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RUSH: Now to Wilmington, Delaware. This is Claire. Great to have you. Hi.

CALLER: Hi. Thank you for taking my call. Very quickly, I homeschool my kids, but I wanted to take some time out of my busy day to counteract some of the fake outrage by the Democrat Party against Trump’s source for the word “lynching.” One of them even said it’s offensive that someone of your color would use that word against people of my color. And I want to share some history.

Between the 18 and 1900s, around 4,800 people were lynched. Almost 30% of them, 1,300, were white. But wait a minute, now, they were white Republicans whose pictures had been circled on sheets distributed out to the Democratic Party who were active members of the KKK. The first motion picture ever shown in the White House was in 1910 called Birth of a Nation by Woodrow Wilson. It was about the Ku Klux Klan saving the South.

That’s all it was. And it was also Woodrow Wilson who was responsible for eliminating many of the blacks in his administrative office. It was Teddy Roosevelt, a Republican, who brought in Booker T. Washington to help reverse what Woodrow Wilson had done. So to me it seems that — and I’m not a Republican. I’m independent.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: The Democratic Party, though, has not changed in over 200 years. The same party that harassed blacks day by day because they were black is the same party harassing Trump. The same party that gave the mock, you know, wink-and-nod trials to the black people are the same ones giving this fake mock trial to Trump.

Now, I am a conservative, although I’m not a Republican, but just like I could be persecuted if I were to wear a Trump hat, a Trump shirt, or a Trump bumper sticker on my car, I’m just like a black person in the days because just because of my association of what I believe, just as they were black and had black skin, they were jumped and persecuted and, you know, discriminated against. So am I.

So, as far as I’m concerned, black people and conservatives have more in common than we know. And I’ll make one last point. I do agree Trump shouldn’t use the word “lynching,” but for a very different reason than the Democrats are clamoring about. I personally think the Democrats should trademark the word lynching, since it is their word. They performed them so many times, it really should be a word only associated with them. And that’s my point.

RUSH: All right, Claire. Thank you. Thanks very much. I’m glad you called. This kind of illustrates — I said I was irritated earlier, this is one of the things that irritates me. The entire news cycle has been given over to the fact that Trump referred to himself as being lynched. The whole news cycle! Now, why?

The simple answer is that word is not permitted to be used except by Democrats describing things that happened to modern-day African-Americans. Anybody using it outside of that is going to be pummeled and destroyed. And this is a microcosm of what’s happening. The government has the free and open use of that term and anybody outside the government cannot use it. We’re gonna use it to destroy somebody. It’s meaningless!

In the big scheme of things, everybody knows what Trump is saying. That he’s being targeted, that there isn’t any evidence for what they’re doing to him, there never has been any evidence, no president’s been through this. He is being set up. They are attempting to kill his presidency and wipe him out. They want to ruin him and his family and his business and they want to reverse the election results. If that’s not a lynching, I don’t know what is.

But he can’t use the word. The fact that he used the word is now the entire news cycle today illustrating yet again supposedly why Donald Trump is not qualified to be president because he doesn’t know the official language of government. He doesn’t know what he’s permitted to say and what he isn’t permitted to say.

Grab audio sound bite number 21. This is how it happened. This happens to be a sound bite from Kevin McCarthy, who is the minority leader in the House of Representatives for the Republicans. He is one of Trump’s most ardent defenders, and even Kevin McCarthy had to bow down to the pressures and admit that this is a word Republicans cannot use.

MCCARTHY: That’s not the language I would use. It’s very clear that what the Democrats are doing here does not have due process, is not fair in the process, it’s not something that this House has done ever in the past. I don’t agree with that language. Pretty simple.

RUSH: Don’t agree with the language? So you have to let everybody know that you don’t agree with the language, even though you admit, Mr. McCarthy, Congressman McCarthy, exactly what a lynching is is what’s happening. Just can’t use that term. “I wouldn’t use the word. I wouldn’t have said it that way.” Yeah, ’cause you don’t want these people coming after you.

Clarence Thomas said it. Said he was the victim of a high-tech lynching. He stood behind it. “Well, yeah, Rush, but he was black. He can say it.” He’s a conservative black, he can’t say it! He was supposed to sit there and take it. He was supposed to sit there and say nothing as they lied about him and Anita Hill! But he pushed back on it. And he forced a bunch of Republicans senators who otherwise would have let him hang to defend him.

If Clarence Thomas had sat there like he was supposed to and just taken it, not caused any waves, that was supposedly the route to confirmation, he’s sitting there watching every accomplishment in his life be destroyed, sullied, misrepresented, he is watching his family, everybody he loves also being attacked, he’s watching himself being lied about repeatedly on national television during confirmation hearings to be a justice on the biggest court in this country and he’s just supposed to sit there and take it.

And that’s exactly right. When the government starts talking about you, you sit there and take it, and you’re in the minority. You don’t push back. And of course Donald Trump doesn’t follow any of these rules, does he? Donald Trump blows up every imaginary government rule there is. Every imaginary establishment rule of decorum, of speech, of behavior, Donald Trump just doesn’t obey. He just doesn’t abide.

For that reason, we’ve got to say, “I wouldn’t use the word lynching.” What I wouldn’t do is make a big federal case out of it and make the whole news cycle about it. You want to hear the definitions for lynching? I bet a lot of you think you know what a lynching is. Two definitions. To lynch, a verb used with an object to put to death, especially by hanging, by mob action and without legal authority.

It doesn’t say anything about race here, folks. Does not say a thing about race. Doesn’t say a practice used by Republicans in the past to kill African-Americans. That’s not the definition. But you see, it is. It is the definition. When the Democrats say somebody’s being lynched, what that means is the Republicans are discriminating against an African-American! That’s what the word has come to mean. And anybody who doesn’t use it that way is gonna get called out. But in the definition there’s no mention of race, there’s no mention of Republicans, there’s no mention of Democrats.

Now, let’s look at the next definition, “lynching.” The origins of lynching are disputed. Some claim that it’s named for captain William Lynch, the head of an informal tribunal in Virginia in 1780 that punished suspected British loyalists during the American Revolutionary War — whoa, whoa, whoa. There’s nothing about race there. You mean to tell me that Americans who were sympathetic to the crown, white Americans were lynched in the late 1700’s? Yes, my friends, not a word about race here.

Again, in this definition, there’s no Republicans killing innocent blacks via hanging at the nearest tree in the apple orchard. But that’s what everybody has grown up thinking a lynching is. Others claim that the name lynching comes from a different Virginia active around the same time, Charles Lynch, who is also associated with a lynch law similarly connected to the suppression and incarceration of British loyalists.

The city of Lynchburg, Virginia, likely named for his brother John — well, we’re talking about the word being created in 1780. Not one mention of blacks, Republicans, the Klan, trees, tree branches, orchard, none of that. Yet “lynch” has become a word wholly owned and operated by the Democrat Party. It means one thing and one thing only, and you cannot use it any other way. If you do, you’re gonna be called out and you’re gonna made a fool of. You’re gonna be an object of derision for an entire news cycle.

Now, were African-Americans lynched? Yeah, nobody’s denying that. But it wasn’t an exclusive. The point here is that they’re just adding this to the list of reasons that Donald Trump has to go because he does not know the language of government, he does not know the language of Washington. He is offending us. He is offending our sensibility. He can’t even speak like we do. It’s so much ado about nothing.

But it fulfills a media objective, and that is to advance their made-up definition, their sole, exclusive definition, which then gives them the opportunity to point out that Trump’s obviously a racist, that Trump has no compassion, Trump has no sensitivity, Trump has nothing in common with blacks, who does he think he is? Which is the way they’re covering it today. What an ogre. But in any definition of the word, a variation of it is happening to Donald Trump, and every day, since the election of 2016.


RUSH: How many of you know when and where and what was the largest lynching in the history of America? I’ll guarantee you that 99 out of a hundred of you do not know what I’m gonna tell you. The largest mass lynching in American history occurred in New Orleans in 1891. The people lynched were Italians.

This happened after the assassination of the police chief, David Hennessy, in New Orleans. They were suspected of being Italian mobsters. New Orleans actually is the origin of La Cosa Nostra in the United States. It isn’t New York. The largest mass lynching was of Italians, or Italians if you’re from Wisconsin.

Now, of the lynchings that occurred that everybody thinks happened, most Americans think the only people that were ever lynched in America were poor African-Americans in the south in the Antebellum days. Well, that truly happened. There were blacks that were lynched.

Who did the lynching? It was an organization called the Ku Klux Klan, largely, and who were they? The Ku Klux Klan was essentially the army of the Democrat Party. They were the military wing of the Democrat Party in the segregationist South. Meanwhile, Republicans in Washington, “I really regret Trump using that word. I wouldn’t have used that word. I really wouldn’t.” Why?

Do you remember this poor guy, there was a guy that was on the Washington, D.C., city council during a budget hearing. They’re talking about expenditures for city services and this one guy thought the city was not spending enough money in areas that he thought they should. And he accused the leaders of the city government of being niggardly, n-i-g-g-a-r-d-l-y. It means cheap! It means you never pay the bill. He was fired for racism and racial insensitivity.

It’s just like the poor guy that used to work at ESPN who was covering a Serena Williams tennis match in Australia. She had a tactic of charging the net. An aggressive move that rendered most of her opponents in her prime helpless. It was called guerrilla tactics. He was fired for calling Serena Williams a gorilla.

Now, that kind of gorilla is spelled g-o-r-i-l-l-a, and it does mean King Kong. But the guerrillas that fight juntas and coups in Third World tinhorn countries, it’s spelled g-u-e, guerrilla. It is a military tactic. He got fired, and he still hasn’t gotten his reputation back. I forget his name. “I really wish Trump hadn’t used that word. He had to say lynching, oh, my God.” You know how much this matters in the grand scheme of what’s going on? Not even a thimble’s worth.


RUSH: Tim in Pittsburgh, home of the Steelers. Great to have you, sir, on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. How you doing?

RUSH: Good, sir. Thank you.

CALLER: Okay. As a black man I was wondering, when did black people get a monopoly on lynchings? They hung horse thieves, cattle thieves, train robbers, and murderers. They even hung Clint Eastwood in Hang ‘Em High.

RUSH: Well, it’s a good question. So when did black people get the monopoly. When the Democrats asserted control over the language.

CALLER: I agree. I figured it was a First Amendment thing, PC.

RUSH: Well, it is that, but it’s also political in the sense that it’s one of these things designed for a specific word to have only one definition and one application, and that means that only one party can use it. It’s understood and agreed to that only one party can use it. Like Donald Trump cannot say that he is the subject of a lynching. No Republican can.

Not even an African-American Republican, cannot say it without all hell descending on them as insensitive, as historically ignorant, as bigoted and racist themselves. And it is the kind of thing I think needs pushback on. Anyway, I’m glad you called, Tim. Thank you very much.

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