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Oct 22, 2019


Daily Wire: Schiff Pressured Witness To Say Trump Pressured Ukraine To Investigate Biden, Report Says
RealClearPolitics: Pompeo: “Adam Schiff Ought To Be Embarrassed By The Kangaroo Court He’s Running”
USAToday: House Republicans Complain About Limited Access to Closed-Door House Impeachment Investigation Sessions
The Hill: Graham Backs Trump: ‘This is a Lynching in Every Sense’
New York Times: They Are Not the Resistance. They Are Not a Cabal. They Are Public Servants. Let Us Now Praise These Not-silent Heroes – Michelle Cottle
UK Guardian: Why We’re Rethinking The Images We Use For Our Climate Journalism
Washington Times: University Dumps Professor Who Found Polar Bears Thriving Despite Climate Change
NBC: Power Blackouts Likely Again for Hundreds of Thousands of Californians This Week
NPR: California Can Expect Blackouts For A Decade, Says PG&E CEO
Wall Street Journal: Youth Suicide Rate Increased 56% in Decade, CDC Says
New York Times: Democrats Slow Impeachment Timeline to Sharpen Their Public Case
UK Guardian: Doubting Death: How Our Brains Shield Us from Mortal Truth
CNN: Democrats See Impeachment Proceedings Taking Longer Than Some Initially Expected
Daily Wire: Trump Destroys Fundraising Records, Rakes In $300 Million For Re-Election Campaign
Breitbart: Donald Trump: Impeachment a Democrat-led ‘Lynching’
CNN: Donald Trump’s History on Race Makes His ‘Lynching’ Comment Crystal Clear
The Federalist: Why Washington D.C. Compulsively Lies About Donald Trump – Mark Hemingway
NewsBusters: CNN’s Toobin: I ‘Regret’ Covering ‘Big Nothing’ Clinton Emails; ‘Very Likely’ Cost Her Election
New York Times: As Homelessness Surges in California, So Does a Backlash
Gizmodo: NASA Needs New Strategies to Protect the Solar System From Earthly Contamination, Report Finds
American Greatness: Who the Hell Do They Think They Are? – Angelo Codevilla


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