only ones that have solutions. And their solutions end up exacerbating those very same problems. And, as I say, there’s not a single Republican responsible for this expanding wasteland populated by the homelessness that now even Californians want to put on party buses with never-ending supplies of alcohol to get ’em to Mexico.

It’s a national story. This is the New York Times writing about this, not the LA Times, not the San Francisco Chronicle. What’s never mentioned about California’s human wasteland is that it worsened while Donald Trump delivered historically low unemployment paired with significant wage increases all around the country without the help of a single Democrat!

Everywhere Donald Trump isn’t — and he isn’t in California because they specifically and purposely counter and override every policy he comes up with — everywhere he isn’t America is in the tank. California’s become a utopia for rats and flies and that’s about it.

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