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Oct 28, 2019


FOXNews: Barr Defends Durham Probe, Rips Comey FBI for ‘Failure of Leadership’
Federalist: The Real Reasons Why Legacy Media Are Freaking Out Over Trump’s Successful Baghdadi Mission – Mollie Hemingway
FOXNews: Trump Defends Keeping ‘Leaker’ Schiff, Pelosi Out of the Loop on al-Baghdadi Raid
Breitbart: Trump Pays Tribute to Military K9s: ‘Beautiful Dog’ Injured in al-Baghdadi Raid
NewsBusters: WashPost Gaffes with Obit Headline for ISIS Founder: ‘Austere Religious Scholar’
GatewayPundit: Trump Admin Named Historic Operation to Take Out Baghdadi “Kayla Mueller” After Arizona Woman Captured, Enslaved, Raped and Murdered by ISIS
FOXNews: Clinton Ally Blumenthal Sought to Stop Publication of Russia Probe Book: Source
AP: Growing Uncertainty Looms Over Democrats’ 2020 Primary
RealClearPolitics: Thinking of a Late Entry Into the 2020 Primary? Think Again
Mediaite: Trump Greeted by Boos, Chants of ‘Lock Him Up’ at World Series Game 5
NYDN: Chicago’s Top Cop Eddie Johnson Calls for Internal Investigation on Himself After He Fell Asleep in Car, But Says Failure to Take His Medication the Issue
Daily Caller: ‘SNL’ Aired Ill-Timed ‘Make ISIS Great Again’ Sketch As US Special Forces Closed In On Al-Baghdadi
Daily Wire: Washington Post Changes Headline About Terrorist Leader’s Death, Calling Him An ‘Austere Religious Scholar’
Chicago Tribune: President Trump Slams CPD Superintendent Eddie Johnson in Speech to Other Police Leaders
Washington Post: In Creating Spectacle Around Baghdadi’s Death, Trump Departs from Obama’s More Measured Tone on bin Laden – David Nakamura
Washington Examiner: Clapper Warns that Baghdadi Death Could ‘Galvanize’ ISIS
UK Guardian: James Comey Says He Will Move to New Zealand if Trump Wins in 2020
PJ Media: Did Former DNI James Clapper Implicate Barack Obama in Trump Spying Scandal?


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