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RUSH: Trump was praising today the value of people’s 401(k)s, the stock market at an all-time high, economic activity shooting through the roof. On the Democrat side, “Growing Uncertainty Looms Over the Democrat 2020 Primary.” Growing uncertainty? There’s nothing growing about it. The uncertainty has been there since day one.

There’s not a one of them in that list of 23 that excites enough people. So now the next headline from Real Clear Politics: “Thinking of a Late Entry into the 2020 Primary? Think Again.” This is a story about how saviors coming in late in the primary process — like a Michelle (My Belle) Obama or a Hillary Clinton or whatever — bomb out. They never save the day. It never works. Late entries, all they end up doing is exposing the failures and the deficiencies and the incompetence of those who have already tried.

So we’re loaded today, folks, as we always are. We’ll take a brief time-out. We’ll come back, and I can’t wait ’til we get the sound bites of Trump in Chicago rolled off and ready to go for you, because this is classic. This is classic Trump. He’s in the belly of the beast, saying all the unmentionable things in the wrong place. You’re not supposed to do what Trump did. Trump’s not even supposed to be on offense. Trump’s supposed to be on defense. Trump’s supposed to be so scared. Trump is supposed to be acting guilty.

He’s supposed to be acting in ways that would make people want to hurt him less. He’s supposed to be almost seeking forgiveness — and instead, he’s just hitting ’em between the eyes again and again and again.

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