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RUSH: The Los Angeles Times just ran an op-ed about Elizabeth Warren’s “elitism problem.” The author is a guy named Joel Stein, he is a Warren fanboy. He says that she is a member of the intellectual elite, and that he is too. And he says the fact that she’s a Harvard Law professor fills him with “so much joy” that it makes him swoon, which is no surprise coming from a guy who wrote a book called “In Defense of Elitism.”

But here’s the problem, says Mr. Stein, people don’t like intellectual elites. People don’t appreciate Ivy League pedigrees. And he says that’s why Donald Trump is president. Trump won because he is an anti-elitist, who beats up on the elites. Trump voters cheer when anyone in the media, academia, or government are taken down a notch.

Now this guy Stein says that he wishes that he lived in a time when progressive, intellectual leaders like Elizabeth Warren were appreciated. Because, he claims, far-right nationalism is imperiling democracy all over the world.

Now, this guy may be smart, but how do we define smart, because this guy doesn’t get it. He and his fellow liberals embraced a Harvard Law grad for eight years. She lied to get the gig, said she was an Indian. Obama was a member in good standing of the intellectual elite, and he imperiled the American way of life. The reason most voters will avoid Elizabeth Warren at all costs is because we’ve seen her and the elite in action, and we’ve learned they aren’t smarter than we are.

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