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RUSH: Mark Hemingway writing at The Federalist, I think he’s one of the founders. He is the spouse of Mollie Hemingway whom we quote here frequently. She writes well. He has a very long piece, impossible for me to even share with you various pull quotes. It’s that long. I’ve tried to reduce the six pages to one paragraph to convey to you in a way to make it understandable or a way to convey to you what he’s trying to say. And I can’t do it.

So I’ve been trying to incorporate various things in it in various monologues during the program today. Here’s a quasi-summary of what this piece is. The headline, by the way, is: “Why Washington D.C. Compulsively Lies About Donald Trump.” The subhead is: “Beltway types still haven’t grasped that voters decided long before Trump arrived on the political scene that most of what passes for standard operating procedure in D.C. is just as farcical.”

But even Mr. Hemingway, when writing in defense of Trump, has to acknowledge that Trump is tough to defend and sometimes impossible to defend and, oh, I wish it weren’t so. And it’s one of those pieces where it gets so close to the bull’s-eye and then he pulls the punch. And I have been struggling here trying to find a way to make this penetrate. So here in individual, straight sentence form is a summary of the piece.

The assertions are that the U.S. government’s deeply corrupt and inept. That the left wants to maintain and grow and build on the corruption. That Trump is fighting the entire government, not just the Democrat Party. Government here is just another term for deep state or Washington establishment. I think calling it the government is probably the best term for it because that is everybody in this government, you can count the people on our side on this on two hands, well, that we know of. But it is.

It’s the entirety of the United States bureaucracy, the administrative state arrayed against Donald Trump which now includes elements of the military. Now, Mr. Hemingway says that majority of the Americans is fully aware of all this. The majority of Americans knows the government’s corrupt and inept, knows that the Democrat Party wants to keep the corruption and build on it and that a majority of Americans know that it’s Donald Trump fighting it, that that’s who he is and that’s what he’s doing and that that is why they support Trump, despite the fact that Mr. Hemingway acknowledges that Trump is weird. My word, not his. Trump’s tough to defend times, he’s a weird guy. Weird by Washington standards. Not weird by real people standards.

You know why Donald Trump’s so hard to understand? He doesn’t speak Washington language. Washington has a language. You know who violated Washington language most recently? Poor old Mick Mulvaney at that press conference. Mick Mulvaney, he just went out there and told the absolute truth, and look what happened to him! He was accused of throwing Trump overboard and then throwing Trump under the bus and then getting in the bus and backing up over Trump.

Mulvaney, I know what he did. He assumed that the press was on the same level that he is, understood the basic foundations of the talking points and was interested in what he had to say about it. None of that is true. The press was not interested in understanding what Mulvaney was having to say. The only reason the media was there was to try to get Mulvaney to admit that Trump goofed up by choosing Trump Doral for the G7 or have Mulvaney say something that would allow them to say that Mulvaney said that Trump screwed up.

Now, the piece basically gives great examples of a phenomenon. The absolute corruption, combined with the ineptitude of Barack Obama, compared with the complete competence and lack of corruption with Donald Trump. And yet it is Obama who is heralded as brilliant and scandal free, where nothing of the sort is true!

Barack Obama literally lied to this country over and over about something fundamentally important to them, their health insurance. He lied to the American people that they were gonna be able to keep their plan and keep their doctor, and it wasn’t gonna cost more. In fact, it was gonna cost them less. Their premiums were gonna go down by 1,200 bucks or 2,400 bucks. It was an outright lie, over and over and over again to sell another lie. And that was universal health care that wasn’t gonna cost anybody anything.

It was Barack Obama who flew $150 billion in cash on pallets to Tehran to give to the people that run Iran, the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world. I don’t care what you think of Donald Trump, nothing like that has happened. Trump hasn’t done anything at all that compares in the slightest way with the abject ineptitude, incompetence, and dishonesty of Barack Obama and his entire cadre of deep state FBI, DOJ officials who have been running around the Constitution in rings.

Trump can’t compete. Trump simply cannot compete that level of dishonesty. He can’t compete with that level of incompetence. And yet look at the way Obama is treated, look at way he’s reported on. He is savior-like. He never lied, he’s the most pure president we’ve ever had. It’s an absolute joke. And yet Trump is hated and despised because he’s weird.

But Obama speaks the language of Washington. Obama spoke the language that Washington speaks. Obama spoke the language of the establishment. He was beloved, he was revered, he was accepted, he was admired. Because Barack Obama was promoting and expanding the government and the opportunities for everybody in government.

There are examples like this galore in Hemingway’s piece, and not just about Obama. There are other Democrats who are called out here for engaging in their fictions and their lies. He starts out with a story from when he was a kid in the 1990s. I’m looking at the clock. I don’t have time to get started on the story. And I don’t have time to finish the analysis of the Hemingway piece with everything else I want to get to today. But that is a good enough setting of the table to give you an idea of the lay of the land of what’s actually going on here.

And, remember, right before the program started I’m watching Fox and there’s some babe, “Well, you know, Republicans say it’s impossible to defend Donald.”

No, it isn’t! And if you can’t defend Donald Trump, why the hell can’t you attack the Democrats?

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