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RUSH: You know, this has been kind of interesting to watch this lynching business. I believe now that Trump did this on purpose. I believe he did it knowing full well what the reaction would be, because the timing of it was perfect.

The timing, the media fell for it and instead of hyping what they claim is big, bombshell testimony at Adam Schiff’s little quasi-impeachment hearing, instead of that getting top billing, Trump using the word “lynching” got top billing. The media covered up their own big bombshell.


RUSH: I want to build on something that we were talking about yesterday. And I want to build on it because it came up yesterday and I did not emphasize the point strongly enough yesterday that I want to emphasize today. And it is in regard to this hatred for Trump that is now just out of control, and it’s ratcheting up if that’s even possible.

And my observations here, I heard this Democrat activist babe on Fox 24 hours ago talking about how the Republicans say it’s just getting harder and harder to defend the president. This lynching business, just getting harder and harder to defend the president. And it just frosted me, it literally frosted me. I hear this and I know she’s right. I know this Democrat babe. She knows the Republicans. They all know each other in that town, and I know she’s right.

The Republicans are all, “Oh, my God. How do we defend this? Oh, my God. He said lynching.” Some of these Republicans simply, because of bias, prejudice, whatever, cannot understand that Trump has his own brand of political brilliance. And I’ll guarantee he knew what he was doing when he used the word “lynching”. When he said he was being lynched he knew what he was doing. He knows how to play these people like a Stradivarius. He knew what the media reaction was gonna be.

And the timing was perfect because the media covered up their own bombshell! Which is this ambassador, a guy named Taylor, supposedly had what Mueller couldn’t find, supposedly had what Comey had. This guy had the goods, why, this was game-changing testimony. How many times have we heard, game-changer, game-changer, walls are closing in. The guy’s got nothing! He did Comey. I’ll get to the details in a minute.

The point is the media was forced into attacking Trump because he used the term “lynching.” And their bombshell testimony before Schiff’s little kangaroo court that he’s running ended up being covered by the media going bonkers over lynching. I’m convinced the president did this purposely to throw a little firecracker into their party.

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