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RUSH: You see, folks? Do you see how this works? For ad infinitum — ad infinitum, for those of you in Rio Linda — we begged, we cajoled, we asked the Republicans, would you push back? Would you stop taking this and push back? And then they do! And then what happens? “Oh, my God. I wish they hadn’t done it that way. Oh, no! I wish they hadn’t stormed into the SCIF! Oh, no! I wish they hadn’t done a stunt.”

It wasn’t a stunt, and they didn’t storm into the SCIF, and they didn’t take their cell phones in there. I know it’s tough to stay the course, folks. But it actually isn’t. I do it every day. How hard can this be? All you have to do to do this is know exactly who the Democrats are, and the left is, and let that guide you. Yeah, we got all kinds of, “Oh, I wish they hadn’t stormed into the SCIF.”

Schiff is doing this charade of his in a room two floors below the street level. By the way, guess what the upshot is? You want to tell me this didn’t work? Now the Democrats are saying, “You know what? We might make this public sometime around Thanksgiving.” Really? You think that would have happened without this so-called “stunt”?

This was not a stunt, folks. We got these Republicans and these Never Trumpers — Lindsey Graham even fell for it. He fell for the way it was characterized by the left and had to walk back his tweet. (paraphrasing) “I’m sorry. I misunderstood what happened. They did not storm the room and they did not behave like children,” or whatever the hell it was.

In one way you can’t blame some of these Republicans because they are cajoled and they are urged to fight back, push back, then they do it and their own party has some people in it that betray ’em or rip ’em to shreds. It’s like this business, so many Never Trumpers, oh, so many Republicans, so many in the Drive-By Media so distressed; so upset because Donald Trump happened to say that Republican Never Trumpers are a bunch of scum. “Oh, my God! Oh, my God! The president called some Republicans scum!”

Stop and think what Trump has been called. Stop and think of what you’ve been called. You’re called a racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe every day for 30-plus years. You’re called all kinds of horrible, rotten stuff every day by the media and so are the people you elect and so are the people you represent. Donald Trump has been called a traitor, he’s been called a pig, he’s been called an ogre, and he calls people who betray him scum. “Oh, my God! Oh! God! Country may not survive! Oh, my God!”

This is not beanbag, folks. This is the big time. This is for the real thing, and everybody getting – you know what I saw today before the program started? I’m sorry to be all over the ballpark he here but I get so worked up, I’ve been chomping at the bit here for a half hour and I’m trying to unload a day’s worth of thought here in 10 minutes so stand by.

So I’m watching CNN. Forgive me. It’s the job. I’m watching CNN, and there’s an infobabe on there who has, over the years, begged me to do interviews. She’s always been a big fan, and She’s a Never Trumper. And I tried to figure out, there’s a disconnect there. How can you like me and hate Trump? I mean, at the same time. And I finally figured it out. And I can’t tell you why, but I finally figured it out.

Anyway, guess what? Guess what, folks? Oh, yeah, the testimony of Bill Taylor, this Never Trumper ambassador who came out of retirement, Sally Yates Jr., “Yeah, you know, his testimony, oh, my God, folks, it’s reverberating. (gasping) It’s reverberating! This may be it! This Taylor test, it may be the walls closing in.”

So I was hooked. I mean, this guy, Taylor, he may have had had everything they’ve ever wanted to nail Trump. So I was riveted as she led up to what it was that he had that so reverberated. And you know what it was? And I’m gonna imitate her. She’s looking at the coanchor and she said, “And he confirmed he gave the best indication yet that there was a quid pro quo.”

You talk about a letdown. I said, “Where’s the cliff I can jump over? That’s it?” This guy finally had a quid pro quo. Do you know what foreign policy is, folks? Foreign policy is a quid pro quo. Foreign policy is where you cajole, you pay, you manipulate other countries to do good things for you. You pay ’em, you exchange ideas, any number of things. But the idea is you want quid pro quo.

You don’t give people money for nothing. You don’t loan ’em money for nothing. You don’t do things for them for nothing. You always do it for a reason, U.S. national interests. It’s called a quid pro quo. Now all of a sudden we’re gonna impeach Trump because Bill Taylor maybe has the goods that there was a quid pro quo. And this quid pro quo is all about something that’s been demonstrably disproven, and that is that Trump is withholding aid to Ukraine until the president of Ukraine dug up and made up dirt on Biden.

That’s so old. It was CrowdStrike. I guess that didn’t go so now they’re back to Biden. And, in the meantime, “I wish the Republicans hadn’t pulled that stunt. You know, staging stunts like that, that’s just… I don’t know.” I sit here and I may be somewhat culpable here because I’m one of the leaders of the gang asking the Republicans to do things. And then they go do it yesterday. And, “Ah, such a stunt.”

Such a “stunt”? What do you think this whole thing the Democrats are doing is? All of this is a stunt! It’s an illusion! Do you realize from the Steele dossier forward to the Mueller investigation, all of this is a stunt? This stunt, this fake news, this nothing burger is driving cable news ratings.

The worst thing that’s happening here is that fake news is creating an audience for cable news networks and newspapers and so forth. They’ve got every incentive to keep faking news because of how this is working out for ’em. And they’ve got a twofer because they think their fake news is gonna get rid of Trump. We’re smack-dab in the middle of a stunt that is actually a coup designed to overturn the presidential election in 2016. “I wish the president hadn’t said scum, ohhh no.”

Meanwhile, in Dallas or Texas, do you realize there’s a divorced couple — I’m gonna paraphrase this. I hadn’t intended to mention this ’til the third hour. I’m just gonna show you the things that are happening out there and we’re upset over scum or stunts walking into the SCIF.

There’s a divorced couple out there. The woman is a pediatrician. The husband is a ’til lug reprobate man. They have a 7-year-old, son. The mother says he’s showing signs of wanting to be a woman. He wanted the Barbie dolls and he wanted to wear dresses. The father said he didn’t want to do any of that when he was with me.

So guess where it is? It’s in a court! And the judge assigned an LGBTQ therapist or whatever to look at the kid. The point is, the government is going to determine, not these two parents, the government, the state of Texas, and the governor Greg Abbott has spoke out against it. The state is now going to tell, more than likely, this father has no right to participate in the raising of his child, he has nothing to say about it. So if the wife wants to turn their young son into a woman, there’s nothing the father can do about it.

How does that sit with you? “Well, Rush, you know, these things happen, custody battles, and you go to court, so forth.” I know, but you want the state — this is the kind of stuff that’s happening out there and it’s all over. I’ll give you something else. The left, for as long as we’ve been paying attention, the left wants no pipelines for natural gas or for oil. They wanted to no pipelines from Alaska. They wanted no pipelines in Middle West.

Governor Cuomo wanted no pipelines, wanted no way to move fossil fuels into the state of New York. Guess what? There is a shortage of fossil fuels in the state of New York. There is a shortage of fossil fuels in California. Prices are rising because the left has gotten what it wanted. Limited distribution of fossil fuels. Now Governor Cuomo’s trying to blame everybody but himself for the fact that they don’t have adequate supplies of fossil fuels ’cause there’s nothing but fossil fuels to power the needs of individual Americans. There’s not a battery you can put on the back of a 737 Max 8 and have it fly.

So we’re in the midst here of the left literally destroying the infrastructure of the country, the culture of the country. “I wish they hadn’t stormed. Oh, my God. Makes it so hard to defend. They stormed into this SCIF.” What is a SCIF? Do you even know what a SCIF is? “Well, I watch 24. I think I do. I wish they hadn’t taken their cell phones in.”

They didn’t take their cell phones in. The media is lying to you about what the Republicans did. But there’s an even bigger bug — by the way, Matt Gaetz who was one of the guys that stormed the SCIF in this unseemly stunt, went to the belly of the beast last night to PMSNBC and explained everything about this, including the testimony of now Mr. Bill Taylor.

It’s stunning to me. First there was Christopher Steele and the Steele dossier. And then we had all of the others, we had Manafort and all these other things, all these other criminals, all this horrible stuff, Papadopoulos, all these things represented Trump corruption, Trump collusion. Where’s it all now? Bye-bye, see ya, it’s in the rearview mirror.

Now Bill Taylor, a retired brought back-to-life Never Trumper, ambassador to Ukraine, Bill Taylor has the goods on Trump? Bill Taylor had the testimony that’s gonna destroy Trump? Yeah, because he reverberated out there with really close evidence of a quid pro quo. We’re gonna impeach somebody over a quid pro quo.

You know, one of my big bugaboos for the longest time has been Twitter. Not just the fact that it is the political sewer of our country, but how it has been misappropriated and used by the Drive-By Media.

See, in the early days of journalism, there were rules that journalists were taught at school. If you’re gonna destroy somebody, make sure you get quotes from people who like the person, put a couple of those in there so they can make the story look fair. If you’re gonna destroy somebody, make sure you present both sides, just a couple of sentences supporting the guy you’re destroying, and you’ve accomplished the mission.

So journalists would leave the office and go out and they would talk to people and interview them and they would make sure to find people are gonna say what they wanted ’em to say. They never went out to learn anything. They went out to confirm what their objective was before they even sat down to write the story. Then the fax machine was invented, and the journalist never had to leave the newsroom.

You could have a couple of skeletons, a couple of cadavers build themselves a logo and start sending out faxes about coconut oil, call themselves the Center for Science in the Public Interest and the media would anoint them as a leading health advocacy group in America that nobody had ever heard of. They’re nothing but a bunch of leftists who want to determine who can eat what.

And so they became big and famous, and they literally were anorexics. They may have passed away. They may be walking cadavers now, and they’re still accredited by the media and any number of other organizations sprung up. All it needed was a fax machine to fax a newsroom the latest news releases with the latest lies and statistics and facts, climate change, whatever.

Then social media came along, and that was even better because you know what social media is, that’s not special interest groups. That’s the public. And so Twitter has become a stand-in for majority public opinion. How many times do you read a story on the web or a in a newspaper, if you still do, and sprinkled in the story is a tweet or two maybe from somebody you’ve heard of, but more than likely somebody you haven’t?

It’s just that whoever tweeted supposedly was really pithy. I was not talking about urination there. It’s an actual word, folks. P-i-t-h-y. I don’t want to have what happened to the guy who used “niggardly” talking about budgeting. Something very clever, something very, very brief and clever, and if it fits the journalist’s preconceived notion, they use it even though you don’t know who it is. And it’s made to look like all of the country thinks the same way.

Twitter has become a stand-in for lazy journalists. Well, not just lazy, but biased, activist. Twitter has become a stand-in for majority public opinion. Twitter is now used by journalism to convey that what they think is the majority and that what you think is so tiny and small that nobody even ever tweets what you believe.

Well, the Pew Research has gone out and done some research on Twitter. You want the headline data? “Almost All Political Tweets Come from Just 10% of Twitter Users.” By the way, we here at the EIB Network know all of this. We have had a lot of experience with this phony sponsor boycott stuff that’s run by five or six people that use algorithms to make themselves look like tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of people. It’s another gigantic fraud. We’re in the middle of another stunt, if you will, perpetrated by the left and the media.

Almost All Political Tweets Come from Just 10% of Twitter Users — There’s no question that Twitter plays a major role in US politics, particularly with its policy of letting world leaders like President Donald Trump tweet what they want, even if those tweets violate the tech giant’s rules of engagement. But only 22% of Americans actually use Twitter.”

You know what that means? Seventy-eight percent of Americans don’t. So would you explain to me why the hell Twitter has become a stand-in for majority public opinion throughout the fruited plain? Only 22% of Americans actually use Twitter, and of those 22%, most political tweets are coming from an even smaller number. Ten percent of Twitter users actually tweet political things.


RUSH: These Twitter numbers get even better, folks. So almost all political tweets come from just 10% of Twitter users. Only 22% of Americans actually use Twitter. How many of you thought that the percentage of Americans tweeting was over 50? I’ll bet a lot of you did, because of the way it’s presented. Everybody’s doing Twitter! Everybody tweets! That’s all that happens out there anymore is Twitter. It isn’t!

By the way, the number of people listening to podcasts, it would amaze you how infinitesimally small it is, except for mine. But now let’s break it down even further. Just 6% of U.S. adults on Twitter account for 73% of political tweets, and they disapprove of Trump by a wide margin. And this is from a tech blog of mine, Tech Crunch. And they were devastated by this news. ‘Cause they believe everybody tweets.

They believe all this Trump hatred on Twitter is a stand-in for majority national opinion. Six percent of U.S. adults on Twitter account for 73% of political tweets. It’s like this through everything. It’s like all of these sponsor boycotts on Twitter that are made to look — like at Tucker Carlson or at Fox News, made to look like the whole country’s outraged. It’s less than 10%! It’s not even that much.

One scam after another is being perpetrated on people. “I really wish Trump hadn’t said the word scum talking about – I’m just so embarrassed. I wish they hadn’t stormed and stunted their way into this SCIF. It’s so bad, it’s so embarrassing. Oh, my God. Oh, no.”

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