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RUSH: On Tuesday, the Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously to stop landlords from evicting tenants for no reason. This emergency measure will become LA law right away.

LA Democrats were mad that a bunch of landlords were kicking too many tenants out under current “no-fault” law. A new state law goes into effect in January, requiring landlords to have “just cause” in order to evict. California landlords will also have to obey new rent-control rules. Rent increases will be capped however California Democrats decide.

Landlords were scrambling to make whatever changes they could while they still maintain control of their own properties. But we can’t have that! So Los Angeles fast-tracked their bill as a stopgap.

A “rent relief” measure is also being drafted by Los Angeles Democrats. That’ll prevent landlords from evicting deadbeat tenants, people who don’t pay their rent. They say landlords are just greedy and they want to gouge their oppressed, helpless tenants.

Put all this together and there’s only one conclusion, if you own investment property in California: You may have worked hard to buy it, you may have worked very hard to maintain it. But it’s not your property. It belongs to the Democrat party, you didn’t build it, the state government, the city of Los Angeles owns it. You just occupy it.

And the tenants have all the power. You have none, no voice and no property to call your own. Except on the deed.

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