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RUSH: A 15-year-old student at Cape Elizabeth High in Portland, Maine just won a “free speech” case. She admitted that she wrote a message and stuck it on a school bathroom mirror. The message: “There is a rapist in our school, and you know who it is.”

Well, people didn’t know who it was. The school rumor mill went into overdrive, as school administrators conducted dozens of interviews to get to the bottom of it. One boy whose name came up in the rumor mill stayed home for eight days out of fear for his safety.

Nothing was ever proven about the identity of the alleged rapist, or if there ever was a rapist.

School administrators suspended this 15-year-old who started all of this, for three days. She went to court to block the suspension, claiming she was just raising awareness about sexual assault. You know, lying and making it up like journalists do. Last week, a U.S. District Court judge granted her temporary restraining order. He said that if the matter is litigated, she’ll probably win.

The judge said that he understands the school administrators’ perspective, but they don’t have carte blanche to tamp down the student’s concerns about social justice.

So. You can’t yell “fire” in a crowded theater, but you can yell “rape” in a crowded school. You can put it on a mirror. As for those wrongly accused or smeared? Too bad. No social justice for them. Besides they’re guys, they’re guilty anyway, right?

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