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RUSH:  The media is claiming that House Republicans are trying to “out” the whistleblower.  Trying to out the whistleblower? “That would be so horrible trying to out the whistleblower!” The whistleblower is a liar, ladies and gentlemen.  But that’s not what’s happening.  Here’s Jim Jordan talking to CNN congressional correspondent Manu Raju.  “Democrats are saying that you’re trying to — Republicans are trying to — out the whistleblower in there!”  Is that what you’re doing, you skunk?

JORDAN:  No. We’re trying to get information.  Adam Schiff won’t let the witness answer questions, even though his attorney is right there; his attorney can object. The idea that we want to know who this individual may have communicated with, that’s important information.  And the idea that during our hour, our counsel is asking questions and Adam Schiff tells the witness not to answer our questions, is completely ridiculous — and it’s why this should be in public.

RUSH:  Right.  Schiff is telling witnesses to ignore Republican questions.  What they want to know is, “Who did the whistleblower interact with?” The answer is Schiff!  The whistleblower first contacted Schiff, folks!  They’re not trying to out anybody.  They’re trying to expose this fraud.


RUSH: Okay. So you know this guy Bill Taylor, Ambassador Bill Taylor, the hero, the guy who was so upset, he was so terribly upset by what he heard from Trump on the phone call to Ukraine, oh, it was so bad — remember Victor Davis Hanson’s piece, we’re dealing with a bunch of people who have not achieved what they’ve achieved on the basis of merit. It’s labels, titles, connections.

They’re not the best and brightest. They are presented as the best and brightest. They’re presented as the pinnacle of achievement, the best in their class, the best at what they do. They’re not. Now, what have you heard about Bill Taylor? Bill Taylor was the guy they put all their eggs in his basket. Bill Taylor was the guy. Until Taylor came along all the other witnesses and the Mueller report, everything had kind of been a dud. But Bill Taylor…

First we had the whistleblower. He blew up when Trump revealed and released transcripts. Here comes Bill Taylor, William, I’m sorry, William Taylor, who provided no new information. Don’t doubt me. I don’t care if this sounds like it’s at variance with what you’ve heard, Bill Taylor had no new information. Bill Taylor’s testimony has been contradicted by everybody involved. John Ratcliffe made mincemeat of Bill Taylor in cross-examination, but Schiff will not release those transcripts.

Now there is further evidence that Taylor’s motives might be suspect. Really? That somebody trying to rat out Trump might have impure motives? Why, who would think that? Well, it turns out that the estimable and the esteemed Bill Taylor — by the way, I don’t enjoy doing this, folks. I wish this rotgut wasn’t true. I wish we really did have great people in charge of our government. I wish we really did have patriots and not globalists. I wish we really did have people that accomplish things with merit rather than are there because of connections, pedigree, breeding, labels, whatever. I really don’t enjoy this. But I know this stuff is all true. I just know it’s true. Let’s leave it at that.

It turns out that the estimable Bill Taylor led an election observer delegation in Ukraine back in April for a George Soros funded organization that had Hunter Biden on its council. Now, that kind of changes things, doesn’t it? Here’s Bill Taylor, he’s been presented to you as an American patriot. He’s not a partisan, he doesn’t care one way or the other, but he heard Trump on that phone call, and he was distressed.

He was very, very alarmed. He was very upset that a president would be asking for a foreign government to dig up dirt on a political opponent. It seems so unseemly and he could no longer stay quiet. He had to do his duty. And he had to come forward, and he had to release and tell only the Democrats what he knew.

Well, it turns out that he’s not the way he’s been presented. He may be a fine guy. He may be a guy that you want to go to a deep state baseball game and have a couple beers with and catch some foul balls, who knows. But he is not the guy you have been told he is. He is a partisan. He worked for George Soros! He led an election observer delegation in Ukraine back in April for a George Soros funded organization that employed Hunter Biden.

So this kind of changes things. Trump’s getting close to finding out what Hunter Biden and Joe Biden did, and so the Biden protectors need to pop up. The Biden protectors need to show up, but they need to be presented as deep patriots, people totally alarmed at what this incompetent, total, total disarray of humanity known as Donald Trump is up to!

This news comes on top of the story that we had last week that was that Bill Taylor had met with a staffer from Adam Schiff’s committee — actually a Schiff staffer, a personal Schiff staffer in August, right around the time the so-called whistleblower was filing his complaint. I’m telling you, Bill Taylor has been in the witness pipeline!

Schiff arranges the whistleblower. The whistleblower comes forward after having been guided by Schiff. The whistleblower then goes to the IG to keep Schiff out of the equation. And Trump releases the transcript and blows everything sky-high. So Taylor is next up to counter all of that as an impeccable man of deep honor and integrity who can no longer stay quiet after watching the abomination of Donald Trump on a daily basis.

And it turns out the guy has accepted payment, done work for George Soros, has met with Adam Schiff’s staffers in August. At the same time, the whistleblower was filing his complaint. And that the two of them, the whistleblower and Bill Taylor, both worked with the Atlantic Council! You’re saying, “What’s that?” The Atlantic Council is a think tank, a leftist think tank funded by Burisma, the energy firm that employs Hunter Biden.

So Bill Taylor is thick as thieves with the whistleblower, with Adam Schiff, with a Soros organization and with Hunter Biden and two different outfits that Hunter Biden is on. Okay. That’s Bill Taylor.

From the Washington Examiner: “Lawyer for CIA officer accusing Trump on Ukraine worked with Biden on 2007 whistleblower complaint.” Now, what are the odds of this? It turns out, my friends, that the lead attorney representing the so-called CIA whistleblowers, a man named Andrew Bakaj, he once assisted a whistleblower who worked with Biden’s staff to accuse George W. Bush of failing to provide armored vehicles to the troops in Iraq!

As this story notes: “Whistleblower Franz Gayl, a Marine Corps civilian ground combat advocate,” what? A Marine Corps civilian ground combat advocate? That’s the whistleblower in this Bush didn’t give the troops enough tanks business?

The whistleblower “went public in 2007 with a now-disputed claim that the military had ignored” requests for mine resistant vehicles that would have saved Iraqi civilians, which the Democrats back in 2007 were blaming on George W. Bush. In fact, then-Senator Biden tried to use these charges to force Bush to end the war and lose reelection.

Meanwhile, all of those allegations have since been refuted.  But of course, the news media have never bothered to report any of that.  They’ve got a new credible American integrity hero, Andrew Bakaj! It turns out he’s the lead attorney representing the whistleblower.  It’s the lead attorney that Schiff today would not allow the Republicans to question.  It was the attorney that Schiff today was telling not to answer Republican questions — and then: “Army Officer Who Heard Trump’s Ukraine Call Reported Concerns.”

This is the name of the day: Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman.  He’s appearing before Schiff’s committee — and, as always, we’ve been told for several days, “He’s going to be the witness who’s gonna put the final nail in Trump’s impeachment coffin!” Well, what happened to Bill Taylor?  I thought that’s what Bill Taylor was.  Something must have gone wrong.  Now we’ve got Alexander Vindman, lieutenant colonel, Army officer. The same thing.  He can’t sit by any longer and watch Trump abuse the powers of the presidency.

He just can’t do it, ladies and gentlemen! He must come forward.  He can no longer stay silent in the face of this outrage.  Vindman’s testimony is focused on Trump’s phone call to Zelensky, the Ukrainian president, which Vindman said “could undermine U.S. national security.”  So we’re now back to another guy claiming to have heard the Trump phone call that we’ve now seen the transcript for, which says that that phone call could have undermined U.S. national security.  In fact, the New York Times even says that this guy Vindman could be the person who approached the first whistleblower in panic with his fears about the call!

But we have the transcript of the call.  It’s clear there was nothing untoward about it.  So this testimony is gonna provide nothing.  It’s just more of the same illusion.  This guy Vindman, he came before Taylor. (panicking) “Oh, my God! I can’t — I can’t — I can’t hear this any longer.  I can’t abide what I’m hearing!” So he might be a person who approached the first whistleblower.  Remember, he might be the whistleblower who then told the whistleblower who went and blew whistle.  Now, the New York Times says… Oh, someone got “a draft of his opening statement.”

Can you imagine?  The New York Times got “a draft of [Vindman’s] opening statement.”  Is that not intrepid journalism for you?  And guess what?  The New York Times says that Vindman “twice registered internal objections about how Mr. Trump and his inner circle were treating Ukraine, out of what he called a ‘sense of duty…'” His “sense of duty” would not permit him to sit idly by and listen to how Trump was treating Ukraine.  “He will testify that he watched with alarm as ‘outside influencers’ began pushing a ‘false narrative’ about Ukraine that was counter to the consensus view of American national security…”

So the establishment had a view of Ukraine, this guy heard Trump taking a tack he didn’t like, and said, “This is not how you do it!”  The president determines how we do it, not you!  Not the establishment!  The president determines how we deal with Ukraine!  Not you, Vindman!  Not you, Taylor!  Not you, Schiff!  The president determines foreign policy, as Phil Mudd said on CNN — and he hasn’t been back since! (interruption) Yes, I sound mad because I am.  This is an endless parade of drivel and bilge!

Even if it was true that this guy was so alarmed over Trump violating U.S. national interests and security — “Oh, my God.  I can’t sit idly by” — it’s not an impeachable offense!  They still don’t have an impeachable offense.  The president is the source decider on American foreign policy, not a Ukrainian-born immigrant who might have a skewed vision of Ukraine as a priority.  Not a George Soros-funded establishment member!  Not somebody who works with Hunter Biden!  These people don’t get to determine foreign policy!  But see, they think they do.

They think all of this is the special province of their establishment no matter who’s president — and since Trump is the president now, this is an outrage that this guy deigns to actually act as president,” and they gonna stop it.  They’re gonna make sure he can’t do it.  Folks, we are being bamboozled and strung along here, and we’re in the middle of one of these gigantic illusions where only Trump is a reprobate, only Trump is a scalawag, only Trump is inhuman, and all the rest of these people are impeccable.  They are the artifice of integrity.  They are the definition of honor.  They are all participants in a coup.


RUSH:  So I just got an email.  “But, Rush! But, Rush! The media is saying that the witness testifying today is confirming that Trump engaged in a quid pro quo on a phone call (sputtering) wih wih wih wih wih wih wih with the Ukrainian president! He said, ‘I don’t think it was proper to demand that a foreign government investigate a U.S. citizen.'”  Trump didn’t demand anything!  Trump says, “Was this guy even on the call?  Did he hear it?  Read the transcript!”  But here’s the thing!

Bernie Sanders on U.S. aid to Israel:  “If you want military aid, you’re gonna have to fundamentally change your relationship to the people of Gaza.”  Does that sound like a quid pro quo?  Bernie Sanders is warning Israel that if he’s elected president, they’re gonna have to change their policy on Gaza or he’s gonna withdraw U.S. aid.  It’s a quid pro quo!  Guess what? That’s U.S. foreign policy.  As president, he can do that if he gets elected!  That’s what they’re trying to nail Trump on here. Elizabeth Warren has done the same thing!  They’re both threatening Israel if Israel doesn’t shape up on Gaza.  It’s the same damn thing, folks!  Except they get away with it!  Quid pro quo is what American foreign policy is all about.

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