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RUSH: We haven’t spoken about the human Eddie Munster here on this program in a long time. That would be Judge Andrew Naps Napolitano on Fox News. The judge at some point transitioned to a Never Trumper. There are jokes going around that, well, he was promised a Supreme Court seat and when it became clear he wasn’t gonna get one, he turned. I mean, that rumor is out there. I don’t happen to believe it, but the rumor is out there.

So Judge Napolitano has been among the many voices claiming that pretty much everything Trump’s accused of he’s guilty of and that it’s criminal. So when the judge goes the other way, it kind of shocks some people. And he did on Fox & Friends today talking with Ed Henry, who said the Washington Post saying this morning Democrats may open this all up, may make it public, Schiff may come out from behind the SCIF curtain. And they suggest by mid-November because the Democrats feel like they’re losing the messaging war.

How can they think that? No, wait. Don’t hit the bite yet. Ed Henry telling Judge Nap that the Democrats, Schiff, may make the hearings public ’cause they’re losing the messaging war? How in the world? Schiff has open access to the New York Times every day, to the Washington Post every day, to CNN every day, to ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, Los Angeles Times, USA Today, you name it, he has an open line, and he’s been using it.

He has been leaking lies. He has been leaking out-of-context, one-sentence statements from these witnesses, and the media is dutifully printing all of it. Every day we’re getting stories that every witness is nailing Trump. Trump did do a quid pro quo. Trump did demand this.

And now the word is Schiff’s gonna go public ’cause they’re losing the messaging war? How can you lose the messaging war when you have the entirety of the Drive-By Media with you? And here’s what Judge Nap said in response to the question, might go public here, losing the messaging war.

NAPOLITANO: I know this is gonna sound weird. These are not the impeachment hearings. The impeachment hearings have to be held in public by the House Judiciary Committee. This is the initial interview of witnesses to see what they have to say to determine whether or not they are even worthy of presenting evidence of impeachment.

RUSH: Judge Nap stepped in it. He’s not supposed to admit that. You don’t say that in Never Trumperville. This is impeachment! This whole thing resides on people thinking it’s

impeachment. This whole scam that’s going on right now, Schiff and his stupid little SCIF meeting, it requires that people think it’s impeachment! It’s part of the illusion!

Now, Judge Nap is right. I just can’t believe he admitted it! It isn’t impeachment. You know it because I’ve been telling you. You can’t do impeachment in private. You can’t do impeachment without both parties. You can’t do impeachment without cross-examination of witnesses. You can’t do what Schiff is doing. It isn’t impeachment.

And now a very severe Never Trumper on Fox News, did you hear what he said? He said, “I know this is gonna sound weird.” Why does he think it’s gonna sound weird? It’s because he knows everybody’s running a scam on this thing trying to convince everybody it’s impeachment. It isn’t. Thank you.

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